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A new installment EACH WEEK, MWF

Imagine an 80's Buddy Cop Show, like Starsky and Hutch, or better yet Miami Vice. Got the bad acting, and cheesy one-liners, and horrible outfits filling your brain? Good. But most of all, do you remember the explosions, the gunfights, and the invincible protagonists who always fought against all odds to save the day? One man over at Deviant ART did. That man was Nathan "Captain Osaka" Maurer, who decided to resurrect the buddy cop genre with the aid of... the cast of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?

Enter DOUBLE K, the comic so intense and over the top its name is written in ALL CAPS. Starring Kamina and Kittan as the titular buddy cop duo, DOUBLE K mirrors the story of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in the world of Teppelin Beach, a Miami Beach parody that is under the watchful eye of the GPD.

What follows in this setting has to be seen to be believed, with fantastic art, brilliant jokes, and enough Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in-jokes to make any fan of buddy cop films or of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann laugh and watch in awe as the protagonists do ever greater feats.

Somewhat extraordinarily for a fan-comic, paperback editions of it do exist, evading copyright issues by being sold at a loss. DOUBLE K: VOLUME 0, which covered the first 50 pages, was distributed at Anime Expo 2010 in very limited quantities, and sold out almost immediately. VOLUME 1 will cover the first 5 chapters of the book (with earlier pages seeing an exclusive re-mastering), and is being both distributed and funded via this KickStarter project.

This series contains examples of:

  • Attractive Bent Gender: The Jiiha village chief seems pretty into that cute young hooker before realizing that "she" is not only a boy, but an undercover cop.
    • Page 71 shows that the village chief isn't the first one to fall victim to this. Kamina's Plan A seems to be dressing Simon up as a woman, and it seems to be a plan with a perfect track record.
  • Art Evolution: A side-effect of the comic being produced in a staggered schedule over the course of several years. Cap tended to use thin, almost scratchy lines in earlier pages, whilst later additions tend to use thick black lining and more prevalent shading. This ended up resulting in the early pages being remastered for VOLUME 1.
  • Author Catchphrase: Captain Osaka claims "THE COMIC HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN" about every five pages.
  • Back-Alley Doctor: Captain Osaka's current idea for Leeron's role.
  • Badass Arm-Fold: Captain Osaka says that Kamina just needed to do the 'Gunbuster Pose here, because he never did it in the series and all.
  • Bar Brawl: Kamina evidently has a habit of starting these whenever he needs a lead on a case.

 Kamina: This place is just lousy with desperate assholes, most of 'em just petty crooks... But you'd be surprised how many cough up some real-deal criminal connections after a good old-fashioned bar fight.

Kittan: ...

Kamina: Y'know, now that I think of it, pretty much every major arrest I've ever made had a start at this place! Good times, man.

Kittan: ... That's... That is spectacularly unethical.

  Kamina on this drunk he was interrogating: They just sounded like a bunch of low-rent dope pushers, but hey, the possibility of doin' a raid sounded a hell of a lot more exciting than taking some slurring dingus back to the station. I let the guy go, but I totally snuck like 30 bucks out when I was checking for his ID, so it wasn't a complete loss.

    • Kittan as well; his entire record was fudged to get Chief Genome to take him.
  • Curb Stomp Battle: Heroic example: Simon to the Jiiha Village chief pumped up on Spiral Power.
  • Da Chief: Chief Genome.
  • Dirty Harriet: Simon.
  • Doing It for the Art: In order to produce the paperback versions of Volume 1, Cap is required to actually sell them at a loss so as to avoid copyright issues. He's also not actually an artist by trade (rather a musician), so he produces DOUBLE K in his spare time, and actively turns down freelance jobs to work on it. The only benefit he gets is the satisfaction that his fans are enjoying the comic, though he admits himself that this is more than enough for him to be happy with the comic's outcome.
  • Doujinshi: As of the mass publication of DOUBLE K: VOLUME 1, it could be considered this. The issue of copyright is evaded by the nature of the Kickstarter project funding it: Nate is technically not profiting from the production of the books at all, due to the payment for each covering the production costs of it as well. The rest of the donations go toward setting up a merchandise store.
  • Dragged Into Drag: Simon is the victim, of course, though it was Kamina that made him do it rather than a group of girls.
  • The Dragon/Big Bad: Rossiu Adai appears to be filling one of these two roles.
  • The Dreaded: Kamina, at least among the prostitutes of Teppelin Beach.

  Gainax Prostitute: "Oh no. Not him."

  • Drives Like Crazy: Kamina, to the surprise of absolutely no one.
  • Dynamic Entry: Kittan manages one of these by opening a door.
    • Not to mention Kamina leaping out of a garbage can.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Yoko can be spotted 2 pages before her reveal in page 129.
  • Eighties Hair: Viral's mullet, which Kamina (and Cap himself) mercilessly mocks him for.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: And those standards include not turning away Girl Scouts -- a fact that Kamina ruthlessly (and awesomely) exploits.
  • Expy: Several of the prostitutes were other Gainax girls, with Asuka-whore getting the most screentime.
  • Face Palm: Genome's response to Simon and Kamina's BUMP pose.
  • Fake Boobs: The most defining feature of Simon's cross-dressing is the fact that he stuffs baseballs in his dress. It's painfully obvious.
  • Fantastic Drug: The core-drill-lookalikes, going by the street name "Spiral". The full extent of their effects is not currently known, but they seem to give their users a MAJOR boost in physical power, along with inducing extreme aggression, feelings of invincibility, and hallucinogenic effects.
    • Which really isn't that different from what Spiral Energy does in Canon if you think about it.
    • It seems that the ugly side of Spiral might rear itself eventually, in light of Kittan using it as a desperation tactic despite his self-confessed addictive personality.
  • Flashback Effect: "And what's this?! The ever-darkening panel gutters would seem to indicate the approach...OF A FLASHBACK"
  • Foreshadowing: On page 54, the first time we see Thymilph, his irises are spiralled. 49 pages later, we find out that this is a telltale symptom of Spiral usage, and that he also happens to be one of the primary dealers!
    • Page 129 features a shadowy sniper on a rooftop in the far background, as well as Kittan slyly stuffing some Drills into his left pocket. No prizes for guessing what these 2 hints will lead into.
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop: Kittan and Kamina respectively, at least so far.
    • Seemingly on the road to a subversion, with the revelation that Kittan's Good Cop personality was an act.
  • Groin Attack: When Kamina is interrogating a captured gang member, sticking a gun in his face does nothing to intimidate him. Aiming it at his nuts, however, makes him crack like an egg.
  • Gross Up Close-Up: When one of the prostitutes takes a close look at the suspicious-seeming "girl" in their midst, the reader is treated to close-ups of the fake hooker's stubble-covered legs, baseballs stuffed into "her" dress, and beard shadow.
  • I Love Nuclear Power: The Beastmen are folks mutated by radioactive waste due to the Mayor making cuts on zoning restrictions of where to dump waste.
  • Impersonation Gambit: Set up and then immediately averted because, "true to form, Kamina immediately pisses away any usefulness this development may have brought."
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: "You ain't chicken... but you're sure as hell gonna be cooped up for a while!"
    • A full 104 pages later, Kamina and Kittan score a double-whammy when arresting Thymilph:

 Kamina: "I hate to break it to you, pal, but you might be lookin' at some gnarly jail time here. Try not to go... ape.

Kittan: "No joke, fella. For your own sake, I'd advise you not to pull any more monkeyshines.

  "Man, I'm really sorry. Giving booze to a recovering alcoholic, that's over the line, even for me."

 Lal'C-whore: You ain't no hooker

Simon: S-Sure I am! I love getting paid for sex acts!

  • Mythology Gag: Predictably, there are more than a few. The hookers look like other Studio Gainax female characters.
    • The GPD badge is the Dai-Gurren emblem, except the shades it wear are not Kamina's shades but Simon's star-shaped shades.
    • Just replace drill with police badge and you get Kamina's famous speech.
    • There's also the Gunk-Eye, a dive of a bar that's run by Adiane and Viral.
    • Kamina's gun is the same one Yoko gave him in the anime. You know, the one he almost shot his own nuts off with.
    • On a similar note, the page pic suggests Kittan's going to get a shotgun--the same one he used to try and hold off the Mugann.
    • The Jiiha chief starts rambling about doing impossible feats and how he can see invisible things when he uses the Core Drill.
    • On the page where Kamina kicks the puppy here, in the commentary, Osaka says "poor kid keeps getting left at the altar." This is combined with Harsher in Hindsight as that's what literally happens to him in the finale (though via different means than one would normally expect).
    • A rather savage version of this came into play towards the end of Chapter 5: Kamina is set to be stabbed in the back by Thymilph, just like in the real series. Likewise, Kittan is about to go out in a blaze of Spiral power shortly before blowing up.
      • Captain Osaka points out that Thylimph seems to be gunning for Kamina exclusively, further referencing their "chemistry".
      • Kittan's line after punching Thymilph through the wall of the Gunk Eye is also his final line in the original series, almost verbatim. In both instances it's the first time he truly discovers the power of Spiral, but the context in which it occurs in DOUBLE K is somewhat darker, considering what Spiral has been established as.
    • Simon manning-up when Nia is in trouble is similar to what occurs in the anime.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Thymilph is not sure what Kittan and Kamina were doing in that bathroom stall, and he'd frankly rather not know.
  • Oh Crap: The village chief. And Genome. And Kamina. And Simon. And Simon again. And Simon again... again. And Kittan. Osaka really seems to like these expressions.
  • One-Liner: It's a Buddy Cop Show. Next trope, please.
  • Opaque Lenses: It varies, actually. You can see through Kamina's shades in one panel and then they're opaque in another. The same applies to Kittan's aviators. According to Osaka this is intentional, based on which looks better or more badass for the scene.
  • Oral Fixation Fixation: Kittan keeps a match in his mouth, which Kamina then proceeds to light on his stubble.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Yes. There is no way that a 'woman' with stubble and visible baseballs in her dress will look suspicious at all. This is a good plan.
  • Perma Stubble
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Chief Genome seems to be a lot more patient and supportive of Simon by himself. He'd just rather not have him talk to his daughter while in a dress.
  • Schedule Slip: Very much so, which is unfortunate given the high quality of the comic -- readers have waited weeks, if not months for updates, and it took 3-and-three-quarter years for the comic to reach 100 pages. Cap has attempted to commit himself to a more regular schedule several times, but ultimately his day job (among other things) takes higher priority. However, the KickStarter project founded at the beginning of 2012 will go a long way towards finally establishing a more regular (and much faster) update schedule.
  • Ship Tease: Simon/Nia
  • Shipper on Deck: Kamina seemingly goes out of his way to make Simon look good when Nia's around, and even asks him when he's going to ask her out. In front of the Chief (though ultimately the Chief doesn't seem too against the idea -- he just doesn't want Simon asking her out while he's wearing a dress).
  • Shout-Out: The hourglass meter from Max Payne makes an appearance during a Bullet Time sequence.
    • The Spiral Power drugs are inserted like NUKE from RoboCop 2.
    • Thymilph bags a dual reference to the movie Predator on page 125; he whips out a chaingun, Blain's weapon of choice, and delivers a variation of a line from early in the film.
    • Page 128 continues a long line of ape-related jokes at Thymilph's expense by referencing Bedtime for Bonzo, a comedy movie from the 1950s involving a chimpanzee.
  • Sick and Wrong: Readers might find Crossdressing Simon to be Fetish Fuel, but the Jiiha village chief doesn't seem to agree with them...
  • Smoking Is Cool: Kamina smokes (and manages to weaponize the very act of lighting up). Therefore...
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Once more, consider the show it's inspired by. Poor Gurrenrod.
  • Suddenly Sober: Averted. When Kamina tries fighting Thymilph, all the Gin he drank catches up with him, and makes it a pretty short fight.
    • Played straight soon after with Kittan after he uses Spiral, and he was in a far worse state than Kamina.
  • Sure Why Not: "Someone in the comments for the last page suggested that Kamina keeps a wardrobe of embarrassing, Simon-sized costumes in the Gurrenrod's trunk at all times for these kinds of emergencies. I think I will just go ahead and make that canon right now."
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: "Just so we're in the clear, though, you're, like, talking about a drive in the sense that we go to the place of your choosing and you, uh, pay me to perform sex acts, right?... N-Not that I'm trying to establish probable cause or anything."
  • Talking Is a Free Action: Subverted. At the very beginning of the comic during a bust (but after his big entrance and speech), Kamina has a conversation with the prostitutes he's supposed to be arresting. When he turns to talk to Simon, Kamina then sees that his partner had been kidnapped by their suspect in the intervening time.
  • The Teetotaler: Kittan was one. Then Kamina got involved. Spiral getting involved will probably only make matters worse.
  • Took a Level In Badass: Being that this is a Gurren Lagann comic, it was only a matter of time before Simon went Badass.
  • Throwing Your Gun Always Works: Discussed, Lampshaded and Justified by Kamina in his flashback exposition.

 Kamina: You ever try just throwing something at a guy with a hostage? Of course not, who the hell does that? But that is exactly why it works every time.

  • Trailers Always Spoil: The artist's comments from page four. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and inflection have not been changed.





hint: it is kamina

 Kamina: Not even drug dealers are heartless enough to turn away a Girl Scout. So when these dudes saw Simon there all with the badges, the outfit, the whole deal... they were so caught off guard that they didn't even think twice about letting him drag in this huge crate of cookies. But it was totally not cookies.


  1. Graduated Police Academy with top honors, broke arrest records for his department three years in a row, and as a result created a budget surplus large enough to train the four recruits needed to take up his workload after he left
  2. Voted 'loosest cannon' in Police Academy, holder of the GPD's highest arrest record... wrongful or otherwise... and the only officer to ever cause more collateral damage than the department could cover. That Kamina.
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