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The main character of the series. In the beginning, he was a "Serf", basically a step down from a slave. His father was murdered when he was very young and he was taken from his home to serve his new "master". He was basically the kid who did everything nobody else wants and still got beat up every day.

He didn't have any real friends, until he met Ari, a Tian Jouster, he befriend Vetch after he stands up for for him to "Khefti the Fat". Claiming he needs a strong able bodied lad, Ari takes Vetch to the Jousters Compound to serve as his 'Dragon Boy". Basically a Stable Boy for a Dragon instead of a horse. After that, things get complicated...

Vetch quickly manages to out preform every other boy in the compound with his diligence. And he and Ari eventually become friends. Then one night he gets very lucky. He witnesses the Tian dragons in a mating flight. After the business is over, Vetch forms a brilliant and daring plan. He decides to take care of the mother dragon long enough to take one of her eggs! He'll hatch the egg and use the baby dragon as a means to escape!

Vetch manages to pull off every part of his plan perfectly. His egg hatches into a female dragon he names Avatre. Unfortunately, he and Avatre are eventually caught at flight training. Avatre takes off and the pair try to make their way to Vetch's home country of Alta. In the end, Ari manages to catch up with them. But instead of trying to take them back to Tia, he helps them to escape! After that Vetch now Kiron returns to Alta, then things get really complicated...

Ari Ari-en-anethet

Ari is a Tian Jouster. He was trained as a scribe as a boy, and it was in this capacity that he first entered the Compound of the Tian Jousters. He is a very honorable and decent man. At the end of the first book he helps Vetch to escape from Tia, after seeing how Vetch would rather die than return.

After the pair are reunited, It's revealed he is the son of the Tian King's brother. Kashet, Ari's dragon is the first tame dragon in history.

Orest, Wastet

Menet-ka, Bethlan

Kalen, Se-atmen

Pe-atep, Deoth

Gan, Khaleph

Oset-re, Apetma

Toreth, Re-eth-katen

Jouster Compound Tia/Alta

Lord Haraket - Tia

Lord of the Jousters Compound in the land of Tia, basically he's a clerk. Haraket is initially distant towards Vetch, not certain if a Serf can handle the job. However, he soon becomes quite protective of him as well as Ari.

Baken - Tia

He is a quiet serious young man who works well with animals. He used to work with Falcons until he decided to try his hand at Dragon training.

Lord Kuhmun - Alta

Lord of the Jousters Compound in the land of Alta. Unlike his Tian counterpart, he is a former soldier. He is firm, but not as strict with the Jousters as Haraket.

Heklatis - Alta

Heklatis is a doctor and a sorcerer from the land of Akkadia. Heklatis is a very practical and direct man, which sometimes leads to confrontation. He's also a homosexual.

  • Agent Peacock
  • Camp Gay: He played a rather Hammy performance to irritate and frighten a Magus once.
  • Healing Hands: He may have the "healing by touch power".
  • The Medic
  • The Obi-Wan: Indeed, a very wise and cunning old man.
  • Straight Gay: except for the above mentioned scene with the Magus, its very easy to forget that Heklatis prefers the company of his own gender


The Magi

Primary villains of the series, though they're not "formally" introduced until the second book. An organization of powerful magicians. Almost nothing is known about them, except for the fanaticism to their self interest.



Aket-ten is Orest's little sister and a "Winged One" of Alta. A powerful young girl with the ability to speak with animals. Unfortunately the Magi start to come after her for that very power. She faked losing her gifts as a way to hide from the Magi. She eventually took over Toreth's dragon after his murder.


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