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Future Episodes: Freeza saga

Why Goku goes Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Abridged.

  • Not because Krillin is killed, but because he is killed while still owing Goku some money.
  • One too many 'Too Soon' jokes, making him snap and kill Krillin himself.
    • The ultimate 'Krillin Owned' moment.
    • Jossed.
  • He transforms when the Krillin Owned Count reaches some arbitrary number (at the current pace, probably 30 or 35).
  • He ignores Krillin's death and transforms because of something completely different.
  • The Muffin Button malfunctions.
  • Krillin dies and Goku's fine with it, but then Krillin comes back as GHOST KRILLIN which pisses off Goku.
    • You know that Goku can't be pissed of by something like that.
  • Goku really likes the Saiyan armor.
  • Freeza doesn't kill Krillin at all, he kills the Muffin Button instead.
    • Jossed on the first half at least.
  • Goku really wants to go home to get the mouth present from Chi Chi, Freeza doesn't let him. Or Space Denny's, either way works.
  • After shooting Piccolo and killing Krillin, that doesn't faze him, nor would threatening Gohan. What would set Goku over the deep end would be Freeza threatening Christmas.
  • Because Krillin died. Hey, it's unexpected for an abridged series...
  • Krillin dying and Goku transforming because of it will be played straight. (After all, they played Dende and Vegeta's deaths pretty straight.) The humor will come from Freeza's and everyone else's reactions to Super Saiyan Goku, and from Goku's personality transformation.

The more Goku fights Freeza, the more Freeza gets annoyed by him, and eventually loses all of his calm, witty personality, and will act kind of like Vegeta to Goku.

  • Goku already started to annoy Freeza in the first few minutes they met with his stupidity. So why not guess this?
  • He does seem to be slipping as of 28.
  • The last straw will be Goku reciting Vegeta's Super Saiyan speech word for word, with Freeza making ever more futile attempts to interrupt him.

Popo is going to scare Shenlong into obeying the protagonists again.

Canonically, the next time he appears, Popo is going to do the summoning. The latest, admittedly noncanon, movie shows that he's starting to get resentful of the protagonists. Popo frightens everything. QED.

 That wish cannot be...


Granting the wish. Please don't kill me.

  • Or...

 Shenlong: That wish cannot be...

Popo: Pecking Order.

Shenlong: Would you like fries with that?

  • Or Shenlong is the only one with the balls to defy Popo

 Shenlong: Y'know I'm starting to get really sick of you assholes...

Popo: Pecking Order.

Shenlong: Peck this. *disappears*

  • Or Shenlong doesn't recognize Popo and is grateful that someone NEW collected the dragonballs.

 Shenlong: What the hell, it hasn't even been a year ye... Oh wait, you're not those pussies that keep annoying me. About damn time someone else found those damn balls. So what do you want?

Popo: I have a few ideas...

Shenlong: Sure thing buddy.

  • Or, Both.

 Popo: I have a few ideas...

Shenlong: Yeah, I'm thinking "no" you psychotic little dumbass.

    • Along with the enough-balls Shenlong idea, Shenlong will end it by saying "By the way, how'd it feel to touch my balls?" and disappear.
    • Another idea is that Shenlong just ignores Popo's wishes and brings back Guru and the Nameks just to spite him (since bringing them back wouldn't do Popo any good at all)

The wish for everyone killed by Freeza's men to be returned to life will include Nappa.

  • Because if there's one thing that can destroy Vegeta's life better than Ghost-Nappa, it's a resurrected Nappa.

 Vegeta: Where am I? Why are you here? *Dramatic close-up* Where's Nappa?

Krillin: Didn't you kill him?

Vegeta: Yes! Of course I did! He's dead. Forever...

  • Important to note: Vegeta was still one of "Freeza's men" when he killed Nappa (in case you were wondering why this is plausible)

When Goku tries to use Freeza's ship he will find a muffin button.

Because Freeza secretly loves space muffins.

Goku will drop his Adult Child status when transforming into a Super Saiyan.

I kinda think this is a possibility. There's two flavors of it too.

Version one: Seeing Krillin get killed will trigger the transformation like normal and he'll be deathly serious, contrasting his normal Adult Child status. He will probably also drop a swear in when he tells Gohan to get away. This will end, however, once he isn't in Super Saiyan form and possibly only come back in minor shades since that point.

Version two: Same as above but the change will end up sticking a bit more. Goku will attempt to fool people into thinking he's still his same old self but the incident on Namek would have destroyed most, if not all, of his innocence. He'd eventually get it back, of course. This probably won't happen, given the nature of the series, but you'd have to admit, it'd be some interesting character development if it happened.

  • Or transforming could make him swap Adult Child for Hulk Speak.
    • Like when Gohan gets mad?
      • It would be an interesting explanation as to where Gohan gets it from...

Goku will suddenly appear as Super Saiyan out of nowhere.

His explanation: Muffin button.

Space Denny's.

Will be visited by Goku during his year in space after beating Freeza. The Space Grand Slam will be the explanation for Instant Transmission teleporting.

  • Addendum: Yardrat is Space Denny's.

When Freeza says Namek will explode in five minutes we'll get a countdown clock.

If the show goes into the dead Z-Fighters Vs the dead Ginyu Force, Guldo will be the leader.

Similar to the Raditz theory, as he's the first to die he'll be the creepy ass tyrant that the others are afraid of.

  • Jossed. They don't seem to have a leader.

The fight between Goku and Freeza will mention the Fandom Rivalry between Naruto the Abridged Series and Naruto the Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show.

Since Goku and Freeza are voiced by their respective creators, it's very likely. This will lead to Freeza blowing up Namek.

 Super Saiyan Goku: You killed my people, Vegeta, and my best friend. I hate you more than Sasuke hates the log.

Freeza: (Awestruck) Did you just make a Naruto Abridged reference? Are your standards that low?

Goku: Hey, I like Naruto Abridged!

Freeza: Oh, so you're one of the ten fans that still watches that show after the movie, huh? I hope you enjoy Mermaid Melody Fandub jabs and Sasuke getting sueded by Subway Coupons.

Goku: Oh, they only used those jokes once!

Freeza: No, they use those jokes all the time. Little Kuriboh said so.

Goku: Of course. I mean, heaven forbid that you doubt the word of Little Kuriboh. We all know his abridged series is a thousand times better.

Freeza: (Getting annoyed) Was that sarcasm?

Goku: Noooo. It's true. I mean, we all know Naruto reminding us 20 times an episode that he smokes is hilarious. And Kakashi being David Bowie, because he looks exactly like him. I mean, why wait until the Fourth Hokage is introduced to make those jokes?

Freeza: You're starting to piss me off!

Goku: Also, brilliant move constantly reminding everyone of Naruto The Abridged Movie's constant delays.


Goku: Settle down Freeza. Little Kuriboh still has Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series. Granted, it hasn't made me laugh in 20 episodes, but it's still good.

Freeza: THAT'S IT!!!! You've done it now! This planet and everyone on it is cosmic dust now!

Freeza unleashes a deathball and sends in Namek's core

 Freeza: In five minutes, this planet will blow.

Goku: That's not fair!

Freeza: Then you should have kept your mouth shut.

    • Alternatively:

 Freeza: In five minutes, this planet will blow.

Goku: Just like Little Kuriboh in general.

    • The above conversation sounds too one-sided against Little Kuriboh. Here's a more neutral version:

 Super Saiyan Goku: You killed my people, Vegeta, and my best friend. I hate you more than Sasuke hates the log.

Freeza: (Awestruck) Did you just make a Naruto Abridged reference? Are your standards that low?

Goku: Hey, I like Naruto Abridged!

Freeza: Oh, so you're one of the ten fans that still watches that show after the movie, huh? I hope you enjoy Mermaid Melody Fandub jabs and Sasuke getting sueded by Subway Coupons.

Goku: Oh, they only used those jokes once!

Freeza: Yeah, but there's a thousand more jokes like that.

Goku: Naruto Abridged has never relied on catchphrases so much as Yu-Gi-Oh!

Freeza: At least Little Kuriboh can sit down for five minutes to work on an episode. Vegeta3986 clearly has other plans.

Goku: He works on the show when he has the inspiration, unlike the bland and uninspired bullsh*t Little Kuriboh has been putting out for the past year!


When Freeza kills Krillin, we'll see split-second clips of all the previous 'owned' counts.

Up until Goku goes Super Saiyan, screaming, "THAT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!"

When Goku turns Super Saiyan, his dialogue to Freeza will simply be, "My name is Son Goku. You killed my buddy. Prepare to die."

Unless he's talking to someone else, which it'll be; "My name is Son Goku. He killed my buddy. He's going to die."

Freeza will use those one-ups.

He got two of them from stabbing Krillin enough times. That's just enough for him to live through Goku's Spirit Bomb and Namek exploding.

  • Ah, but you forget about Goku's last attack. That would mean three one ups.

Vegeta will haunt Freeza.

  • And will give his speech again when Goku actually goes Super Saiyan.

The Freeza saga will only last five episodes.

  • Think of how much filler there is, and how much filler gets cut out of DBZ Abridged. It could easily be condensed that much. After that, two or three episodes on the Garlic Jr. arc and that's season three wrapped up.
    • Jossed as of episode 28.
    • Could be an epic montage of showing the entire fight (including filler) in fast-forward at 10x speed. The characters will then lampshade how it is still taking forever and speed up the montage to 100x. If this is still not fast enough they could ramp it up to 9001x speed and maybe the fight could be in just one episode.
    • Oh, another possible idea, the five minutes until Namek blows up will actually take only five minutes. Not cuts back and forth between planets or other characters. Just a whole five minutes of Goku and Freeza battling.

Goku will accidentally cause a second Sayian genocide

I could see something like this happen after he'd have made his wish.

 Vegeta: Wait... Kakarot, you wished that everybody who's been killed by Freeza would be resurrected ! That includes our entire race! They're all back!

Gohan: Yeah, but... Are you Sayians able to live in outer space?

Vegeta: No, we're not. So what about it?

Gohan: Well, Dad never wished for the planets destroyed by Freeza to be rebuilt...

  • Awkward silence*

  • Shot of hundreds of Sayian corpses, floating in outer space*


  • Except that Goku wasn't the one who made that wish, it was Mr. Po.... Suddenly this seems even MOREplausible.
  • Don't the Dragonballs have a one year time limit on reviving people?

When Krillin dies, he'll end up in Hell/HFIL.

He is The Chew Toy after all. When he arrives, he'll go "Oh come on, Bulma was in her underwear for WEEKS!" However, this will be a Brick Joke. Krillin will unite with Vegeta and Nappa, in order to get revenge on Freiza, haunting him until he snaps. While Nappa agrees quickly(hey, Freiza was awfully evil and made him seem foolish), this isn't the case with Vegeta, until:

 Vegeta: And why should I help you?

Krillin: Well, if you help, we can use the Dragon Balls to bring you back to life.

Vegeta: Oh yeah, you'll definitely revive me!

Krillin: Still, if you help save the universe by stopping him, you could go to Heaven! Wouldn't that be better being here?

Cut to Nappa doing something stupid

Vegeta: Let's haunt the f*** out of that androgynous bastard!

Goku will give Freeza a second chance and also give him some energy because Freeza will say he is "sorry".

Too bad no one else thought of this first.

Some reference will be made to the Bulma/Ginyu filler story that never actually happens in this continuity.

  • Someone, likely Gohan, mentions inexplicably imagining her as a frog.

Future Episodes: Android/Cell saga

The episode in which Trunks defeats Freeza and King Cold will feature a jab at composer Kenji Yamamoto.

  • In Dragon Ball Kai, Yamamoto's song "The Ebb and the Flow" was most prominently used in this scene, before getting replaced with the original Dragon Ball Z score. When this scene gets parodied, they will use the song that "The Ebb and the Flow" rips off from, the human theme from "War" from the Avatar soundtrack. This similarity to this and other songs actually led to Yamamoto getting fired from Kai over infringement allegations.
    • They'll probably wind up playing the War theme.

When Future Trunks appears, Vegeta's role as Only Sane Man will be given to him.

  • No real reason I think this. Just a guess.
  • Well, it does kinda fit in with his canon personality.

Future Trunks will be a Jerkass to Vegeta.

In canon, Future Trunks hero worshiped Vegeta, due to Bulma white-washing his past, and spends the season working to gain Vegeta's approval. Here, Bulma won't pull any punches and tell Trunks how much a bastard Vegeta really was, causing Trunks to treat him accordingly. For extra points, it is Vegeta who tries to get Trunks to spend time as a father and son, bought on by his own missed childhood with his father.

  • Kinda Jossed by the flash-forward seen when Vegeta is screaming. Trunks' attitude towards Vegeta seems positive.
  • Alternatively, he'll think that Vegeta is a great man... Until he meets him.

Android 16 will be a Ax Crazy psychopath with no care for nature.

  • A lot of characters such as Popo or Guru act the exact opposite of what they act like in canon. So why not guess this?

Cell will have multiple personality disorder.

  • He has the skills of all the fighters he copied. So why not the personalities?

Cell will inherit traits from the characters genes used to make him.

To which he'll demonstrate Goku's utter stupidity in his second form, and notice it.

  • His second form will also have Nappa's ability to annoy the crap out of Vegeta, so much so that Vegeta will insist Cell absorb Android 18 just to make him stop.
  • That's kind of cliché. He did this in the original series so he has no choice to do it in this series, just as Vegeta killing Nappa or Goku becoming stronger after 100X gravity training. It's just to important to not mess with and not tamper the whole entire up and coming story line.
  • Alternatively, he'll have other traits, but only those he considers "useful." They'll include the "comfortable and joking" part of Goku's Adult Child personality, some of Piccolo's snarkiness, the sanity of Vegeta and the composure of Freiza. Each form has him harnessing certain traits to help him in battle.
    • Unlike Freeza, Cell will actually "get" Goku's way of thinking. He just won't act like it.

Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation will be caused by pent up anger towards his father.

Gohan's resentment towards his dad has already been addressed in both episodes 23 and 24.

  • I see: Goku throwing him to lions (in this case, Cell) will be the final straw. Makes sense.

In The Android Saga, Krillin's attire will be lampshaded.

Another character (Most likely Bulma) will say to Krillin, "Dressing up like Goku won't make you any stronger than you actually are." Thus adding another to his "Krillin Owned" count.

Android #18 will be the Androids' Butt Monkey

And will come with her own "A-18 Owned" count. And that will lead to Marron inheriting one of her own... leading to all three going off when Super Buu kills all three of them along with the rest of the supporting characters in the Buu Saga.

    • Alternatively, 18 will have a Win Count. Opposites Attract, right?
    • Basically, Android 17 will be the one who constantly says 'hey, let's go kill Goku for the lulz' and pushing them along to do it while 18 constantly protests. For bonus points, she ends up fighting only because she ends up getting a crush on Krillin at first sight and then hears about how big of a but monkey he is... It wouldn't end well.

Vegeta won't let Imperfect Cell go after 18

This will basically be the one point that he and Paragon Trunks will agree on. Cell can't be allowed to get to Android 18. So instead, he'll use Solar Flare, run off, and eat 18 before anyone can respond in time.

Dr. Gero and his androids will be based on the relationship of Dr. Frankenfurter and Rocky

I was thinking of this when I listened to Dr. Blowhole's love song to his device and the Charles Atlas Song.

Cell will start off his first Kamehameha with the phrase, "Bored now!"

Only it'll be creepy...

Perfect Cell will have a British accent.

Or he'll have King Cold's accent, but hey that's close enough to a British accent. As for imperfect Cell, he could sound and even more hilariously ironicly enough he'll act like Nappa. This could be the reason why Vegeta physically best imperfect Cell instead of the reason why he originally did it, which was to test his powers.

When Cell changes forms the Pokemon evolution theme will play.

Kami will join Nail inside Piccolo's head.

  • Unless Nail does "fade into (his) subconscious", the two will buddy up and lead to Piccolo awkwardly talking to himself during the remainder of the series.
    • Nail has actually been pretty entertaining, so there's a chance he might not go away completly, or be brought out as a Running Gag. Imagine Kami and Nail playing Minesweeper aganist each other while Piccolo is trying to fight Cell!

There will be a history of trunks special.

Refer to episode 18 for the evidence.

The Ricola guy from season one will turn out to have been Dr. Gero.

He'll be pissed at the Z-Warriors because they keep blowing up his house. Well, more pissed at any rate.

Chi-Chi will castrate Mr. Shu off screen with a rusty carving knife.

She lost her chance to do that to Krillin, so she settles for doing that to Gohan's Tutor.

Goku's "heart-disease" will be caused by the muffin button.

Also it'll be cancer. The muffin button leaks radiation.

Future Episodes: Buu saga

By the time the Buu saga happens, every Z-Fighter will have brain damage.

Most notably Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo and Yamcha. The only ones possibly spared will be Tien and Chiaotzu and Gohan

Popo is the reason Buu will turn into Kid Buu.

When Buu goes up to the tower, Popo throws Dende off the tower right?

Well, in the abridged series, the only reason Popo hangs out with the Kami is because it's the most powerful being he can control. Once Buu comes along, he disposes of Dende, as Buu is more powerful, and allows himself to be absorbed, causing Buu to turn into Kid Buu.

  • Oh my God!
    • And Kid Buu will try to destroy us.

When Piccolo and Krillin try to show Goten and Trunks how to do the Fusion Dance...

They will accidentally fuse together into a hideous abomination that will never actually be seen onscreen. Cue reaction shots of the other characters screaming in horror.

Dabura will be Ambiguously Gay just as Zarbon was.

In the original series, he did exhibit a little bit of queerness just like Zarbon did, so why not?

Majin Buu will be an intellectual

The complete opposite of his Psychopathic Manchild persona in the actual series.

There will be a Soylent Green joke in the Buu saga

The joke is too obvious to pass up.

Majin Buu will kill Babidi for a different reason

Instead he'll kill him for busting a fat joke. There can be two or even more possibilities how this will go down.

  • Majin Buu and Babidi will get along pretty good, until Majin Buu makes Babadi angry or Babadi just accidentally makes him mad for hurting his feelings unintentially by criticizing his weight some how and out of overwhelming rage Majin Buu will murder Babadi.
  • Majin Buu and Babadi's relationship will be the same as it was in the original series or probably even worse. Babidi continously makes random insults at Fat Buu, Buu either just brushes his petty yet irratating insults off or he just doesn't take them seriously because of his nature, then Babadi will cross the line; most likely after the fight with Goku and Babadi will insult Majin Buu because of his weight and it will cause some sort of break in his innocent child mind or his possible "intellectual" mind and he'll return Babadi's insult with his own life.

Babidi and Majin Buu will act like Yzma and Krunk.

  • Naturally Buu will kill Babidi when he insults spinach puffs.
    • "Pull the lever, Buu!" *BOOM* "Wrong lever."

Buu Saga predictions

  • Pui Pui is going to be the Raditz of Babidi's henchmen, and it would show in his fight with Vegeta
  • Freeza will be the new unit of measurement or power levels instead of Raditz.
  • Supreme Kai, or Kibito, would be like Popo, and would say "they were preoccupied" whenever asked why they didn't kill Freeza.

Someone will comment on how gay the fusion dance looks when it's introduced.

They would of in the original series but the Radars prohibited it for obvious reasons. There's nothing holding Team Four Star back so why not?

Goten will be just like Goku

After all, he looks just like Goku, right down to the hair. So why not make his personality the same?

Kid Buu will be the true form of Mr. Popo.

Long ago, the Kais split Kid Buu in two halves, the "good" Mr. Popo and the evil Buu. They will combine and return to their original form. Then at the very end of the series...

 Goku: Hey guys. This is my apprentice, Uub. He's the reincarnation of Kid Buu. Say hi, Uub.

Uub: (In Mr. Popo's voice) Hi.

Krillin: Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Uub laughs in Mr Popo's voice. Series ends.

Buu will become an Omnicidal Maniac when learning about Mr Popo.

Buu's already unstable in his Fat form. Think about what would happen if a child with the power of a god would react to Mr Popo. Yeah, the results wouldn't be pretty. I wouldn't be surprised if Kid Buu is trying to tear reality apart to make sure Mr Popo will be Deader Than Dead. And given Buu can tear down the walls of existence, there's a good chance he'll go after the producers for creating something like Mr Popo.


There will be one episode based on the Garlic Jr. filler saga.

And part of the Running Gag would be that he has sworn revenge on the Z Fighters for...something, and they don't even know who he is. (Maybe Krillin cut him off in traffic, who cares.)

  • Perhaps he's pissed because his movie is non-canon, and his evil plan is to make it canon.
  • Actually the ONLY thing preventing that movie from bring canon is that Krillin met Gohan in it and should therefore know who he is in episode one. This is easily explainable as Krillin was hit on the head by a falling rock in the movie. Therefore he does not remember it ever happening.
    • So in a flashback we will see head injury induced amnesia, with Krillin Owned -1.
  • Actually, Goku having the power pole in the first movie is also a continuity error, since it should still be connecting Karin's tower with Kami's lookout.
  • Alternative: The Garlic Jr. Saga will only be one minute long. Garlic Jr. will arrive at Kami's lookout, see Popo, and willingly return to the Dead Zone.

The Garlic Junior Saga will lampshade the Negative Continuity of the movies

 Garlic: Hello, Gohan. Krillin. I have returned.

Krillin: Who the hell are you?

Garlic: (Confused) Uhhh, Garlic Jr.?

Gohan: Not ringing any bells.

Garlic: Aw, come on! I kidnapped you once.

Gohan: I only got kidnapped by my uncle.

Garlic: That's right, you're retarded, aren't you? Of course you wouldn't remember me.

Piccolo: "Retarded?" And I guess I was calling him "nerd" for no reason?

Garlic Jr. will be replaced by Guldo.

Super Kami Guru released his hidden potential in Hell, causing Guldo to become the most powerful foe the Z Fighters have yet faced.

The driving school episode will be in the abridged series.

Cause sure, it's pointless filler, but it's right up the Abridged series's alley and they could have a ball with the race and the psycho driving instructor.

  • Filler never stopped them before. I'd be surprised if they didn't include this.
  • And in it Piccolo wil drive a Dooooodge!!
    • 10 points good sir.

If Team Four Star were to abridge Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!...

Yes, it's non-canon, but it would be interesting to see what the guys could do to redeem it. So, what could happen?

Lord Slug predictions...

  • Slug will sound similar to Super Kami Guru.
    • Confirmed.
  • After restoring his youth with the dragonballs, Slug will be referred to as Super Piccolo Slug.
    • Jossed.
  • King Kai will comment on how the "Super Saiyin" in the movie looks different than in the series.
    • Confirmed.
  • Krillin will call Slug "Giant Green" or something similar.
    • Green Giant?
    • Jossed, but Bulma does call him "Jolly Green Jackass" at one point.
  • Giant form Slug squeezing Goku will produce the squeak noise.
    • Oh so confirmed.
  • When Slug goes giant, he'll gloat that Goku's clearly never seen a power like that before...until Goku replies that Piccolo used it in Dragon Ball.
    • Semi-confirmed; Slug doesn't gloat, but Goku and Shenron both point out the similarities.
  • The whole thing will somehow be a Thanksgiving special, with a special appearance from the Green Giant, as mentioned above.
    • Josséd.

Lord Slug is still alive.

He's a part of Guru right? So when he so called died shouldn't Guru die with him because their the same being. When Goku hit slug with the spirit bomb it didn't exactly show he body being disinegrated the screen just flashed real white so theres a chance he still could be out there and he will show up in a future episode. It's either this or it's a plot mistake on the creator's part. Don't use the "well the movie's non-canon" excuse because shouldn't Guru died in that universe anyway?

  • Going to use "the movie's non-canon" excuse anyway, simply because none of the DBZ movies come even close to fitting into the series continuity. Gohan is already trained to fight and Goku is alive, so this must be after the Saiyan Saga. But since Piccolo is also alive, it must also be after the Freiza Saga. But after that Guru is already dead, so Slug would already be dead as well. The movie is non-canon because it simply doesn't fit into the canon.
    • That won't matter in the end. It could be explained as him dying the same time as Guru on Namek, and him resurrecting rejoined.

Cooler's Revenge wild mass guessings

  • Someone will say "It's getting pretty Zarbon in here" at Cooler's Armored Squad
  • Doore will have a lisp disorder like Lou Ferringno
  • We'll finally learn the whole truth behind the "Jock Strap Incident."
    • The Jock Strap Incident will be source of Freeza and Cooler's Sibling Rivalry.
  • Cooler isn't really a prick. He's actually highly cordial and duty-bound, but bloodthirsty. Freeza simply hates his older brother. The only reason Cooler allowed Goku's pod through and said "Because I'm a prick" is because he wanted to spite Freeza.

Zangya from the Bojack movie was Zarbon's girlfriend

  • They look like they could be the same race, and (correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a while since I've last seen it) she fights Vegeta for revenge.

Expect Lampshade Hanging on Bojack's accent movie time

  • Even the crew's bound to get sick of the stereotypacle 'yargs'. And calling Zangya a wench might earn you a bitchslap.

Past Episodes

The episode after Recoome's defeat will feature a gag about everyone's voices changing.

  • As a nod to the Ocean / Funi switchover.

Ginyu won't be trapped as a frog.

  • Instead of Goku throwing a frog into the body swapping beam, Vegeta will summon Ghost Nappa to interrupt the body swap. Ginyu won't be able to body swap as a ghost and Nappa won't be able to haunt Vegeta while in Ginyu's body. This will backfire on Vegeta as Ginyu will be haunting him and when Namek blows up Nappa will be a ghost again and go back to haunting Vegeta.
  • If I remember correctly though, Ginyu's body was teleported safely to Earth by Porunga along with everyone else who was on Namek besides Goku and Freeza. That could be pretty hilarious if it gets pulled off though.
    • Ginyu does indeed turn into a frog. Then Vegeta smooshes it.

Everyone in the Ginyu Force has a Stand.

It's already been shown that Guldo has The World. Other possibilities include Recoome having Wheel of Fortune (due to his super strength), Burter having Tower of Grey (due to his super speed), and Ginyu having Silver Chariot Requiem (due to his Freaky Friday Flip ability).

    • Jossed, now that they're all dead.

Guru will die because Nail dies.

  • Bugging Nail (and later Dende) seems to be his favorite (or only) thing to do with his time. What is he without that? Note that if the "Revive those killed by Freeza" wish is made as in canon, Guru will still qualify for it; he died because Freeza brought about Nail's own (semi) death.
    • Jossed in Episode 24 in spectacular lampshading fashion.

Once Freeza goes to his 4th form...

  • He'll demonstrate his power by teleporting Popo to Namek somehow and savagely beat (off-screen of course) him and send him back home. Gives Popo a reason to give a crap in this series.
    • As of Episode 27 this has yet to happen. (Fourth form has appeared though)

There will be a space version of Facebook called Spacebook.

  • And someone will then say they prefer Space Myspace
    • As of 25, you are correct at least on the first half of that.

Vegeta didn't chew the Senzu Bean, and in a couple of episodes a beanstalk's going to sprout out of his stomach.

After all, Goku was right about the Muffin Button, why not the Senzu Beans?

  • And it will sprout out of his body either when Krillin blasts a hole in Vegeta or when Freeza blasts a hole in Vegeta.
    • Or it will be the cause of said holes.
    • Jossed on both parts.

No One will be fooled by Ginyu's body swap.

Krillin will notice Ginyu speaking intelligently, Gohan will tipped off by Ginyu attempting to pass as a realistic parent, and Vegeta will have assumed Ginyu was always going to do the body swap.

  • Plausible to say the least on Gohan's part, he knew Turles wasn't Goku the minute he said something Goku wouldn't say.
    • Confirmed on the part of Gohan, jossed on the part of Krillin.

There will be a montage of all the bodies Ginyu has swapped with in the past.

It will go from most to least recent. The final person at the end? Raditz.

  • And it will incorporate other anime, or more likely other abridged anime. And there'll be at least one girl among them.

Ghost Guru.

Guru is going to die soon, and will haunt Nail. Nail's reason for fusing with Piccolo will be to prefer oblivion rather than listen to Guru forever. Then Guru will haunt Piccolo. Later Piccolo and Vegeta will compare notes on dealing with their respective ghosts, perhaps swapping ghosts for a day.

Like in the original anime, Ginyu will ultimately swap bodies with Bulma.

Unlike the anime, Ginyu will stay in that body for the rest of the series and (s)he will team up with Ghost Nappa to torment Vegeta.

  • And when the eventual TFS/YTAS crossover happens Ginyu-in-Bulma will meet Crump-in-Tea and they will compare notes on what it's like to be men in women's bodies.
    • That means that Vegeta will eventually have sex with Ginyu? Ew... poor Trunks by the way, by the time the Androids arrive, the cutie will be more that broken already.
    • Jossed, thankfully.

Gohan's Rant in Episode Nine will be Freeza's first original line since Bardock.

  • Specifically, "I'm going to eviscerate you and use your gastro-intestinal tract as a condom while I fornicate with your skull!"
  • Alternately, Freeza could respond with a "2."
    • The Scouter was on the entire time... So "2" is more likely.
  • Jossed. "Awesome! Imma deck you in the schnoz" was a the first new line, by his own admission.

The Krillin Owned Counter is malfunctioning.

In Episode 21 it turned 13 with Seizure Procedure. In Episode 23 it turned 13 again when Ginyu smacked Krillin. If it turns 13 again Krillin will take notice of this, which will cause a Krillin Owned moment that includes the previously uncounted moments, going straight from 13 to 16.

  • Jossed. It went to 15 in Episode 25. Then it went all the way to 25 (and gave Freeza two 1-ups).

The 'Space Duck' joke will resume when Freeza confronts Team Three Star.

When Gohan and Krillin first appeared before Freeza and his gang, Zarbon suggests that they were Space Ducks. Because Freeza has probably never seen humans before, he will assume that's what Gohan and Krillin (Or at least Krillin) are;

 Freeza: To think, a renegade soldier and a pair of Space Ducks could foil Lord Freeza's plans like this.

Vegeta: Space what?

 Freeza: Zarbon... what the hell was that?

Zarbon: I believe that was the space duck, sir.

  • Confirmed, though not in the way stated here. Instead Krillin tries quacking, but it doesn't work.

When Vegeta takes a nap in Freeza's ship Ghost Nappa will appear.

In canon Vegeta napping is when Krillin and Gohan take the dragonballs to summon Porunga. While the dragon is granting wishes Vegeta just happens to wake up in time to get to the third wish. Here on the other hand Vegeta will be woken up by Ghost Nappa telling him the kids took his dragonballs. Cue The Scream.

  • Jossed, unfortunately. Vegeta's woken up by his very nervous bladder.
    • Also, Krillin's not a kid.

When Porunga is summoned Krillin will wish for more wishes.

Or at least he'll try to, thinking that three wishes = a genie. The point will be to wish for personal stuff, or to make a wish for Toei Animation to put the removed episodes back on YouTube. Porunga will either deny the wish (Krillin Owned Moment), or allow the extra wishes but have Super Kami Guru die before any can be used (Krillin Owned Moment).

  • Jossed. Krillin never got his hoagie either.

Vegeta will piss himself at some point in the battle against Freeza, probably when he dies.

Because Vegeta never got to the toilet before going to confront the other members of Team Three Star.

  • Alternatively, Episode 25 will start out with a Call Back: "Well, Freeza's here, but on the bright side, I no longer have to pee."
    • Jossed, and jossed. (At least as far as we know.)

Freeza is going to have a Villainous Breakdown

The signs have been showing, with him not having anyone to get angry for him anymore, and the way he explodes at Zarbon and Nail suggest that he is starting to lose his cool.

When Freeza reaches his final form, his voice will be just like Little Kuriboh's.

  • And by that, I mean Little Kuriboh will talk in his normal speaking tone. After all, it's Freeza's true and most powerful form.

The Hallelujah Chorus will play when Krillin dies.

Just because he's The Chew Toy.

    • Jossed. It does count towards the Krillin Owned Count though (28)

When Krillin dies...

Let's guess...

  • Popo will laugh.
    • Jossed. He say's 'called it.'
  • Freeza will quack to mock him.
    • Jossed.
  • Ghost Vegeta will say "Team Three Star!"
    • Jossed
  • Krillin Owned Counter will explode.
    • Jossed
  • The Krillin Owned Counter will increase by 9001.
    • Jossed
  • Piccolo will say "Dodge!"
    • Jossed
  • King Kai and/or The Narrator will say "About time!"
    • Jossed
  • Instead of somebody saying "Too Soon!", somebody will yell, "Just right!", or something to that effect.
    • Jossed

When Krillin dies, the Krillin Owned counter will be involved in some variation of the "too soon" joke.

i.e. "Krillin Owned Count: 16"

  • "Krillin Owned Count: Too soon?"
  • Well, the "16" is Jossed, at least.
  • Jossed. It's just a standard "Krillin Owned Court: 28"


Vegeta will suffer Sanity Slippage.

He already went (temporally) batshit insane in episode 18, and he actually started crying in 27...

Nappa isn't really The Ditz.

  • He just likes to screw with Vegeta's head. While he was alive, the best way to do this was with Obfuscating Stupidity. Now that he's a ghost, Nappa has become less subtle, and seemingly more intelligent. He no longer feels the need to hide his intelligence, now that Vegeta can no longer hurt him. As for his appearance in Vision of Escaflowne Abridged, he was just pretending to be "special" because of Van's mom.
    • Basically Nappa is a Troll. This makes so much sense.

Nappa could turn Super Saiyan.

  • He used the ability to change his hair/eye color to further his precious modeling career. Learning this will result in Vegeta becoming a Super Saiyan. The Brick Joke seems like a good enough reason for it to be true, considering the series.

Dende will be Batman.

While on Earth Dende will pick up a comic book and realize that Super Kami Guru's comparison was correct. Then after taking over Kami's job Dende will get bored and become Batman just for something to do.

Hercule. That is all.

  • Oh dear me, Hercule. Perhaps the biggest Ensemble Darkhorse of the entire series. How will they go about characterizing him?

Let's make a list of options. Feel free to add.

  • Exaggeration of canon personality.
    • This is the most likely possibility.
  • Actually Badass.
  • Reincarnation of and/or Possessed by Ghost Nappa.
  • Repeatedly killed by characters, only to come back in the next episode.
  • Exactly as in canon, but taken seriously by the heroes.
    • It would be better if it's taken seriously by all the heroes except Vegeta.
  • Exactly as in canon, but not taken seriously by anyone.
  • Deranged or Drunken hobo.
  • Canadian
  • The Ultimate Warrior as done by The Spoony one.
  • An Accidental Hero that stumbles around trying to maintain his image while actually doing awesome things just like Ciaphas Cain HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!
  • Sean Connery!
  • The Only Sane Man. It would be quite ironic.
  • A red neck.

Mr. Popo is BEN.

It would definitely explain his utter scariness. As well, DBZA didn't come out until long after BEN got online.

Guru caused the Great Drought.

  • Freeza notes that he's fat for a member of an entirely water-sustained species. So, Guru took all the water right under his people's noses, then 'lead' them through this 'strange natural disaster' by 'finding' water. He probably did it just because he was tired of rations.
    • One place to 'find' water in a water-sustained species is inside other members of that species.

Zarbon's girlfriend name is Chuck... lina.

That's right, Chucklina, a regular female of his species, she works for Freeza as mission support or something like that, though Freeza don't even know that she exists, now how is this?

Raditz will be the true villain of the series.

Remember all the back to episode three, where Yemma said that Raditz escaped? That will come back to haunt them all, when it turns out that he's been training since the Sayian Saga. After fifteen years, he's now a Super Sayian 3, capable of becoming a Golden Ape/Super Sayian 4 and will end up killing the entire cast. Krillin, however, gives Raditz one final blow after his Limit Break meter is filled, and his Owned Count will dissapear.

Raditz is named after the Dragon Ball Abridged universe equivalent of the dollar.

When Bardock saw his first son, he realized his power was insignificant and unremarkable. Accordingly, he was named after the same basic unit of currency that can get you a small sundae at Spacey's.

  • Actually, it's the cost of a double sundae.
  • As of Episode 28, at least partially confirmed, if not in this context. Apparently, a game of Pinball costs '1/2 Raditz', implying a 'Raditz' as the basic unit of currency.

Trunks in the show won't be a planned child

Bulma will "forget" to take her pills in hopes of making Vegeta less likely to go back to being an evil dick.

  • Self-jossed. If she does it on purpose, wouldn't that make him a planned child?

Possible Ensemble Darkhorse for later sagas

The Saiyan Saga had Nappa and the Namek Saga had Super Kami Guru.

  • Cell Saga:
    • Android 16- Instead of being peace-loving, he'd be a lazy Jerkass who makes up excuses not to fight.
    • Android 19- Ridiculous voice you can't help but mock
  • Buu Saga:
    • Spopovich- He'd be the Nappa to Yamu's Vegeta.
    • Hercule!

Yamcha washing King Kai's car will be a Chekhov's Gun

Just like he thought, the Karate Kid method ends up making him a better fighter, having him kill a future Big Bad.

  • Unfortunatly it will be offscreen, so no one will believe him.

Gohan is gonna be more scarier than Popo.

He already told off his own psycho of a mother, odds are sometime during the Cell Saga he will scare Popo.

SS2 Gohan will be far scarier than Popo.

Reason? SS 2 Gohan was a total Ax Crazy maniac, personifying Beware the Nice Ones. Given Abridged Gohan has a habit of being quite aggressive when pushed too far, its only fitting for SS 2 Gohan to make Mr. Popo look harmless by comparison. There'll be an equivelant to Vegeta's scream, in which we hear everyone's reaction.

 Krillin: I think my soul just died...

Cut to Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo: Strange, I didn't think I could feel a chill up my spine.

Cut to Hell

Freiza: Excuse my words, but WHAT IN THE NAME OF YOG-SOTHOTH'S F***HOLE WAS THAT?!

Cut to Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series

Tristan: Holy **** on a **** sandwich!

Yugi: Did you just hear that?!

Tristan: Yes. With **** as topping, **** as an appetizer and fear as dessert!

When Dende becomes the new Guardian of Earth...

  • He'll beat up Popo (who might not want a new Guardian cramping his style) and be on top of the new pecking order. Because he's the goddamn Batman.
  • Or maybe Popo will see something he likes in Dende and happily adopt him.

Nail will become a good version of Ghost Nappa

  • Where Nappa is annoying Nail with be helpful, where Nappa is humorous Nail is serious.
    • Jossed in episode 26. He's annoying but he does have Minesweeper.
      • Still not as bad as Ghost!Nappa, though.

Nappa was a Mole working for Freeza.

In episode 25, after the flashback about Freeza killing King Vegeta, Vegeta asks how he knew about the parts he wasn't there for, right? Well someone had to have set this up. After all, Freeza seemed too prepared about King Vegeta's arrival. Then, Nappa telling Vegeta that their planet was destroyed seemed rehearsed. Then, Nappa intentionally left his scouter transmission on the entire time, notifying Freeza about the Dragonballs. Finally, Freeza ordered Nappa to keep Vegeta in check, and the best method was "stupidity." Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this was revealed. The Jafar hat just spelled it out loud for the rest of us. I haven't figured out a reason why he'd do this, yet...

  • Didn't he say outright whole wearing the Jafar hat that he likes Freiza's style?

Goku will start trying to be a proper dad after the Freeza Saga

Obviously, for this, the Super Saiyan Transformation will give him an epiphany of sorts and he'll actually try talking to Gohan and taking care of him for real. However, he still wouldn't understand sarcasm and when Piccolo suggests sending out Gohan to fight Perfect Cell as a sarcastic response...

  • Alternatively, he'll bring Gohan into the Chamber of Time not to train him, but to 'have some father-son bonding time'.

 Gohan: We're going to an empty void.

Goku: Sometimes there's fire!

Gohan would be a guest star on The Big Bang Theory.

Well not literally, but he would fit right in with the cast. Plus if he can't outsmart Sheldon he can blast him.

Vegeta's Heel Face Turn

After Freeza kills him, Nappa will annoy him while he's in hell non-stop. To avoid this, he becomes a good guy so he'll never see Nappa again after death.

Mr. Popo is the only male Jynx in existence.

The resemblance is pretty uncanny.

Bulma actually IS a virgin, for the sake of setting up a blood joke.

Contrary to Roshi's claim of "Bulls**t!", Bulma actually was saving herself for Yamcha. Only she'll dump him before actually doing the deed so Team Four Star can make a joke involving the, er, blood-letting with Vegeta after Baby!Trunks is born.

#18 will marry Krillin because she thinks that bald is sexy.

She will choose Krillin because Tien's third eye freaks her out, and and Piccolo don't come with all tools.

Grandpa Gohan dropping infant Goku on the head did more than erase most of his Saiyan instincts.

It's the cause of his Adult Child status in general. After the fight with Vegeta it was heavily implied that Goku's mental capacity dropped because of brain damage, correct? Well the brain damage he suffered when he was a baby basically retarded him and not just his Saiyan ambitions.

Krillin actually is an Albino Namekian

  • Many reasons. One, everyone who has seen albino Namekian's thinks he is one. Also, he took offense to being called a Namekian back in Episode Seven, and that's just the kind of call back you'd expect from Team Four Star. Finally, everyone in this show is an alien.
    • How is he going to have a kid, then? Unless Albino Namekians reproduced sexually instead of asexualy. Maybe that's why they were killed...?

Mr. Popo is Nyarlathotep.

I say this because, like Nyarly, Popo has a black avatar, is sadistic, and is wrong despite looking like a person. Plus they're both Nightmare Fuel. This may explain why even the Kami's are wary of him. It also would make Popo even more terrifying.

When Goku blows up King Kai's planet, he will be revealed to be a Not-So-Harmless Villain

 Goku: Come on, King Kai, its not like I wanted to kill you

King Kai: I'm not mad. Now that I think of it, you know who I taught waaay back before you?

Goku: Who?

King Kai: Popo.

Mr. Popo is Kami's Angel of Death.

And that's how he knows when people are going to die. Alternatively, Reality may just be bending to his wishes. When he says someone is going to die, The Universe makes it so. Why?

  Mr. Popo: It just knows better.

Guru's death wasn't as much of a dick move as you'd think.

  • More of an observation, but he stayed alive long enough to wish Piccolo back and get him to Namek, and then died before Vegeta got immortality. It could be that he just didn't want Vegeta to be immortal, for the same reason Dende didn't want to heal him. But there's more to this: he didn't just prevent Vegeta from gaining immortality, he stopped Freeza, who was on his way over there, from getting it as well. So he kinda saved the universe in a very roundabout way.
  • While all of that is may be true, one thing has to always be kept in mind; it's the thought that counts. Guru did that to screw over the good guys for a practical joke. So in that case it was a dick move.

Mr. Popo additionally posseses the same abilities as a Ju-on.

This would clearly explain his ability to be so mentally overwhelming without even trying. As well as the ability to assimilate people as he demonstrated on Blue Popo, his ability to appear out of nowwhere for no logical explanation and the ability to overshadow inanmiate objects such as the moon as seen in Make a Man out of you. This would most importantly explain why literally every little thing is absolutely terrified of him and last but not least his permanent death stare.

Mr. Popo will turn out to be the true villian in this series.

Because he seems a little bit to evil to be a good guy, it wouldn't be surprising if it turned he is the evil puppetmaster in the show.

Zarbon's girlfriend will appear

And just like Freeza suspected, her name is Chuck.

Sarcasm/sardonicness/insensitiveness runs in the Namekian race

It just a little bit more than a coincedence that every namekian on here in stuck-up snivy and touche, that part where that namekian village was nice to Vegeta could of been to just set up a joke( the kind of look at that fine young man then that fine young man terrorizes the place joke). In addition to them being so reserved as in the original series they are slightly snobby.

Other besides seemingly invincible super villians Vegeta also possesses an additional fear in this series.

And it is real annoying people, not really counting Krillin because he isn't that much annoying.

Mr. Popo is Parallax

After all, Parallax is the embodiment of fear, and Mr. Popo is practically fear incarnate.

Everyone is aware that they are in a cartoon.

Explaining why everyone appears to be more self aware especially in an abridged series. Mr.popo has been shown to break through the fourth wall during the show not just during promo skits, because he's the only one supernatrually enough to do that and has that luxary with him being the most mystical character on the show too. However the characters can't make this apparent for the show's sake or at least clear enough.

Gohan will become a slacker

  • It's turning out more that Gohan respects Piccolo more as a father figure than his own father. So come the timeskip to the Buu saga Gohan will focus on appealing to Piccolo over Goku. Piccolo's biggest gripe about Gohan was his tendancies to be a *ahem* NERRRRRD! So how does he fix it? Brilliant but Lazy. He'll intentionally do poorly in Orange Star High School and bite his tongue when he starts on a tanget.


When Freeza kills Vegeta, Ghost Nappa will appear saying 'Now who am I going to haunt?'

Cell will be haunted by Ghost Nappa.

It's likely that Ghost Nappa is all in vegeta's head. So since Cell has Vegeta's genes, he'll se Ghost Nappa also, being annoyed with Vegeta.

  Vegeta and Cell: Damnit Nappa!

When Vegeta dies he will become a ghost and haunt Freeza.

Vegeta killed Nappa, so Nappa haunts Vegeta. Freeza will kill Vegeta, so Vegeta will haunt Freeza. Vegeta will use this to distract/piss off Freeza during his fight with Goku.

  • And Freiza will blow up Vegeta and send him to the afterlife. Only for Ghost Nappa to pester him.

When Vegeta dies he will become a ghost and kill Ghost Nappa.

Then Ghost Ghost Nappa will haunt Ghost Vegeta.

Ghost Nappa is all in Vegeta's head.

Earth screwed him up so badly that he has created a voice for all his frustration when he's unconscious or has just lost it. And that voice is Ghost Nappa.

Vegeta turns Super Saiyan because of Ghost Nappa.

  • Look at how many things have happened by Ghost Nappa annoying Vegeta.
    • That's actually really likely.
      • Actually, Vegeta learns that Bulma is pregnant, and Ghost Nappa is one who tells him, which makes him go Super Saiyan.

Cell will cause Vegeta to use final flash by talking like Nappa.

  • He talks like 17 and he has Nappa's cells...
  • Or he'll do it to annoy Vegeta so much that he'll be able to absorb 18.
  • Or Ghost Nappa will get pissed at Cell for stealing his act and then he possesses Vegeta to do the final flash himself.

Future Trunks will be haunted by Ghost Nappa.

With Vegeta not around in the future timeline, Nappa will need someone else to bother (because haunting is far too much fun to give up), and what better choice than his former hauntee's son? Ghost Vegeta will be nowhere to be seen because he's avoiding Nappa.

  • This will, in fact, be the real reason for his traveling back in time- to foist his Ghost Nappa off on Vegeta, who will then be haunted by both.

Future appearances of Ghost Nappa.

Will include the following:

  • Vegeta's "almost dead" moments between having Krillin shoot him and Dende healing him.
    • Jossed.
  • When Vegeta dies.
    • Jossed.
  • When Goku hallucinates various Saiyans encouraging him to keep fighting.
  • When Vegeta is wished back to life.

Ghost Nappa will play a crucial part in Freiza's defeat.

When Vegeta is near-death, he won't tell that Freiza blew up his planet(Goku looked it up on Space Twitter), but focus all of his hatred on Freiza. Since Ghost Nappa is Vegeta's inner rage, Ghost Nappa will haunt Freiza. This won't be noticable to him until Goku turns Super Saiyan, giving Nappa enough rage to manifest. Slowly but surely, Nappa's presence will drive Freiza nuts, causing a Villainous Breakdown that helps Goku beat him. After Freiza dies, Ghost Nappa will die with him. When Cell pops up, due to being part Freiza some of Nappa's personality will be reincarnated in him.

Nappa, or at least Ghost Nappa, will somehow be the cause of Vegeta's Majin transformation.

It would be funny as hell seeing Nappa or at least the thought of Nappa pissing Vegeta off so hard that it will be the cause of his second 180. There are two(or even more) possible ways this could undergo.

  • Babidi and/or Dabura will hear about how Nappa pissed Vegeta off so hard when he was alive; after alerted Babadi will resurface Vegeta's memories about Nappa causing him to go into a fit of rage and undergo his ultimate majin transformation.
  • When Dabura tells Babidi about the potential evil Vegeta has, Babadi will unlock Vegeta's evil by resurfacing his memories of Nappa to send Vegeta in a rage and cause him to become Majin'd.
  • Babadi will make one of the characters, most likely Goku appear like Nappa/Ghost Nappa in Vegeta's eyes, causing Vegeta to turn Majin and attack the person who he sees as a Nappa.

The Jockstrap Incident

Jockstraps used to be part of the uniform

  • But they couldn't expand with the armor and a lot of people died of crushed pelvises.


There will be a Paragon Interrupt.

Since Vegeta performed a Renegade Interrupt in episode 20, expect to see a Paragon Interrrupt later in the series.

  • When Future Trunks shows up, he will perform one. Basically, it would offset him and his dad and, instead of Trunks wanting his dad to look up to him, he'd be upset about him being Renegade. Thus, the two would bicker at any chance they'd get, trying to prove that their way was better than the other.
  • Vegeta will perform a Paragon Interrupt to highlight his Heel Face Turn in the original series. As Majin Vegeta in the Buu saga, his Paragon Interrupt will be to hug his son just before he sacrifices himself to kill Buu; suddenly, Vegeta will perform another Renegade Interrupt by slapping Trunks unconscious.
  • Goku will perform a Paragon Interrupt on the many remaining occasions (as of episode 26) he shows mercy to villains, including: donating some of his power to a defeated Freeza after their fight on Namek, throwing Cell a senzu bean, and wishing Kid Buu to be reincarnated as a good guy (Uub).

The series will eventually be cancelled.

  • As good as it is, it's still a fan work. And it's not hard to find a cancelled fan series. For instance, Smashtasm, or Super Mario Bros Z.
  • Hopefully this will happen after the Buu saga where they have nothing cool left to parodize, and don't forget episode 26 when all those kanassans were making all those predictions for the future in the series.
  • Word of God states that it will at least make it up to the cell saga.
  • One more thing a high amount of views will stop a show from getting cancelled. In youtube the videoes with one million plus views are in the super very hot section right? well look how many view each episode has then reconsider.

This and Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series take place in the same universe.

It would explain the crossovers, and how Ghost Nappa is Mokuba's father. Either in the past, or is happening at the same time-the other show doesn't notice because they're too busy playing a children's card game to care.

  • Notice how that, unlike Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series, there's clearly a fourth wall. This series could take place outside the fourth wall.
    • Not really. Both Vegeta broke the fourth wall in the Christmas special and King Yemma broke the fourth wall in canon.
      • Yeah, but it's incredibly rare and subdued. There way be another wall in the way, but its pretty thin.

What was terrifying about Super Kami Guru's rule during the great drought?

"Those albino Namekians DESERVED IT!"

Earth's layout in Dragon Ball Abridged is like Real Life's instead of Dragon Ball's.

After all, how can there be a Space Australia without... Earth... Australia?

Chiaotzu's Self Destruct foreshadowed what Nappa really was.

In the Pokemon world, Self Destruct is a "Normal" type move. Normal types can not affect Ghost types. Ergo....

purpleeyeswtf (of Code Ment and None Piece fame) will make a cameo at some point

What, I can dream, can't I? Besides, he's already cameoed in one of Little Kuriboh's works and vice-versa, and he seems to be gaining popularity ever since LK gave him the Colbert Bump. Maybe he can voice Hercule?

  • No, BUU

The currency in the universe is space dollars.

Or space zeni or space moneys. Besides there's a space denny's so why not?

There will be a video of Jeice doing a Zero Punctuation style review

Possibly of a Dragonball Z game.

  • Which will promptly be "interrupted" by the appeareance of the real Yahtzee who will kick Jeice's ass "right in the down under" and proceed to rip on the abridged series.

The creator of this new series is a big Denny's fan.

Mcdonald's, or KFC is a popular successful and even nutritious restraunt, why else choose Denny's, it's not like Subway, and it's Grand Slam isn't or never was the thing so why it would be so popular in their universe?

There will be a crossover between this series and Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series.

An actual, proper and episodic series. Admit it, it would be awesome.

The scenes where Gohan is being squeezed will make squeaky noises also.

It's just too much for the creators to pass up. To add to this, someone will comment how Goku did the exact same thing when he was being squeezed. Alternatively it will make another hilarious noise like a fart noise or something in that category, or maybe even a disturbing sound.

Grandpa Gohan's actions will be given a Cerebus Retcon

That fall? Actually GG attempted to murder Goku due to his early saiyan behavior.

Voice predictions for future characters.

  • If possible, Cooler will be voiced by Little Kuriboh's brother, and King Cold by his father. Cell will be voiced by a LK imposter.
    • Well actually, Cooler already did have a couple of lines in the Bardock special, dpwhere he was voiced by KaiserNeko, at a guess I'd say they'd stick with him, and if you look on their channel, the cast list already has voice actors noted for the other two - Cell is to be Takahata101, and Hbi2k is to be King Cold. Of course, this could easily change, as it's still a ways off before we'll be seeing them, so I wouldn't say it's totally Jossed, but yeah.

Goku's first encounter with Popo was the origin of a certain catchphrase.

  • Note that Popo was feeding the birds. He needed to explain who he was in terms the boy could understand. PECKING ORDER.

Chiaotzu really is a Pokemon.

Stranger things have happened in Dragonball, and Chiaotzu doesn't exactly look human. In fact, he kind of looks like a diminutive Mr Mime. Maybe he's what happens when a Mr Mime and human mate... This may also explain why him exploding didn't harm Nappa-Mr Mime specialize in Special Attack, while Self-Destruct is physical. As for Nappa, it could either be foreshadowing, he has the Damp ability or his typing is quite resistant against Normal moves. If it's the typing, this means that Nappa may be the equivelant of a Rock/Steel type(he's certainly as intelligent as rock and steel). That may go to explain the utter pwnage he got from Goku-he's severly weak to Fighting moves!

This show is canon and takes place with the actual Dragonball Z events. This show is a canon apparently humourous Mirror Universe to the original Dragonball Z show.

A lot of freaky things existed in the original dragonball Z universe to anthrmorphic animals to different dimensions, so what about alternate reality dimensions. This show is really a dimension not showing how things in the DBZ universe could of alternatively ended but a universe showing how things could of happened alternatively with of course the same results. It's a hypothetical/non-hypothetical(Because the end results are still the same) universe of the DBZ world.

  • Another idea: The original Dragonball had more focus on humor than its sequel series. This show may be what may have happened if they managed to keep that humor, plus if the producers decided to go for a higher rating.
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