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  • Several examples within the film (pretty much any time Neil Patrick Harris opens his mouth to sing, for example), but really, the very existence of this is a Moment of Awesome for all involved. Joss Whedon and company cooked up the whole thing to circumvent the issues brought up during the WGA strike; it was funded with Whedon's own money and most of the cast and crew worked for nothing (other than the possibility of the film earning enough to actually pay them). Then the strike ended, and they went through with it anyway, and it actually worked--so much so that when the first act went live online, the influx of viewers crashed the server.
  • It is also worth mentioning that the first act features Captain Hammer, played by Nathan Fillion, falling from the sky onto a moving vehicle and bursting into song.
  • "Now Doctor Horrible is HERE. To make you quake with fear. To make the whole world kneel." Coupled with Dr. Horrible's Evil Costume Switch to the red lab coat, black gloves and goggles pulled over his eyes.
  • The transition from the first half of 'Slipping', which seemed somewhat, well, wangsty to a truly epic Villain Song. "Everything's slipping, awaaaaaaaay... so... go ahead! Run away! Say it was Horrible! Spread the word! Tell a friend! Tell them the tale! Get a pic! Do a blog! Heroes are over with! Look at him! Not a word! Hammer meet nail! Then I win! Then I get! Everything I ever! All the cash! All the fame! And social change! Anarchy! That I run! It's Dr. Horrible's turn! You people all have to learn! This world is going to burn! Burn! * pauses to make sure his name gets spelled right in the article... * BUUUUUUURN!
  • Captain hammer, once unfrozen in act 3, kicking Dr. Horrible to the ground and then proceeding to FINISH THE SONG WHERE HE WAS INTERRUPTED whilst FLIPPING DR. HORRIBLE OFF.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall and interrupting the Emmy awards definitely counts as this and a Funny Moments.
  • "Brand New Day" and "Slipping". Although the Doc starts bringing the awesome approximately five seconds prior to the latter song by nailing his Evil Laugh. (See what a voice coach can do for you?)
    • Seconding Slipping. Evil Gloating done right.
    • Third...ed, I think... anyway, you can almost feel the amount of menace dripping off the first part of the song and it. Is .Awesome.
  • For Doctor Horrible himself, it has to be "Everything You Ever." Summed up by the final lines:

 "Now the nightmare's real/Doctor Horrible is here/To make you quake with fear/To make the whole world kneel...."

  • The very existence of this is a Moment of Awesome. Joss Whedon produced a stellar, tear jerking tragicomedy you can write English dissertations on, with excellent music you'll never get out of your head, all on a shoestring budget-- because he was bored.
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