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The Video Games

  • Awesome Music - Here.
  • Game Breaker - In the third NES game, both Lee brothers can stand back-to-back and do the Cyclone Spin Kick simultaneously. If done just right, you get a flashy new animation of their combined Cyclone Kicks. This "Double Cyclone Kick" does five times the damage of a single Cyclone Kick (roughly twice the damage of a throwing knife) and lets you mow down punks and bosses with relative ease. Just...make sure they both stay alive until the end.
    • The Flying Knee Kick and Hyper Uppercut in the second NES game are both ridiculously overpowered, although the former requires some ridiculously precise timing to pull off properly: you need to hold left or right on the d-pad and then press B and A simultaneously while your character is crouching, which only happens after landing from a jump or while your character is recovering from a fall. Once mastered though, you can mow down mooks and most bosses with relative ease.
    • The Elbow Attack in the original arcade game thanks to the easily duped AI. Normally the enemies in the game will be hesitant to approach you unless you turn your back on one of them, allowing you to catch them off-guard with the Elbow Attack, which has a decent range and always knocks the bad guys to the ground, regardless of who it is. In the second arcade game, the Elbow Punch's effectiveness is toned down a bit, but it's still works to some extent.
  • Mis Blamed - The misspelling of Billy's name as "Bimmy" in the third NES game is not the result of Blind Idiot Translation: the game's plot was completely rewritten from its original Famicom release. It's just your average typo.
  • Sequelitis - The arcade versions of the sequels. While Double Dragon II does improved upon the original, in the sense that it was actually an upgraded version of the original, but the increased difficulty, directional-based attack buttons, and recycled stage design turned many players off. Double Dragon 3 on the other hand, replaced the game engine completely (as it was farmed out to another team) and to top it off, the U.S. version made the extra characters, special moves and weapons accessible via item shops that required the player to insert actual credits into the machine.

The Movie

  • Spiritual Licensee - Double Impact is said to be a better live-action Double Dragon movie than the official Double Dragon movie.
  • Video Game Movies Suck - The movie is a considered a textbook example of this trope, but some of the characters and plot elements from the movie were adapted into the Double Dragon fighting game for the Neo-Geo. And it had Alyssa Milano going for it, so it wasn't completely bad.
    • On the other hand, the Jean Claude Van Damme film Double Impact seems to had been inspired by the games and it's an even more faithful adaptation than the official Double Dragon film. Bolo Yeung, the actor who was the inspiration of Abobo's character design (so much that one of Abobo's head swaps is even named "Bolo"), even makes an appearance as a giant henchman who throws oil drums at the heroes.

The Animated Series

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