• Before the "Animaniacs Tribute" was put out, Doug got engaged to his girlfriend and called it the happiest day of his life.
    • Even better? Rob proposed to his girlfriend on the same day.
  • He said at Daisho Con that he was inspired by Lindsay to give a more general review at the end of his episodes. Seeing as how he started this gig before her and she was brought on to be his character's Distaff Counterpart, it gives you fuzzy feelings.
    • As soon as he saw her abortion documentary, he made a glowing recommendation on his facebook page. More details/context here.
  • The introduction to "Doug's Top Ten Movies He Hates But Everyone Else Loves" is basically Doug saying "everyone has movies that they like and dislike, it is all opinion, and nobody's is more valuable than anyone else". He's such a nice guy.
  • His video on winning the Mashable Award for Best Entrepreneur Of The Year. There aren't many people who can pull off looking 100% genuine when they say they don't deserve something like that.
  • The NC Special is half simple and nonsensical fun and half pure 'awww'. Oh, c'mon, who doesn't like some brotherly love?

 Doug: "You're ready?"

Rob: "What?!"

Doug: "I love you."

Rob: "Uuuuuuh..."

    • Rob gets his own back on the forums. Whenever the Fan Dumb says they're lazy or that Doug is stupid, he'll go into protective big brother mode.
  • Doug directing fans to vote for The Angry Video Game Nerd rather than Nostalgia Critic as Best Online Web Series during the Open Web Awards. The purpose was to not split a shared fanbase and allow other shows to win. When the Nerd found out, he made his own statement of thanks and declared a victory for him to be a victory for Doug as well.
  • After the credits of his Langoliers review, Doug comes on to do a hyperactive commercial saying that people can pre-order the Best of TGWTG Vol. 2 DVD. He then says that "we" get to have the special offer because we stayed after the credits, and then he says that we're awesome, and he loves us so much. It's quick, it's most likely something that sort of popped out in the hyper attitude of the commercial, but it's still sweet that even after all this time and all the crap some have to done to him, Doug still loves his fans.
    • At the end of his video game commentary on the DVD, he adds in a quick "I love you all".
  • This facebook post from him where he basically says how much he dislikes set gender roles. Especially remembering some of the worry people had over the Airborne review, this troper wanted to give him a huge hug.
  • The ridiculous amount of effort he puts into getting reviews and sketches out is kinda inspiring. The guy even apologized once for only being able to get three shows out one week, holy crap.
  • As a gay man who recently came out to my rather... conservative parents who didn't react well, hearing Doug smack down "Boys Beware" with both funny snark and genuine rage made my life seem a little brighter.
    • Likewise, his heartfelt post on how gay marriage is saving the sanctity of the practice because of all the obstacles they have to overcome, not destroying it.
  • In a Random Odds interview, his saying the main reason why his fiancee doesn't appear in his videos (other than a voice sometimes) is that he doesn't want to tell her what to do. Now that's a sweet soon-to-be-husband.
  • While it was a really funny exaggeration of his niceness, he being the only one in Phelous's review to not celebrate Paris Hilton's character's death and even being disgusted by the site's celebration of it was bizarrely d'aww-worthy.
  • In a con video, Doug actually bouncing in his chair in excitement for the next Twilight and Tommy Wiseau movies. The former is a bit awkward now due to how badly the actual film shook him, but still cuter than a box of kittens.
    • In the same video, giving an audience member a giant glomp because the guy had got him a new pipe to use for Ask That Guy.
  • This video before the first big donation drive, both his acting like a six year old on crack and his ridiculously cute call with his girlfriend-now-fiancee.
  • After finding out that the daughter of Jim Jenkins, creator of Doug, watches his show, Doug made sure to send her a Facebook message that the Nostalgia Critic is just a character he plays who doesn't share his own opinions, and he doesn't actually have the burning hatred for her father's work that the Critic has.
  • There's something very uplifting about this facebook message:

  I realize I have no answers to anything in life, none. I only have assumptions, some more probable than others. I know nothing for sure, and thank God. The possibilities then for anyone and anything are endless, and that gives me more hope and confidence than any answer of absolute certainty ever could.

  • Even with all his hate for Breaking Dawn, he still tries to make it clear that he doesn't think people who actually liked it are stupid or bad.
    • And a meta version. He was so upset by how the film handled abortion and what it felt a man would do in that situation that he was visibly shaking for over ten minutes. Cue over half the reviews asking him if he's all right.
    • For guys who have been abused, it means so much that as well as rightfully ragging on Edward for being a dick, he recognizes Bella's tendency to be emotionally abusive and hates her for it too.
    • Minor example, but he puts himself above most haters when he interrupts his bitching when he says he feels bad for Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart and hopes they do okay later on in their careers.
  • His very sweet Thanksgiving post:

  Things I am thankful for: My awesome family, the woman I love, great friends to be around, fans who enjoy my work, a wonderful crew and team of producers to work with, and, despite the fact that I enjoy a holiday that exists to remind of them, the fact that I will never truly need that holiday to make me remember how thankful I am they exist. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

  • Only one week in and his Disneycember series is positively FULL of these.
    • Just how excited he is reviewing The Great Mouse Detective. He's like a little kid again.
    • More with how much he respects Lindsay; because he enjoys Ariel's curiosity and passion so much, he mostly ignored the backlash she got as a character. But it was the Chick's review of The Little Mermaid that made him realize for the first time that Ariel has the big flaw of being allowed to get away with everything and not having to change.
    • Hearing his absolute adoration towards Beauty and The Beast in and of itself was just adorable.
    • When he reviews Lilo and Stitch, he absolutely gushes over how well Disney portrayed a child character and her dysfunctional family. It was already evident with Critic being such a Papa Wolf, but the review just cemented how much Doug cares about children.
  • In his charity auction video, the tone of his voice when he talks about the Critic hat he's selling and the reason why he's so connected to it is because his fiancee gave it to him. He really does adore her.
    • Anyone who's been dragged to school because they were bullied so much will want to cling to him when he discusses how mainly he chose the charity because they help people who are scared to go in.
  • His Bart's Nightmare LP commentary, being the smart, self-deprecating, sweet guy we all know and love. Even when he admits he was brattily angry about the amount of hate he got, you can't really blame him and he was apologetic for that too.
  • Doug's Christmas message.
  • One fan was disappointed that the NC review of The Grinch didn't include a takeoff on the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," so he wrote his own. Doug, not having much time to make an entry for the site's holiday video, elected to sing it in his best Thurl Ravenscroft impression. That fan must have been overjoyed.
  • At a Q and A con, a girl in the audience had trouble getting her words out. Doug turned on the Keet mode, made her laugh and gave her a lift-up-off-the-floor glomp hug when she managed to ask her question.
  • In the Care Bears review, Critic takes a moment out of complaining about his job to reassure us that it's the best in the world. As he turned out to be lying through his teeth, it's definitely safe to say that it was more Doug than his character.
  • How constantly apologetic he is for practically everything (from other people getting sunburn in Kickassia to breaking down over Twilight). While it might be frustrating sometimes, it really is nice to know that he cares so much.
  • The reason he gives for why everyone goes gaga over Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the way he says it is almost poignant. It's every childhood fantasy coming to life, and the cartoon characters are timeless, not manipulated into modern-day incarnations.
  • Matching Critic's Papa Wolf hate of the mother's crazy driving with her kid still in there, he admits in the Ponyo commentary that he's incredibly protective of children.

 Doug: But there's a lot of stuff like, should you really be arguing that much in front of the kid, should you be that mean to the father... Um, spoken like a person who does not have kids, so there you go, what the hell am I talking about.

  • He spends half his commentary for The Grinch interrupting himself, remembering that the movie has lots of genuine fans, and he doesn't want to insult them.
  • In both the Transformers III and Jungle 2 Jungle reviews, he has pretty painful looking hickeys, obviously given by his fiancee. Not heartwarming by itself particularly, but what makes it sweet is how he keeps giving us chances to look at them, showing he's not embarrassed in the slightest and might even be a little proud.
  • An odd choice perhaps, but after the Hollywood Pudgy crap he gets, the majority of people in this post (where Doug said the best way to lose weight was to shoot a nine day film) either telling him to eat or that he was skinny enough already.
  • At the end of "The Making Of A Nostalgia Critic", with Doug basically showing us an entire week of work, he reassures us that he loves what he does and that it might be a long session, but it's usually not hard.
  • This post, made after his Fan Dumb harassed Mara Wilson by completely missing the point of "everything means something to someone" and forever telling her that the Critic hated her movies and that she is the unreasonable, hypocritical one for being offended in the first place. Extra bonus for Miss Wilson eventually coming over to the side of Mean Character, Nice Actor after disbelieving it for a while.
    • And her response posted on his wall is pretty sweet too.
    • And to wrap it all up, she even makes an appearance in the Critic's review of another film she starred in, A Simple Wish.
  • The entirety of his commentary for The Simple Wish could fit here, but to narrow it down to one, his reassuring fans who worry he has self-esteem issues by saying he's proud of what he has (the site, his friends and so on) and it doesn't bother him if people take advantage of the way he Apologizes a Lot.
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