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Brioche's technique will enable Cinque to both remember his experiences and return to Flonyard.

She seems to know something everyone else doesn't, and she expects him to master the ability. You can't do that if you forget ever having it.

Brioche's technique will turn Cinque immortal.

The same way she is; ie long-lived, once he masters it.

Cinque will somehow send Ricotta cellphones if he gets back to Japan

Cinque will be returned home after Biscotti manages to contact the Time-Space Adminstration Bureau and they transport him back to Non-Administrated World #97

Flonyard is a colony of permanently Uplifted Familiars.

In the long ago past; some Familiars gained enough power in their own Linker Cores that they became able to exist without a Contract. (There are triggers that temporarily result in them taking their non-humanoid forms.) Not wanting masters, but viewed as disruptive to other worlds; they were given Flonyard. For the most part; this planet was left to its own devices, although there was one incident in the almost as long ago past where the TSAB had to step in and Administrated the hell out of them to prevent them from using conventional warfare. The natives viewed the TSAB as gods and followed the "non-fatal warfare" doctrine with such gusto that the TSAB never had to intervene again.

Leonmichelle is repeatedly invading in order to toughen up Millhiore in preparation of some imminent Big Bad or other calamity.

Supported in episode 6, where the Millhiorans suspect that monsters are becoming a problem in her area.

  • This is actually the case for the War System in general; in case the Divine Protection fails against the demons.

Cinque and the princess will end up killing each other

Now that the hero came, her vision changed: instead of one body, there are two, lying in pools of blood opposite each other.

  • Related Guess: Cinque and the princess "kill" each other as part of a plan to make Leonmichelle stop acting so distant.
    • Unlikely but at least the Related Guess is Jossed.
      • Now its just Jossed in general.

Leonmichelle's vision is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Tied to the WMG above, the Biscotti lost the bet and were obliged to hand over the swords. The blades, being artifact intelligent weapons took it as treason, possessed their wielders and turned them on each other.

  • Note that the palace is under protection, so it would presumably take a strong magical weapon to injure, not to mention kill, someone there.
  • While not exactly how you described it but By the end of episode 9, it seems the prophecy really is self-fulfilling, at least the part about the floating platform.
    • It is self-fufilling, but its obviously shown that Leonmichelle's stargazing ability is not set in stone. Screw Destiny indeed.

Brioche was a summoned hero

Her conversation with Laurent at the end of episode six, implies she's not from Biscotti originally.

  • Related Guess: Yukikaze was royalty for a now defunct kingdom and was the one who summoned Brioche.
  • Another Related Guess: Sending a hero home requires that they duel another summoned hero and survive, leading Cinque to fight, and defeat, Brioche. A possible outcome of this mirrors the next wild guess.
  • Seemingly refuted in Episode 9, when we see what appears to be a young Brioche standing in the middle of a wrecked village.
    • Jossed. Her family was killed by demons so unlikely that she was from some other world.
      • She is, however, "different" in that she's over 150 years old; has gods call her "Master" and doesn't explain why for either.

Cinque and the princess "die" in order for Cinque to return to his original world, and Millhiore either dies or gets transformed into a "normal" dog and lives with Cinque.

  • Jossed. Cinque goes back through a spell Ricotti researched.

Cinque wakes up after being in a coma from hitting his head on the ground outside of his school and realizes that the entire experience in Flonyard was a dream.

  • Jossed. It happened and the experience in Flonyard was locked away.

The big bad (if there is one) will be beaten by the Galette's sacred sword Ex-Machina.

  • Episode 10 suggests that two other swords were involved, instead.

Cinque will save the day in a manner that somehow strips several of the main female characters naked.

  • Well, one, sort of...

Despite what Millhiore thought, Cinque will not be able to return to Flonyard after he is sent back home.

  • That note Ricotta received in Episode 11 made her sad for some reason and the title for the next episode, "The 4 Conditions", is pretty suggestive as well.
    • Confirmed but also takes away everything he got from his time there, even his memories.
      • Which makes the lyrics for the ending theme a little more sad, if you consider who is singing it.
    • Jossed and Confirmed both at the same time. To explain, Cinque does "lose" his memories. However, it's revealed that if Cinque had told at least 3 people he would return, gave one person a possession of his(preferably from his world) and told one person in writing that he will return, then he is allowed to be resummoned.

There will be a crossover since Cinque is actually Takuto warped into an Non Administered World

Nanami will become a Summoned Hero for Gallette

  • Cinque & Nanami's friendly rivalry was a background element during the series / first season. Thus if Cinque does bring Nanami & Becky with him to Flonyard, it wouldn't be a stretch at all to see Nanami enlist with Galette while Cinque joined with Biscotti just so they could compete. That, or Nanami could simply just be a cat person.
  • This actually seems very likely.
  • Pretty much confirmed in the latest trailer for the second season.
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