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 Neebs: Don't we need like more people?

Doraleous: Sure, but a small, highly skilled team can be just as effective.

Doraleous and Associates is a weekly updated animation series found on The Escapist.

The series is protagonized by The Hero Doraleous, and his Associates Neebs, (a stupid archery elf with a tendency to ruin the Associates' plans) Mirdon, (a snarky wizard who always get his spells wrong) and Drak. (An annoyingly voiced axe wielding dwarf)

Lesser known are his two other associates who turn up to their meetings awfully late, but were more competent than Doraleous' other three associates: Sir Walken (a competent knight who's also Doraleous's second-in-command) and Broof. (who has an inhuman vitality, a husky voice, and is prone to some of the more unexpected humor in the series) They have both became more popular as the series progressed.

The bunch mostly work as mercenaries, looking for jobs as warriors for hire and/or diplomats.

Tropes used in Doraleous and Associates include:

  "Holy balls of a dragon!"

 "What Branch of your army is this?"

"This guy looks a little trunk."

 Broof: This is my happy face.

Doraleous: Yeah? It's also your sad face.

Broof: And my angry face.

  • Pet the Dog: Neebs, despite being fantastically self-centred and thoughtless, still beats up Ladder Guy for insulting Doraleous, proving that while monumentally stupid, he is still very loyal to the Associates.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: Drak.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Partially broken with the introduction of Thesaurus, replacing Neebs.
  • Right Behind Me: Averted or played with, depending on the author's intentions. When Aleena turns out to be right behind Neebs when he's insulting her Gag Boobs with a, "Oh really?' Neebs doesn't skip a beat, turning around and responding, "Yeah really!"
  • Running Gag: Plenty.

 King Calas: Doralingus, this is *bullshit*!

Farmer: We'll never forget your name. And by the way, what is your name?

Doraleous: It's Doraleous.

Farmer: Domaleous.

Doraleous: No, Doraleous.

Farmer: [with more difficulty] Domaleous.

Doraleous: Okay. Dor...

Farmer: Dor...

Doraleous: ...aleous.

Farmer: ...aleous.

Doraleous: Doraleous.

Farmer: Domaleous!

  "He's goin' drinking, bitches?!"

  "THIS.... IS.... GEIGH!!!!!!"

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