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File:The Unicorn and the Wasp 8507.jpg

 Agatha: Agatha Christie.

Donna: What about her?

Agatha:...That's me.

Donna: No.

The Doctor has brought Donna to the twenties for a nice garden party. Meanwhile, a Professor Peach is murdered, in the library, with the lead pipe.

Also at the party is Agatha Christie herself. Pity she won't remember it: the date is 8 December 1926, and Agatha will mysteriously vanish and turn up ten days later, confused and with no memory of where she'd been. [1] Which means that whatever freaked out (not-yet-Dame) Agatha is about to happen. But right now, there's a murder to be solved!

 Agatha: Someone should call the police.

The Doctor: We don't have to! Chief Inspector Smith from Scotland Yard. Known as "The Doctor". Miss Noble is the plucky young girl that helps me out.

But who murdered Professor Peach? Was it The Flapper? The Vicar? The Colonel? The mother? The two secretly gay men? The Doctor and Donna are both delighted to be solving a murder mystery together with Agatha, but Agatha reminds them that (a) she only writes books and she knows nothing about actual crime solving, and (b) murder is not funny and could they please stop squeeing.

Over the course of an afternoon of wacky hijinks that cleverly recall the titles of many of Christie's works (seriously, try it as a drinking game!), the Doctor, Donna and Mrs. Christie all piece together a story of forbidden love, murder, secret identities, abandoned babies and alien bling. In the end, it turns out that the killer (a giant alien wasp) was telepathically linked with someone reading a Christie book, which explains why the world suddenly started behaving like a Christie book.

Also, Donna snogs the Doctor, but it makes sense in context and he tasted like anchovy.


 Professor Peach: I say... what are you doing with that lead piping?

 Butler: I beg your pardon?!?

 Donna: I mean... Professor Peach, in the library, with the lead piping?

  • Mistaken Confession: As Christie and the Doctor expose the house's secrets, the Colonel cracks and admits he doesn't need his wheelchair... much to their surprise.

 Agatha: Actually, I was going to say you're completely innocent. Sorry.

  Ever so nice to meet you, I don't fink.

 Agatha Christie: The Unicorn. He’s here!

The Doctor: The Unicorn and the Wasp...

  • Troperrific: And the Doctor clearly knows, and is loving every moment of it.
  • Unreliable Narrator: About half of the "Where were you at a quarter past four?" flashbacks don't really match what the character says they were doing. Usually hilariously.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Murder at the vicar's rage (*ahem*) when the boys are stealing things from the church.
  • Vertigo Effect: On Lady Edison when she realizes that the reverend is the child she gave up forty years ago.
  • The Vicar: Subverted; he starts out looking like the embodiment of the trope, but then...
  • Wazzzzptalk: "Put thozzzzzze thingzzzzz back where you found themzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ!"
  • What the Hell, Hero?

  The Doctor: Donna, that thing couldn't help itself.


  1. This really did happen, though possibly not the memory loss. She turned up on 18 December 1926 in a hotel not far away, where she'd checked in under a pseudonym, and never gave an account of her missing days. It's thought she might have suffered a fugue state.
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