Doug TenNapel is a writer and cartoonist best known for creating Earthworm Jim, although his work definitely isn't limited to video games. The man has been involved in a wide variety of mediums, and has just recently started dabbling in web comics.

A Doug TenNapel title is very easy to spot due to his love of insane character designs, combined with his love of monsters.

TenNapel is a devout Christian and often includes religious themes in his works. Sometimes its subtle (such as Monster Zoo), sometimes its more overt (Black Cherry or Iron West, for example).

Still, talk is cheap, as they say. It's easy to just say he's helmed a lot of projects. As proof of our claim, allow us to present you with this here list:

Video Games


Web Comics

  • Ratfist
  • Bigfoot for Hire (sadly cancelled)

Web Original

Western Animation


  • Doug was a member of the short-lived, mostly-a capella band Truck.
  • He's contributed artwork to albums by:

Tropes common in his works

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