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  • "Like with pie."
  • Dr Horrible managing to give a credible look of bemusement at Captain Hammer's "gently wafting curtains" line - whilst being strangled.
  • Dr Horrible bemoaning the fact that Operation Heist didn't go as planned at the end of "A Man's Gotta Do": BALLS! Cut To Black.
  • "Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?"
    • "What heist were you watching?"
  • "The Evil League of Evil is watching so beware/The grade that you receive will be the last we swear!/So make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he'll make you his mare/You're saddled up/There's no recourse/ Hi-ho Silver!/Signed, Bad Horse."
  • How can you mention Dr. Horrible here without this?

 Captain Hammer: She's giving it up. She's giving it up hard. Because she's with Captain Hammer. And these... (holds up his fists) ...are not the hammer.

(He leaves the frame for a moment while Billy stares after him.)

Captain Hammer: (returns to the frame) The hammer is my penis.

  • Billy gets one just before this, when he learns Captain Hammer is going to stop by the laundromat:

 Billy: (tries to look at his watch, but isn't wearing one) Oh goodness, look at my wrist, I gotta go.

Penny: But what about your clothes?

Billy: (turns back, glances in washer) I don't love these. See ya!

  • Half the exchanges between Penny and Billy at the Laundromat:

 Billy: "I want to be an achiever. Like....Bad Horse."

Penny: "The Thoroughbred of Sin?"

Billy: "....I meant Ghandi."

  • Later:

 Penny: "Billy?"

Billy: "Yeah?"

Penny: "You're driving a spork into your leg."

Billy: "So I am. Hilarious."

  • For me, it has to be the part where Dr. Horrible pauses in the middle of his Moment of Awesome Villain Song to correct a cowering reporter on the spelling of his name. Also deserving special mention: "Nation Mourns What's-Her-Name," a moment that manages to be funny in the middle of a colossal Downer Ending.
    • And it has a built-in Tear Jerker too, so it doesn't even break the mood. Laughing trough tears. Joss is evil.
    • And a couple minutes later, Captain Hammer's Moment of Ham: "WAY!!"
  • "I also need to be a little more careful about what I say on this blog. Apparently the LAPD and Captain Hammer are among our viewers."
    • "...He threw a car at my head." In case there was any doubt that Billy is The Woobie, they made it funny.
  • "Do you need anything dampened or made soggy?"
  • The entirety of the song 'Everyone's a Hero' by Hammer. Yes, the entire damn thing. It goes Serial Escalation Tom Lehrer-style - just when you think Captain Hammer can't be more of an asshole, he is!

  "So I thank my girlfriend, Penny/Yeah, we totally had sex..."

    • Also:

 "I hate the homeless...ness problem that plagues our city...Everyone deserves the basic....You know what? I don't need tiny cue-cards."

  • Let's not forget Hammer's first exchange with Horrible:
  • The look on Hammer's face during this exchange in "So They Say":

 Captain Hammer: "This is so nice/I just might sleep with the same girl twice/They say its better the second time/They say you get to do the weird stuff...."

Hammer's Fanclub: "We do the weird stuff!"

  • Also, pretty much all of the 'commentary'... may I add, the fact they wrote a * musical* (pseudo) commentary possibly counts as a Funny Moment... but especially the 'sea shanty' exchange.

 NPH: Songs can hurt like a fist.

  • The Tur-Mohel's application to the Evil League of Evil. The application requirements include a minion... so Tur-Mohel has a Minyan (a group of ten adult Jewish males). And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The revelation of Bad Horse. Admit it, how many of you expected he'd actually be a horse?
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