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File:Doomguyripandtear 2140.jpg

A comic adapted from the Video Game Doom.

The hero, a berserker packin' man-and-a-half with a 12.0 on a 10.0 scale of badness, is attempting to RIP AND TEAR a huge cyberdemon's huge guts with his Night Train, when his berserker pack runs out, leaving the demon bonking unharmed. His Unstoppable Rage over, he spends the rest of the comic communicating his desire to have guns (with a chainsaw) looking for a gun big enough to blow the demon away. But even if he personally stops this alien invasion, what kind of planet will we be leaving to our children? And our children's children? How will they live with all the undisposed toxic waste that we left to them to deal with and... oh, the humanity, my big gun is out of bullets! (Better believe it, soldier!) Dynamite!

You can read it here or with appropriate voiceover here. Linkara reviewed it in his best attempt at the Ultimate Warrior voice here.

Tropes used in Doom (Comic Book) include:

  • Ascended Meme: As of the Xbox Live Arcade release of Doom II, most of the achievements are named after several lines from this very comic, such as "Important Looking Door" being obtained by finding a secret, and "You Have Huge Guts" for killing a Cyberdemon with your fists.
  • Adaptation Distillation
  • Ax Crazy: "I've got a handful of vertebrae and a headful of mad! Yeah, that's your spinal cord, baby! Dig it!"
  • Badass: Ok, the Doom Guy seems completely insane in here, but he still kills a lot of stuff!
  • The Berserker: Doom Guy starts the comic under the effects of a Berserk Pack. When it wears off, he becomes a little more coherent.
  • BFG: "Mine eyes can but weep as they bear witness to the majesty... The BFG 9000!"
  • Buffy-Speak: "Sweet Christmas! Big-mouthed floating thingies!"
    • "It's always something!"
  • Captain Obvious: "You are huge! That means you have huge guts!" How almost Rabelaisian...
  • Chainsaw Good: "Aaaah! Chainsaw! The great communicator!"
  • Cloudcuckoolander: The Doom Guy.
  • Companion Cube: "At this particular moment in time, I don't think I have a healthier or more deeply-felt respect for any other object in the universe than this here Shotgun." ...Then again, he's probably gone completely insane, so Cargo Ship, perhaps?
  • The Dark Age of Comic Books: In many ways, this is really a parody of the kind of overly violent, overly angsty comics that were in vogue during the 1990s...
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Subverted, more like "did you just try to punch out Cthulhu?"

 "As I stride knee deep through the dead. All is clear. I know what must be done..."

  Some time in 1996 a couple of guys got together and smoked what was apparently a large amount of crack and then injected pure heroin into their eyes and then proceeded to create what is now known only as 'the Doom comic'.

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