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When a character leaves a room and the focus stays on the door. Within seconds, the character comes charging back in for some unfinished business; usually to collect a much-needed object left behind, or to deliver a funny line. Used at least five times per Friends episode.

Examples of Door Focus include:


  • Flo forgets her phone in a Progressive commercial showing what she uses on the job.


 Bobby: I like school! And I like football! And I'm gonna keep doing both because they make me feel good! [slams the door, then opens it] And alligators get ornery because of their medulla oblongatas! [slams door again, then opens it again] And I like Vicky! And she likes me! And she showed me her boobies, and I like them, too! [slams door for the last time]

Live Action TV

  • On Seinfeld, Kramer yells at Jerry about him wanting to reclaim a phone number of a woman he was trying to stop seeing. Kramer storms out and slams the door and a beat later he comes back in to grab the cereal and milk he was borrowing off of Jerry's counter. Then he leaves again.
  • In Black Books, Fran says to Bernard that she never wants to see him again and storms out. Seconds later she comes back, her hand covering her eyes, saying "Forgot my purse".
  • ICarly: Carly and Sam get into a fight, which ends when Carly leaves the apartment, slamming the door behind her. A beat passes before Carly opens the door again and tells Sam to get out instead, as the apartment is her house.
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