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  • Penny's death. Even though we all knew it was coming, because as we all know, Joss Whedon Hates Happiness, that doesn't make it any less awful.
    • I found it all the worse because she did not see it coming. Maybe Joss Whedon's name in the credits was a bit of a hint but, honestly, you don't expect something with a title like that and a screamingly funny first and second act to have such a collosal Downer Ending.
    • To add to this, Penny's final words "Captain Hammer will save us" and just the look on Dr Horrible's face makes this troper well up every time.
  • [singing] "And I won't feel ... a thing."
    • What make that last moment a true Tearjerker is Neil Patrick Harris' acting. In that one moment, he moves from singing triumphantly, to a dull near-muttering of the final two words, alone. In his lab, no costume, no act, simply staring at the camera. It really shows that despite his 'victory', he truly feels that he's lost everything. Just... wow.
    • And a bit before that, during his triumphant "evil" last stanza, you can hear the soft "everything you ever" still making its way through...
  • The credits. No, really. About 5-10 seconds of dead silence during which to process that heart-wrencher ending, followed by a hauntingly gorgeous rendition of the theme music on violin. If you can watch all the way through to the Mutant Enemy logo and remain dry eyed, you're made of harder stuff than I.
  • How about that newspaper headline: "Community mourns what's-her-name." The only reason anyone notices Penny's death is because she was Captain Hammer's girlfriend. Nobody cares about her work for the homeless, or her sweet personality - maybe nobody even knows what she does. The only one who knows is Billy/Dr. Horrible, and...and...gimme that tissue.
  • When it ended, I literally just sat in my chair and stared blankly at the screen. Then I desperately tried to look for another scene, because clearly, nothing that funny and lighthearted would end on such a depressing note. There was no other scene.
  • Billy staring into the camera for several seconds at the start of Act 2. He's been having trouble just attempting to TALK to Penny, and all Hammer had to do was look at her (after he threw her in the garbage and just looked to stop the van that was barrelling toward her) in order to get her to invite him out. This is one that just about anyone who Cannot Spit It Out will relate to, it's just the later Tear Jerkers drown it out.
  • The finale is just one huge Tear Jerker, but one of the most powerful moments is when the slow, mournful "Everything You Ever" melody gives way to a brief reprise of "Brand New Day," as we see Dr. Horrible making his way to the ELE. That one musical cue just emphasizes how far Billy's fallen and makes it even sadder to see.
  • I didn't realize until a friend told me to pay more attention to Penny during the end of Slipping, after Dr Horrible sings "head up Billy buddy," and Penny stands up she murmurs the words "Billy buddy". Her expression of disbelief while she said it, combined with the fact I already knew where this was going made me choke up.
    • Other troper here lipread that as "Billy? Oh, no..." Either way, however, the effect is the same.
  • Penny sitting in the laundromat waiting for Billy, with two frozen yogurts in front of her. Meanwhile, Dr. Horrible is busy working on his death ray to murder Captain Hammer and win Penny's love.
    • Which sums up the ironic tragedy of the entire story. If Billy had just been himself and been patient Penny would have eventually realized Captain Hammer was a jerk and left him on her own, and possibly would have come to like Billy as more than just a friend. But because he has no faith in himself (or her) he throws himself into his secret identity, believing it's the only way he can win...and ends up destroying everything he wants in his attempt to achieve it.
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