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That's gotta hurt...

For Nightmare Fuel in the Abridged Series, go here.


Frieza: *After blasting a (at most) ten-year-old child into a smoldering corpse* "I promised, didn't I? To show you a terror greater than Hell? But that Namekian child there won't get to experience this. It's a shame, isn't it? I'll just have to let you guys take his share."

    • Another example is when he impales Krillin on his horn, and bucks him up and down as blood spatters around.

Frieza: "Stay with it! Yee-haw! That's it, buck-a-roo! Ride 'em, cowboy!"

    • To add to it, as has been mentioned he was not created to be evil like Cell and Buu. He commits genocide regularly because it is simply cheaper than buying the planet before he sells it off to someone else. It's all a real-estate scam!
    • In the Funimation dub, after he blows Krillin to smithereens, Frieza cracks a joke which should be "so bad, it's funny", but instead goes right past that and makes him seem as evil as possible.
      • It's even worse in the original Japanese version. Instead of cracking a sick joke about Krillin's death, he just flat-out threatens to kill Gohan next.
      • Watch the uncensored version, and you'll see Krillin's chest expand right before he explodes. OH MY GOD...
    • And of course, there's the sheer power Frieza wields. The Saiyans and the Ginyu Force were all intimidatingly strong, but Frieza is this close to being a horribly evil Physical God. When Goku shows up to fight Nappa or the Ginyu Force, we know everything will be okay, but after he shows up to fight Frieza, and seems to be winning for a while, Frieza states that if he uses half of his full power, he can finish Goku off. Okay, this is all trash talk we've heard before, but then Goku realizes, with a look of genuine fear, that Frieza isn't bluffing. The alien tyrant then gives him a savage No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, stopping only to say:
    • Goku tries to turn things around with the Kaioken x20, greater than anything we've seen before... and it doesn't even slow Frieza down. It only managed to slightly singe his hands at best. That's the moment where the viewer realizes just how bad things are for the heroes.
      • There's also the fact that Frieza's forms were specifically designed to look like monsters from the author's own childhood nightmares.
      • Frieza's final form is pretty freaky when he first transforms into it, mostly because of how his chalk-white skin combined with it being his most humanoid form makes him look ghostly. Of course, it doesn't hurt that his first order of business is to kill Dende with an Explosive Death Beam.
      • The scene when Frieza appears shortly after the Dragon Balls become useless was already scary when you see his utterly furious expression. However, Dragon Ball Abridged made this scene even scarier when the camera zooms in on him smiling menacingly. The dialogue (which is quite possibly the best line in the Abridged series) tops it all off.

Vegeta: "I'm not immortal! And Frieza is going to... to..."
Frieza: "Oh, don't mind me. By all means, give me some ideas!"

        • The original lines were very chilling on their own:

Frieza: "It'll be quick. You needn't worry... death is my specialty."

    • Frieza floating in space with a chunk of his face, an arm, and the entire lower-half of his body missing is pretty disturbing. Surprisingly, the Nicktoons broadcast of Dragon Ball Kai only edits this for blood, and nothing else.
      • His actions, by themselves, are very disturbing. His attitude, however? When he's not angry at you, he's rather polite.
      • After being ineffectually beaten up by Gohan, he gets up, very effectively beats up Gohan, and then begins to slowly crush his skull. Judging by Gohan's screams of agony, it's excruciatingly painful, and Frieza is LAUGHING. Did I mention that Gohan is five?
  • Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation in the original Japanese version. The English dubs have scored the scene to make it look like something dramatic and awesome is about to happen, but in the original version (and the Dragon Ball Kai re-edit), the music gives off the impression that whatever the hell Goku just turned into is clearly not something good, as even Frieza is left completely speechless. Imagine what the kids who first saw this scene must've been thinking, seeing their hero Goku go through that...
    • Shunsuke Kikuchi's chilling musical score, "The Monster Freeza vs. The Super Saiyan of Legend", is more befitting of a horror movie than a martial arts anime, perfectly encapsulating the sheer terror of witnessing a god-like being unleashing its wrath upon the universe.
    • Also of note is that the color gold can symbolize perfection. While this means that Goku has achieved an ultimate form, it also signifies that he's become the perfect Saiyan warrior.
    • The English Kai dub also does a damn good job at just how terrifying Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan is, though that can mostly be attributed to the outstanding voice work by Sean Schemmel. Goku actually sounds like he's about to lose his goddamn mind, and it seems as if he's trying (and clearly failing) to hold back the power he's about to unleash. The track used for this scene, "A Moment For Shuddering", also shows that as well. While it's certainly dramatic, it's not necessarily meant to convey how awesome the transformation is; rather, it gives the impression that Goku's rage is finally about to erupt. This all culminates in a truly terrifying scream as Goku finally becomes a Super Saiyan, as well as Frieza sounding completely and utterly horrified. In fact, the only words he could say at the time were "You ruthless, heartless BASTARD! I will make you SUFFER!"
    • After becoming a Super Saiyan in Kai, Goku tells Gohan to take the unconscious Piccolo, find Bulma and get off Namek as soon as possible. When a clearly-terrified Gohan hesitates, he then shouts "DO AS I TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, BEFORE I LOSE WHAT LITTLE SENSE OF REASON I HAVE LEFT!" at him. It's at this moment that you're probably realizing that Goku can't even trust himself not to harm his own son anymore...
  • Cell, Dr. Gero's greatest creation. He wants to eat you and all your friends. Slowly. Through a large, natural syringe. Even if you're strong enough to rip that natural syringe clean off to try to control the damage, it'll just grow back. There's no way to stop him - machine guns, tanks and entire armies only serve to annoy him... or amuse him. And after he eats you, he wants to destroy all traces of everything you know and love, but only after sending all the survivors into absolute soul-crushing despair. The icing on the cake is that one of the world's most brilliant scientific minds saw fit to create this thing.
    • Though to be fair, it's very likely Dr. Gero simply had no idea what kind of a personality his creation would develop. Had he known that the ultimate being would inherit the personality of the most sadistic warlord of the universe, combined with the ambitions and love for combat of an entire warrior race, things may have turned out differently.
    • Cell's battle aura in his Imperfect Form is made of the souls of the people he absorbed - and they're all screaming in terror.
    • If you think the way he absorbs normal people is bad, wait till you see how he absorbs Androids 17 and 18. His stinger opens up into a funnel and he sucks them in whole like a snake. Watch as the bulge in his tail that was once Android 17 gets smaller and smaller as he advances towards Cell's torso until completely disappearing... You have the pleasure of watching from Android 17's PoV as Cell's tail slowly opens and descends. You actually see the throat of his tail. On top of that, what Cell says as he does this:

 Cell: "All that you fail to understand will now be made clear to you. Hahahahaha! Welcome home!"

    • Cell's absorption of Android 18 is even worse. 17's reaction to the final attack was a look of shock and then a bit of swearing, and Cell swallowed him pretty quickly. With 18, there's something perversely sexual about it. It takes a long time to swallow her, and it's not a smooth process either; there's lots of creepy sucking motions, accompanied by 18's frightened cries, not to mention that when the tail first sweeps down over her, she screams.
      • Something similar happens when Cell confronts 16, 17 and 18. Cell looks at 18 in a way that seems almost covetous and says one of the creepiest lines ever:

Imperfect Cell: "Ahhh! You too, my little peach! I'm going to gobble you up!"

    • Another thing that's really disturbing is how after Cell absorbs Android 17, he imitates his voice in order to try to convince Android 18 to be willingly absorbed. The worst thing is that, for a split second, she seriously looks like she's considering doing that, until Cell makes the mistake of using 17's voice to call Dr. Gero "great" (or refer to him as "Dr. Gero-sama", depending on which version of the show you watch).
    • Cell's overall design is creepy, especially compared to Frieza and Buu because of how different it is to the rest of the cast. He's a lizard/insect hybrid with Hellish Pupils and is generally menacing. And when he absorbed 17, Nightmare Retardant aside, it's surreal seeing a monster like that getting an expressive, human-like face. Thankfully, the effect disappears when he reaches perfection.
      • When Cell absorbs Piccolo's arm. Fortunately, Piccolo can simply rip off that husk that was once his arm and grow a new one, but imagine if Cell did that to someone who didn't have regenerative powers...
      • The absolute worst part is that, when Goku steps down and states that someone else is going to fight Cell, (in the Kai Dub on Nicktoons) Vegeta looks on in horror and shock and says that "none of us have the slightest chance of beating him!". Cell is so powerful, that even cocky badass Vegeta is afraid. Holy shit.
        • Keep in mind that this is the second time Vegeta has acknowledged that an opponent was capable of beating him, the first being Broly. He NEVER does that, to the point that in all previous fights, he has either won or been incapacitated in some manner.
  • When Son Gohan achieves the Messianic powers of a Super Saiyan 2, he turns from a sensitive and kind-hearted little boy into a sadistic, psychopathic murderer that took pleasure in making Cell suffer for as long as possible rather than killing him right away. Watching the once kind-hearted boy coldly sneer "I'm not going to kill him now, Dad. He deserves to suffer for what he's done!" sent shivers down my spine.
    • Keep in mind that this is the same Cell that is literally fuelled on the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. Laughed with glee as he absorbed the two teenagers his creator turned into cyborgs as they screamed for their lives. He also stated that he loves seeing the twisted faces of terror on people, and said to Goku that if it wasn't for the tournament he created, he'd wipe out the earth in one shot without batting an eye. And Gohan managed to absolutely terrify this thing. Cell even called him a "monster". When Goku called out to Gohan that he should end the fight since Cell, while cornered could become more unpredictable than before, Gohan's response was to glare at him and give the most sadistic smirk ever shown, before giving the line that he'd like to carry on what was effectively torture of a literal Complete Monster. That kid was clearly Not Himself.
      • The part of the battle most people remember is this one, but one has to watch the entire fight to really get the full impression. The contrast between Gohan before and after he ascends to Super Saiyan 2 is startlingly dramatic.
      • Speaking of Cell, the edited version somehow makes him vomiting up 18 after Gohan punches him in the stomach even worse. In the original Japanese version and uncut dub, Cell pukes her out on-screen while she's covered in saliva. In the edited version, however, he's seen putting his hand over his mouth... only for the camera to cut away to Gohan giving a Psychotic Smirk as nasty sounds (as well as what is unmistakably Cell shrieking in absolute agony) are heard, giving off the impression that Cell ended up ripping apart most of his torso up to his jaw just to expel 18 from his body.
    • Gohan is right about Cell deserving it, though, considering that Cell DRANK 600,000 innocent people and intended to kill everyone on Earth just to see the terror on their faces before they died...
  • Super Buu. While Fat Buu was more like an innocent child that didn't know how not to break stuff and Kid Buu was an evil child that liked breaking stuff (like planets, for instance), Super Buu was probably the most deranged. He has this trademark pose where he's standing straight up, but his long neck is tilted to one side and he's got a Cheshire Cat Grin about two sizes too big for his face.
  • Kid Buu was frightening as well. Yeah, he looks smaller, and maybe not as intimidating, but his first act in this form is to attempt to blow up the Earth, seemingly out of pure spite. When that is blocked, he prepares a blast ten times larger that they can't block. Goku begs him to not go through with it, that "There'll be nothing! Nothing left at all!" Buu's response is a child-like giggle and one of the most seriously evil smiles of all time - and then he destroys the planet. That's when it was clear: this Buu had nothing resembling reason, unlike his previous forms. He had no ambitions to prove himself or to be the strongest, no need for anything to entertain him. He was simply going to kill, and kill, and kill until nothing was left. For no reason.
  • Even Fat Buu gets one. After deciding he's gonna eat Dabura, he starts dancing towards him in an innocent, yet menacing fashion while chanting "Me eat you up! Me eat you up! Me eat you up!". Dabura tries to put up resistance, pummeling him, blasting him, spitting petrifying saliva at him, but no matter what he does, Buu continues to dance towards him until the Demon King is finally turned into a cookie and consumed.
  • This creepy, pedophile-like look that Vegeta gave to Gohan back at Namek.
  • A milder example is seen in this gameplay video of Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, in which Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta's arrival catches the player off-guard. However, this is made Nightmare Retardant by the crapload of Narm present in the game, as you can tell from its voice acting.
  • So you're watching the last few moments of Goku's fight with Piccolo, all is right, Goku gives a thumbs up to all his friends as they shout the countdown. Right when they get to nine, Piccolo gets up and fires a mouth beam straight into Goku's right shoulder. And this isn't Z where a beam to the face results in some external wounds, maybe your clothes would tear or something like that. No. This is Dragon Ball, and Goku now has a hole he can stick his hand into under his shoulder. After writhing in pain for a while, Piccolo gets up and begins stomping on the wound over and over as Goku grabs the ground in pain. All the while, Piccolo is grinning ear-to-ear, and even laughing. Tien Shinhan, Yamcha and Krillin try to help, but Piccolo stops them before they can enter the ring. Goku, the badass, still manages to get up and get in an attack, before a swift kick from Piccolo reminds him he has a giant hole in his body. Piccolo then elbows Goku, right in the wound, followed by more blood-curdling screams. And just to add insult to injury, Piccolo then breaks Goku's leg.
    • You're thinking of the Saban/Ocean Dub and the TV versions. When Z is uncut, you get stuff like Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon leaving huge, bloody holes where Goku and Raditz's stomachs used to be, and that one point where Dr. Gero shoved his hand through Yamcha's gut. Thorough and utter terror, especially on the latter.
  • Babidi is a sadistic little creep who can't fight on his own, but can take even the faintest traces of darkness in someone's soul and forcefully corrupt them into psychopathic slaves. Plus, his whole method for reviving Majin Buu revolved around inflicting pain. On top of that, he'll gleefully show you, via telepathy, the death and chaos Buu causes, just to show you how little hope you have.
  • Staff Officer Black's final, fatal meltdown near the end of Dragon Ball: The Path To Power.
  • Broly's screams when going Legendary Super Saiyan. He sounds like a baby crying interspersed with maniacal laughter.
    • That's not even close to the scariest part of him. Frieza, Cooler, Cell, Bojack, Buu... every villain in that series, when being fought, has taken hits and bled. They always... ALWAYS get a beating here and there. Broly doesn't get hurt... in fact, he only took one hit that affected him in any way, and that was at the end of each movie. He can take everything that you can throw at him and not notice. On top of that, he's insane. You can't bargain with him or surrender. You can't scare him, you can't team up on him and all he wants to do is kill you... as slowly and painfully as he can. And unlike the other villains, he's not doing it because you're in his way or for profit... it's because he loves it. He'll hunt you down and go after your children if he has to...
    • At the last part of the transformation, if you watch closely, it looks like Broly's power tore his skin open before resetting into the finished product.
  • The Z-Fighters' battle with Recoome is pretty disturbing.
    • Vegeta gets utterly tortured by an enemy he can't do anything against, but unlike the second fight with Zarbon, he's conscious for the entire fight.
    • Krillin has all his bones broken with one kick and starts lamenting how utterly he and Gohan failed and that they're going to die pointlessly on a distant planet.
    • And Gohan, with tears in his eyes, shouts that he's going to fight until he dies... and subsequently gets his neck broken with one kick.
      • All of these make Goku's "fight" with Recoome all the more satisfying.
    • The fight against Nappa goes much the same way. Tien gets his arm punched clean off, Chiaotzu suicide-bombs Nappa in attempt to save the others - which does nothing to Nappa, Nappa proceeds to beat Tien to death and goes on to kill the others, blasting Piccolo with a Bomber DX when he tries to save Gohan... Goku's beatdown couldn't have come soon enough.
  • When Cell comes across Piccolo and a random man in the street, who begs Piccolo to take his money. Cell stabs him with his tail, and it starts... moving, like it's drinking, and the man is petrified. The man's entire body STARTS TO MELT; his face eventually caves in, and his body is sucked up until there is nothing left but his clothes.
  • Future Gohan's death. Also overlaps with Tear Jerker.
  • Early in the Buu Saga, we see the "fight" between Videl and Spopovich. Long story short, this entire episode, if you remove the fantasy elements, consists of a wrestler pounding a young girl to death in a tournament - and absolutely no one is coming to help her!. There's a shot of Spopovich stepping on her head, and all Videl can do is cry out in pain! She's lucky Gohan defied his father and flew in to save her, which, really, brings up a whole 'nother issue! Goku, the hero of the entire damned series, apparently didn't see anything wrong with this!
    • Goku actually did see something wrong with Spopovich, and went on his way to mutter "I don't like him" and "There's something wrong with that guy" more than once. Still, he didn't actually intervene, but it was more of a matter of time: if Gohan didn't do it first, then Goku would've.
  • Van Zant, the bandit who shot Buu's pet dog and later Mr. Satan. In his first scene, he kills an elderly couple and brags about how awesome it feels to kill someone. We then see him shooting people at random in a nearby town. It all leads up to Van Zant shooting Buu's pet dog and Mr. Satan, and this ends up triggering the release of Buu's evil half. What's worse is that he uses Buu's then-ongoing killing spree as an excuse, reasoning that everyone will be killed eventually, and even going so far as to pretend that Buu killed his victims. And just why he does all of this? He's reckoned that, with Buu flying around basically laying waste to the planet, he's probably going to die soon, and he decided it'd be fun to try to take as many people with him as possible. That's his entire motivation. The most terrifying thing about him is that he is a completely normal human being with no superpowers. Put emphasis on completely, since he is just a simple human with no superpowers or martial arts training. All other human villains were leaders of evil organizations (Commander Red), or were mercenaries and later cyborgs (Mercenary Tao), but he is just an average human. All other Complete Monsters in the series are intergalactic warlords, androids or other supernatural creatures and use ki blasts and other superpowers for evil. Van Zant uses normal guns to accomplish bad things. It is terrifying to see that a regular human being can be just as bad as intergalactic alien warlords or people-drinking androids.
  • Word of God has stated that Turles is essentially what Goku would've become if he'd never got amnesia from hitting his head on a rock as a child.
  • Lord Slug transforming into a Great Namekian. He's even bigger than Piccolo when he transformed into one during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai!
  • Goku's 'False Super Saiyan' transformation. It only shows up for a brief moment during his fight against Lord Slug, but it's scary to see the normally easy-going Goku suddenly turn into a Kaioken-esque Screaming Warrior on a rage-fueled rampage.
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