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TFS never fails at amusing the fans of Dragon Ball... and scaring them as well.

For the actual series, go here

  • Little Kuriboh puts on a legitimately terrifying performance as Frieza.
    • Exemplified better than anywhere else during his introduction to the heroes in 24:

Vegeta: "That doesn't matter! Don't you understand?! If it didn't grant me my wish, then I'm not immortal! And Frieza's going to... g-going to..."
(Frieza enters, to a justified Mass "Oh Crap" from all parties present.)
Frieza: "Ohohoho, no, don't mind me! By all means... give me some ideas!"

  • Freeza's mood swings at the beginning of Episode 25 are both terrifying and hilarious.

"I'm sorry. I'm usually far more composed. I'm just a little bit ABSOLUTELY LIVID."

  • Freeza singing his own little rendition of The Sound of Music's "My Favourite Things" is VERY creepy. It's the slow piano and the slow tone in which he's singing it that does it.
    • Even better is that the cover has some dissonant notes, making the sound even creepier.

Freeza: "Peaceful young races with fire on their houses, millions of voices all silenced like mouses, watching the cowards bow to their new king, these are a few of my favourite things!"

  • What makes it even more disturbing is his attitude during the time. He's significantly more Faux Affably Evil than normal, making it all the creepier.
    • Oh, and who can forget;

Freeza: (while hitting Vegeta in the back repeatedly) "Stop hitting yourself!" (WHACK!) "Stop hitting yourself!" (WHACK!) "Stop hitting yourself!" (lets go of Vegeta, letting him fall to the ground)
Vegeta: "Aahh... Aahh, you're the one hitting me..."
Freeza: "Au contraire, Vegeta. You brought this upon yourself."

  • He also goes balls-out in Episode 29 when he simply comes up with his "insta-fix" for not having finished genociding the Namekians and Saiyans: blow the whole planet up. He also has a freaky laugh when he's doing it. He just sounds so unhinged.
    • Freeza has a disturbing ability to make the silliest lines chilling. Much like the "stop hitting yourself!" joke above, he gets this in Episode 29, with a game of '20 Questions' with Goku

Freeza: "Are you about to die?"
Goku: "No?"
Freeza: "Ah, Ah, Ah! (aims directly at Goku's forehead) No lying!"

  • Mr. Popo. "Hiiii..."
    • Krillin (and Kaiser Neko) would shit a brick after this: "That was terrifying..."
      • Let's be honest, Popo has become Nightmare Fuel incarnate. So far, he can appear in your dreams, has some of the strongest people in the universe mortally afraid of him, essentially has the guardian of Earth afraid to question him, inanimate objects are terrified of him, he may be the Cloverfield monster, he can also appear on your computer in real life and, get this: he can assimilate other beings to become like him. The latter makes you wonder how many Popos there are. He is also potentially the strongest being in the Universe.
      • Funimation acknowledges this in Dragon Ball Kai when Goku flat out says Mr. Popo is scary when he's angry.
      • Team Four Star's 18+ panel gives just one more bit of nightmares: He can break the fourth wall. With tentacle rape.
  • Vegeta has completely lost it after Gohan stole his Dragon Balls.
    • It's his eyes... and after Krillin lies and says they don't have it... they get worse... then they get better, but still...
    • It's lucky that Vegeta's power level was around 30,000 at this point. If this happened when he were stronger, say after Dende healed him, he might've gone Super Saiyan.
  • That misfit minion who raped Rudolph, yeah? Listen really carefully to the background sound after he says that... Sweet Dreams.
  • 4 words: "I AM CHAMPION CHRISTMAS!!!"
  • Way back in Episode 20, when Recoome kicks Gohan in the neck, the Sickening Crunch was way too real-sounding and if Gohan didn't get that senzu bean, he probably would've died. Try explaining that to Chi-Chi.
  • Gohan... don't piss him off.
    • Gohan excitedly asking if Krillin used his Kienzan to bisect Freeza when he blinded him. While it makes perfect sense, there's something really creepy about a five year old asking his friend if he gorily murdered someone.
  • Dende's death. He's a Creepy Child already, but this scene takes the cake.

Dende: "I'm your White Mage, and nobody f**ks with the White Mage!"
(cue Frieza reducing Dende to a smoldering corpse with a Bang Beam)

  • After the theme song, Episode 27 is deadly serious up until Vegeta's first line. 20 seconds may not sound like much, but considering what series this is, that third of a minute of menace stretches on a long time.

Freeza: "It's been so long since I've since I've had to use this form. It feels like an old suit I never have an occasion to use. Unfortunately, whenever I put it on... (glances at Dende's smoldering corpse, complete with a sizzling sound effect which is definitely not comedic) someone dies."
Gohan: "Dende... no..."
Freeza: "Oh, don't cry for the poor thing. I've saved him the fate of seeing what I'm about to do to you."

  • After Freeza gives Vegeta a brutal beatdown, we get this:

Freeza: "It seems our game is over, Vegeta. Now that we're done here, it's time to send you crying home to mommy."
Vegeta: "My mother's dead."
Freeza: "I know."

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