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For an Abridged Series, Dragon Ball Abridged still has its share of pretty awesome moments, as well as funny ones, as well at their Lets Plays.

  • Christmas special. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ROCK THE DRAGON, DRAGON BALL Z!
  • Episode Ten. Goku Vs. Vegeta. Oh, yeah. TFS made it look more awesome than the real fight. While making funnier, too.
  • From Episode 9, we have Goku beating the crap out of Nappa in under half a minute!
  • Episode 18, we have Krillin letting loose some pent-up aggression against Bulma. Of course, Bulma punches him for it, but still
  • Gohan finally tells Chichi off in episode 11. The word fuck coming out of a kid's mouth has never been so awesome.
    • You forgot Gohan telling Nappa he was going to skullfuck him?
  • The sheer audacity Vegeta had to stay in Freeza's ship, search for the Dragon Balls and throw them away before leaving.
    • And than he left a note

 Freeza: It just says "dear Freeza," and there's a picture of a butt.

    • Followed by Gohan having the same audacity to steal a Dragon Ball from Vegeta right as he stole one from Krillin and Bulma. The realization of this leads to the below.
  • The scream from Episode 18, so powerful it went through time and space.

 Gohan: Hey Krillin, you hear that?

Krillin: I feel that.

  • Vegeta effortlessly dispatching Zarbon in episode 17 after all the grief he put him through.

 Zarbon: "You've made a huge mistake Vegeta! Now Prepare to Die!"

  • splat*

Vegeta: "What was that? I couldn't hear you over that hole I made in your stomach."

  Goku (without a hint of irony): "Now where are the fighters?"

  • The Touch. Applied to Bardock.
  • Make a Man Out of You. Showcases some great singing skills, as well as some funny moments.
  • A more low key example: Krillin getting Bulma, after all her frustration and anger at getting left behind on Namek, to calm down and give them to Dragon Radar simply by calmly talking to her.

 Bulma: [enraged] WHY!? Why would you leave me alone here!? I don't know this place! Did you know there are giant crabs down there!? I do! I killed one!

Krillin: Okay, Bulma, let's just calm down. Why are you upset?

Bulma: Why? Because I am always alone.

Krillin: Okay, Bulma. If we were to stay here, what would that accomplish?

Bulma: ....just take the f{{[[[Sound Effect Bleep]] bleep}}]ing radar.

  • Vegeta Vs Jeice was even better then the actual version in the show. Not only is Vegeta more badass, but he's darkly funny as well.

 Jeice: What the hell happened to you? You were not this strong when you fought Recoome.

Vegeta: Looks like you have some required reading to do. (Holding his Saiyan Handbook, which cuts to scene of Jeice reading it)

Jeice: Okay. Warrior race, full moon, lose your tail, stronger every time you almost--Oh, well I'm right proper f***ed aren't I?

Vegeta: Right in the down under. (Teleport boot to the face, chop to the ribs, and Jeice opens his eyes just in time to see Vegeta about to blast him point blank.)

Jeice: Clever girl... (KABOOM)

  • Freeza's genuinely chilling entrance at the end of Episode 24:

 Vegeta: Don't you understand!? If it didn't grant my wish, then I'm not immortal, and Freeza's going to... g-going to... (All freeze, making sounds of abject terror).

Freeza: Oh no, don't mind me. By all means; give me some ideas.

    • This troper had to channel the power of god to stop himself from ruining his underwear at the delivery of that line.
      • Also doubles as a CMOA for Little Kuriboh, too, as he demonstrated just how good his voice acting chops have become with that excellent delivery. He could DEFINITELY do some professional work in the future...
    • Earlier in the episode, there's his Badass Boast to Nail.

 Freeza: "Tell me, have you ever heard of Planet Vegeta?

Nail: "N-No?"

Freeza: "Funny, because I expect to hear the same from the next person when I ask them about Namek."

  • Nail laughing right in Freeza's face after he just got curbstomped by him. It takes serious hutzpah to do that.
  • This Call Back is an awesome moment for Gohan in my opinion:


Gohan: What am I doin'?


Gohan: Nothing much.


Gohan: Thwartin' your plans?

Vegeta: ARE YOU?!

Gohan: ...Yes.

  • YMMV on this but Super Kami Guru's crowning moment of jerkassry through forcing himself to die when Vegeta is about to make his immortality wish, thus disabling the Dragon Balls, is awesome in a weird way especially when you consider he is literally sacrificing himself in order to be the biggest dick in the universe, and (unknowingly) preventing Vegeta from gaining immortality.
  • Episode 25 contains a CMOA for Vegeta, Gohan, and even resident Butt Monkey Krillin.
    • Vegeta holds his own against Freeza's first form and forces him to transform.
      • And even gets a Badass Boast out of it. "Go ahead and mock me, Freeza. But I'm not afraid of you. So why don't you doll yourself and get ready for a night on the town, because I'm about to take you to a ballroom blitz!"
    • Gohan gets pissed all to hell and lays an epic smackdown on Freeza after Freeza impales Krillin.

  "Gohan SMASH effeminate alien! GOHAN STRONGEST THERE IS!"

    • And Krillin has himself a Big Damn Heroes moment when Freeza's about to crush Gohan, throwing a Destructo Disk that slices off Freeza's tail.
      • That part was more awesome than in the actual series! (This seems to be a trend throughout the entire series)

 Krillin: Kiss my ass bitch, I'm immortal! Even though he isn't.

Krillin: *flying off* "SUCK MY DIIIIIIICK!!!"

 Freeza:"How many Namekians does it ta-" *PUNCH*

Piccolo:"Just one."

  • Another from 25, a Call Back to episode 18, this time demonstrating just how powerful Freeza is.

 Gohan: Krillin, do you feel that!?

Krillin: I taste that!

  Freeza:"One down. Ahh, I think impaling someone is my favorite way to kill a person."

    • Which is itself another one. This series can have the villain earnestly say that and still be a legitimate comedy.
  • The Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged episode gets a great one. See, throughout their entire run, they've either mocked or avoided the "Over Nine Thousand" meme; so it's pretty fulfilling to finally hear Lanipator yell that line out in his best Chris Sabat impersonation.
  • Gohan Calling the Old Man Out upon seeing it's Captain Ginyu in Goku's body.
  • While ultimately useless, there's something awesome about seeing Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan firing at Freeza with all they got, complete with a Badass order from Vegeta.

 Vegeta: "Dust this bitch!"

  • In the Lord Slug special:

 Goku: NOBODY...RAPES CHRISTMAS! (proceeds to destroy Slug's men) And that's how I saved Christmas...again!

    • It also makes this funny, as Goku, being the moron that he is, thinks it's Christmas.
    • Also from the Lord Slug special, Piccolo's Big Damn Heroes moment, set to the tune of "Glass Shatters", the entrance music of Stone Cold Steve Austin. With the glass shattering being provided by Piccolo throwing a Mook into a light.
  • Piccolo channeling equal parts Bugs Bunny and his father and curbstomping one of the cliche minion characters while cracking jokes.
  • Dende takes out his aggression towards no one using his proper name (and Vegeta's casual slaughter of his people). On a mortally wounded Vegeta asking him for a heal.

 "Oh no... do not be that guy right now..."

"Oh, I'm going to be that guy right now."

    • "Nobody f*cks with the white mage." Nobody but Freeza, anyway.
  • Gohan pulls off another Badass Bookworm boast in episode 26:

  "Hey Freeza! The human body is composed of 70% water. I am 100% death! HAVE SOME!"

Episode 27

  But before we part ways, Vegeta, let me tell you a tale. *whacks Vegeta with his tail* The end.

    • I thought this part was incredible:

 Freeza: *While hitting Vegeta in the back repeatedly.* Stop hitting yourself. *WHACK!* Stop hitting yourself. *WHACK!* Stop hitting yourself. *Lets go of Vegeta, letting him fall to the ground*

Vegeta: Aahh! ... Aahah, you're the one hitting me... !

Freeza: Au contraire, Vegeta. You brought this upon yourself.

  • Earlier in the series, Freeza mentions keeping track of how many times he hears various Badass Boasts, since the Namekians are unable to come up with one he hasn't heard at least twelve times. When Goku arrives to stare down Freeza, he immediately delivers one Freeza's never heard before.
  • This little exchange is a CMOA for both Vegeta and Freeza:

 Freeza: "It seems our game is over, Vegeta. Now that we're done here, it's time to send you crying home to mommy."

Vegeta: "My mother's dead."

Freeza: "I know."

    • It's a Crowning Moment for both VAs, that's for sure.
  • Vegeta swallows his pride and delivers a Badass Boast for Goku while fighting to stay concious.

 Vegeta: "You see, Freeza? You aren't dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore."

Freeza: "Ooooh myyyy GOOOOOD..."

Vegeta: "He has risen above, and become a legend! The legend that you fear! He has become...A SUPER SAI--YAUGH!"

Goku: "(Gasp) Vegeta!"

Freeza: "No, seriously, you have no idea how old that got."

Episode 28

  • Freeza and Goku's banter for all of episode 28. It's equal parts hilarious and amazing that Goku is driving Freeza up a wall without even trying.
  • An Episode 28 comment really summarizes what makes DBZ Abridged so great:

 Nevikx666: What separates the TFS DBZ Abridged series from most abridged shows is that they can be both hilarious and still retain the likeness of show they're parodizing without bastardization of plot, characters or any part of the show holistically. Cracking up hilarious jokes amidst the momentum of the action -- this is what most shows lack.

  • Also from episode 28, Goku firing off his Kamehameha at Freeza, another very well-done moment from Goku's voice actor.

Freeza(after tanking said Kaio-Ken powered Kamehameha): "No seriously, Kaio What?"

Goku: "Kaio-Crap."

Freaza: "I thought so."
—blasts Goku-
    • The lead-up to that gag is, even though it didn't work, really made of win in itself:

 Freeza: Any last words monkey? I mean besides "gurgle gurgle."

Goku: (Breaking free of Freeza's grip) Yeah! KAIOKEN!

Freeza: Kaio-wha-?


  • The fight ITSELF between Goku and Freeza, being so awesome and intense like the original show (with much less filler to drive the point). If you're not laughing at the banter, you're enjoying the clash between titans.

Episode 29

  • King Kai, of all people, beats (almost) all of the Ginyu Force single-handedly (offscreen).

  King Kai: (after being insulted by all of them) Yeah, all of you can just go straight to hell.

Recoome: Oh yeah? And who's gonna make Recoome?

( King Kai is giving a wry smile then it cuts to Hell's Bloody Pond with the Blue Ogre Goz singing and lodging on a chair, and then all the Ginyu's crash land into the pond)

  • Freeza calling for God himself to strike him down, then surviving the result.

 Freeza: Ha! Nice try, jackass. Next time, give it your A-game.

 Freeza: By the way... Not dead. KTHXDIE.

  • Piccolo getting a taunt in before stalling Frieza to buy time for Goku. He was going to get wailed on either way, so why not make the most of it.

 Freeza: And I just keep getting reminded of my failures!!

Piccolo: You mean your failure at killing me or just in general?

  • Goku's Ironic Echo to Piccolo when asking him to buy time so he can charge the spirit bomb.

 Goku: I've got the Spirit Bomb, but I need both arms to charge it. You'll have to distract him while I gather energy--

Piccolo: Well that's not so bad...

Goku: --for five minutes. And considering how bad he was kicking my, I'm sure you can handle it.

Piccolo: just hold a grudge?

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