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File:Cybermen 6972.jpg
"You've no home planet, no influence, nothing. You're nothing but a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers skulking about the galaxy in an ancient spaceship."
—Now begone, Cybermen, before The Doctor taunts you a second time

The Time Ring gets the Doctor and companions back to Nerva Beacon all right - but at the wrong time (typical shoddy Time Lord tech), instead putting them many millennia earlier than their previous visit. The station is an active radio beacon controlling space traffic around Earth, particularly with reference to a new asteroid in orbit around Jupiter - a "planet of gold" called Voga. However, all is not going well - a space plague is rife on the station and has killed all but a few of the crew, and the Doctor and friends are of course immediately suspected.

The space plague turns out to be poison, spread by a traitorous scientist, Dr. Kellman on behalf of the Cybermen, who wish to gain access to, and destroy, Voga because of their weakness to gold. Sarah Jane is infected with the plague but is cured by Harry through the use of a transmat system. When the Cybermen arrive, the Doctor and the others are forced to carry cobalt bombs into the heart of Voga, but the Doctor exploits the Cybermen's radar system and rids himself of his bomb to make contact with the Vogans. (No, not those Vogons.) It seems that Kellman is in fact working for them, luring the Cybermen onto Nerva Beacon, which the Vogans will then destroy with their Skystriker rocket. The Doctor returns to the beacon and informs the humans, but the Cybermen hear of the plan and evacuate. The Skystriker is launched (crashingly obvious Saturn V library footage), but the Doctor manages to divert it to hit the Cybermen's ship using the beacon's radio signals.

The TARDIS appears back on the station, having been sent to catch up with them by the Time Lords, and on boarding the ship, the Doctor receives a message from The Brigadier, requesting assistance back on Earth...


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