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  • Alas, Poor Villain:
    • The deaths of the Ginyu Force. Even Guldo's death was rather tragic, and he's the only one who wasn't going to be missed by the others.
    • The beatings and death of Vegeta in episode 27. The guy even cried when his attacks weren't working.
  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: The reception to when people found out Little Kuriboh was voicing Freeza. He arguably does a better Freeza than any of the professional VA's.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Not quite. Kid Vegeta just lost his planet, his entire race... and his father, but Nappa, in his wisdom, is taking him to DAIRY QUEEN! Vegeta agrees just to get Nappa to shut up. Then there's Gohan, who seemed generally okay about his dad never being around, but he does have issues, and it's beginning to show.
  • Broken Base: On the Team Four Star forums, do not mention about future appearances or reincarnations of Ghost!Nappa. This is the best way to ask for a flame war.
  • Complete Monster: Freeza, of course. The fact that he's hilarious in addition to being polite and composed doesn't change it. If anything, it makes him even more disturbing. Just listen to "My favourite things."
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • The Christmas Tree of Might special is especially full of this, between all the rape/molestation jokes (three words: "I raped Rudolph," and Krillin calling the mall Santa minion "worse than the ones that molest kids.") and Goku hoping Chi Chi gives him a blowjob that "thing she does with her mouth", which is what he's given every Christmas.
    • Freeza effortlessly tearing off Nail's arm is scary. Freeza letting Nail grow it back and then doing it again, with a cheerful "Yoink!" is hilarious.
    • Freeza impaling Krillin (and raising Krillin's "Owned Count" to 15). At first, it's gruesome. Then it gets funny when it hits 20 and Freeza begins getting one-up points from it.

 Gohan: Krillin, stop, you're making him stronger!

Krillin: I... CAN'T... HELP... IT!! GAH!!

    • Freeza taking on Vegeta does this rather frequently.

 Freeza: Kidneypunch, kidneypunch, kidneypunch, kidneypunch, and pause... kidneypunch!

  Nappa: I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.

    • Mr. Popo as well.
    • Dodoria, or at least his her portrayal as an Faux Affably Evil Good Ol' Boy, seems to be getting remarkably popular for such a relatively minor character.
    • Zarbon eventually fell under this category, especially after what Episode 17 did to him. He even does the disclaimer opening!
    • Then there's the Ginyu Force. Team Four Star certainly knows how to make likably quirky villains.
    • Don't forget Super Kami Guru.
    • Despite getting his ass handed to him in the fight against Freeza, Nail still managed to be completely baddass and is one of the few people to actually piss him off and live.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Bulma has an insane infatuation with Zarbon the first time she lays eyes on him. And...then he transforms and she is less enthused.
    • Vegeta. In spades. Just read the Youtube comments on any given episode.
  • Foe Yay: Freeza toward Goku. Well, Goku thinks so anyway.

 Goku: Are... you coming on to me?

 Vegeta: Nine minutes eighteen seconds, NINE MINUTES EIGHTEEN SECONDS!

Nappa: What's that, Vegeta?

Vegeta: Happiest... moment... of... my life!

 Nappa: (Realizing Gohan escaped his attack) Hey! Where'd he go? Did he disappear? Or was he never there to begin with?

 Vegeta: Now both of you. STRIP.

    • Mr. Popo as well.

 Mr. Popo: I'm terrifying and a potential rapist, but I'll never say it flat out.

  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Ghost Nappa, in the abridged community. In fact, he's the father of Mokuba Kaiba.
    • As is Piccolo's MOOOOOON!"
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • If Guru didn't cross it when he gave Nail a Rousing Speech that said he could defeat Freeza, then revealed that he knew full well that Nail had no chance and had sent Nail to die, then Guru definitely crossed it when he intentionally allows himself to die and render the Dragon Balls inert simply because "it would be a real dick move to die right now".
    • Freeza was already a Complete Monster before Season 2 started, but what really synches it is the absolute relish he displays when he kills Dende. He goes even further during his savage No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Vegeta, which is arguably worse than in the original. At least then he had the excuse of being royally pissed but in the Abridged series, You get the impression that he's torturing Vegeta for fun.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Urgh. I just got here and this planet's already annoying me." -- Vegeta's reaction to Krillin's epic screaming fit at the start of episode 13.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • In-verse Example: Vegeta being a "Prison Bitch." ...At least until he kills Nappa.
    • Getting dog biscuits thrown at his head by Vegeta, for Guldo.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Both Porunga and Guru refer to a race of albino Namekians that were eliminated in "the purge" and based on their reactions to Krillin, they clearly performed that purge. Guru is also shown to be a sociopath and implied to be something more sinister.
    • Mr Popo is just plain scary.
  • Squick: How everyone reacts when learning that Cui/Kui/Kiwi's race reproduces asexually. Also, the split-millisecond shot of Freeza in the shower when Krillin blinds Dodoria with a solar flare. When Krillin uses it on Freeza, it's the other way around. It's a split-second shot of Dodoria as a fat woman in lingerie.

 Dodoria: And that's why I was considered the most beautiful, and fertile, woman on my home planet. Before Freeza blew it up.

Vegeta: He tends to do that, also huh-uugh.

 Goku: C'mon, you deserve a proper burial.

Freeza: Ah, yes. A proper burial: an unmarked grave on an empty planet in the middle of Nowhere, Space. Honestly, I'd say it's too good for him.

Goku: I'll be sure to give Freezer one for you, best buddy. Goodbye.

  • Took a Level In Jerkass: Krillin in season 2. He never bothers to learn Dende's name and berates him for going on about his family's death (though since he was resurrected before and naturally knows anyone can be brought back but its still pretty cruel). He also keeps being more cowardly and refusing to fight. Possibly that this may just be a result of everyone being a dick to him but its hard to feel bad for him compared to season 1.
  • Ugly Cute: Guldo crosses into this, thanks to the endearing voice Takahata101 gives him.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Blue Popo is created to replace the "racially insensitive" Mr. Popo. Except no one told Mr. Popo, who was not amused.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Freeza, of course. Gohan inadvertently breaks it to Krillin at the beginning of episode 14 when Gohan admonishes Krillin for calling Freeza a "fag," which to Krillin means a "Freaky Alien Genotype," not a derogatory term for a homosexual.

  Krillin: THAT THING'S A GUY?!?

    • And now as of episode 15, Dodoria.
    • Fridge Brilliance, once you add in the fact that Zarbon is Mistaken for Gay, the three primary villains of Season Two before the Ginyu Force show up are all subject to other characters being baffled by these revelations.
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