Halloween is Grinch Night

Mr. Brown Can Moo! is about comedian Michael Winslow.

Like Winslow, Mr. Brown is described as an expert is imitating all sort of noises, from the moo of a cow to the sizzle of bacon. In a subtler detail, while the illustrations seem to portray Mr. Brown as Caucasian, his name can also refer to the skin color of African-American Winslow.

The Cat in the Hat is one of The Fair Folk.

He is mischievous and chaotic, with an apparently limitless supply of wonders for his young friends to "enjoy". He appears as a six-foot-tall cat in top hat and necktie because he chooses to; he could look like anything he wants (and perhaps Thing 1 and Thing 2 are closer to his native shape). However, he has no concept of the boundaries of socially-accepted human behavior, because with a relative snap of his fingers, everything can be put back to normal. The children are nearly-powerless to control him, due to his near-omnnipotence, and it is only good luck that he appears to be at least nominally on their side and willing to put things right.

The Cat in the Hat is a member of the Q Continuum.

As above.

The Grinch is Jewish.

Why else would he hate Christmas?

  • He could be a radical Muslim too. Or an angry Jehovah's Witness.
    • Or an atheist who is sick and tired of all of the hoopla.
      • Or a Christian who is sick and tired of all the hoopla.

The Grinch is thoroughly sick of the fact that Christmas shopping season starts earlier and earlier every single goddamn year.

  • So he decided to deprive the commercialistic Whos of their holiday frippery to teach them a lesson. It worked.

Horton Hears a Who is Actually about U.S. Occupation of Japan Post-WWII.

Think about it. An ELEPHANT (symbol of the Republican party, which was in power at the time) has to protect a tiny group of people(Japan) from harm. He is mainly tormented by Vlad Vladikoff (Russia), the Wickersham Brothers(Britain?) and the Sour Kangaroo(Austrailia, America's allies during the war, who wanted stiff punishments for Japan.

The Grinch is only a few microns high.

After all, the other characters in his story are all Who's, who live on a speck of dust, as we know from "Horton Hears a Who." Therefore, the Grinch is another inhabitant of the dust speck.

If we all work together and improve the environment, then maybe the Lorax will come back.

Feel motivated yet?

Hey, we did clean up Lake Erie. That's a start.

The Cat in the Hat is a god, an angel, or a trickster deity

Oh come on! It is quite obvious!He can take out all those weird items from his hat, and does things normal cats wouldn't be able to perform.

The kids, trouble makes by nature, really messed up one day. On the Cat & The Hat

The messed up and got into mom's meds. That resulted in them imagining all of the events of that day. Except the mess, that was real. It never got cleaned up and they were shipped off to Military School.

The kids' mother hired the Cat in the Hat to babysit them.

She wanted to be free to go do something, without having to worry about them getting into trouble. Therefore, she hired the Cat to make a mess of things and then clean it up at the last minute, knowing that that would keep the kids busy and out of worse trouble, and probably scare them out of messing around the next few times she went out.

This also explains The Cat in the Hat Came Back. By the next winter, however much later that was, the two kids had decided the Cat was just a bizarre, once-in-a-lifetime thing. So the mom puts them to work, shoveling snow, and has the Cat come back, to make it clear it could happen again, at any time, and make them too paranoid to do anything they shouldn't.

Yertle the Turtle is an alternate form of Hitler, and the turtles he stands on are the countries Hitler conquered.

Yertle is King of the Turtles and has more turtles stack up one by one, showing the conquest of Europe. At the end, Yertle becomes "King of the Mud," showing the downfall of Nazi Germany.

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