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File:Double Duck 8065.jpg

A parking ticket leads Donald Duck to realise he's actually a former sleeper agent for Cloak and Dagger Government Agency of Fiction, The Agency. However, one of their agents has become a Double Agent and taken a MacGuffin; the world isn't going to save itself, so he's back on the job as Agent Double Duck!

This storyline was introduced in April, 2008. Scripted by Marco Bosco and Fausto Vitaliano. It has proven popular enough and there are several stories in this sub-series. All created in Italy.

Double Duck contains examples of:


 Donald: "Hey, I'm not the only one who has something to explain! You dumped me and ran off with Gladstone!"

Daisy: "Don't change the subject!"

Donald: "Sometimes there's no point in questioning feminine logic."

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