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 Bruno: How'd a loser like you create a great character like Bugsy?

Eliot: Well, sometimes it's just staring you in the face.

Dog City was an animated/Muppet series based on a half-hour segment in The Jim Henson Hour. The original "Dog City" was about an anthropomorphic German Shepherd named Ace Yu, facing bulldog gangster Bugsy Them (the Dogfather) in a film noir environment. The segment was just recently released on DVD from Lionsgate, excluding the Jim Henson Hour part.

In the series, Ace became private eye Ace Hart, and Bugsy became Bugsy Vile. They also became cartoon characters, with the original puppet versions becoming Eliot Shag, the cartoonist, and Bruno, the super of his apartment building. Other characters from the special were transplanted similarly; the character appeared in the cartoon, and the puppet appeared as someone in Eliot's building, supposedly inspiring him to create the animated version. Ace and Eliot would also have conversations with each other about the progress of the stories and how Eliot uses what he draws in the cartoon to solve problems in his real life.

Dog City included examples of:


  • Binocular Shot (Parodied. From the POV of villain Bugsy Them, we see the two leads through two overlapping circles. Then the camera cuts to a wide shot to reveal that Bugsy isn't looking through binoculars -- he's just holding up a piece of cardboard with two overlapping holes and looking through it.)
  • The Cameo: Rowlf the Dog plays piano at the bar.
  • Dogs Are Dumb (mostly averted. the only exception is Bugsy's hired muscle, Mad Dog, whose two- I mean, fourteen years of obedience school have done nothing for his thinking ability)
  • Family-Friendly Firearms (Averted big time.)
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar (Colleen Barker's musical number)

 Colleen: (singing)

"Don't care if he's a big dog.

I don't care if he's rich.

He'll be my ever-lovin' puppy,

and I'll just be his—"

Rowlf: HEY! (Beat) Welcome to family programming, folks!

The series:

 Ace: "This is getting silly..."

Baron Von Rottweiler: "Ja, it's not something I'd want mamma to see."

    • And then before the above exchange.
  • The Scrappy: Eddie the newspup got turned into one in-universe for one episode, and then he was literally Rescued From the Scrappy Heap. Whether he actually was a scrappy for the audience is a different story.
  • Sexophone: Given that the animated segments are parodies of classic detective stories and Film Noir, one would occasionally play for Rosie O'Gravy (specifically whenever Ace would think of her in his narrations).
  • Show Within a Show
  • Shout-Out: Way too many to name, but here's one example.

  Bowser (just smashed a hole in the wall as the door is blocked by a panicking Eliot, Bruno and Artie): "Here's Bowser! And I brought the tools."

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