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Nickelodeon series

  • Doug Rocks - Even though Doug and Skeeter miss The Beets concert, they still make the most of it by jamming out to "Killer Tofu" in front of the Honker Burger. The Beets tour van pulls up alongside of them, and out come The Beets, themselves! They all sing and dance together, and as the tour van leaves, Monroe Yodler throws them a couple of authentic Beets jackets.
  • Doug's Cool Shoes - Sky Davis signing Doug's shoes at the of the episode. Made even more epic when Sky Davis asks Doug to sign HIS shoes!
  • Doug Throws a Party - After Roger yanks Connie's hat off, revealing her bad haircut, she responds with a gut punch that leaves Roger hurled over in pain.

Disney's Doug

  • Doug borrows one of Judy's hats for a school project that Roger finds and decides to keep. Doug ends up being Roger's slave and has to avoid telling Judy what happened, as he had to sign a contract in order to borrow the hat. After being involved in a scheme to steal a plastic cow (It Makes Sense in Context), Doug finally admits to Judy that Roger has the hat and won't give it back. Her response?

 Judy: Why didn't you just say so in the first place? (Walks off-screen to Roger) HEY! YOU! GIMME MY HAT BACK!! (Proceeds to slug Roger)

  • One comes from Beebee at the end of the movie. After Doug and Skeeter successfully get Herman, the Lucky Duck Lake monster, into the cleaner Crystal Lake, Bill Bluff begins threatening to make their lives a living hell before Beebee screams "DADDY! KNOCK IT OFF!" and proceeds to talk him into backing down and doing the right thing from then on.
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