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Quotes from Divine Blood:

Kaname Chidori

 Kaname: "Oh yes there is! When we get out of here, we're Akibahara-bound and it's cuteness overload for us."

  Kaname: "It's high school basketball not life or death! You're better than almost everybody here, I don't see any of them threatening to kill themselves. But you have to end it all because one person is better than you? Do you know how selfish that sounds!"

Kaname: *I wish he had longer to talk about...things with Sousuke.*

Eija: *It was rather...abrupt, but I think you managed to get across that you accepted...what we were.*

Kaname: *What did you think I'd do? Run screaming from the building? Do you think I'm some sort of insensitive jerk?*

 Eija: *I have blood on my hands, Eija said. You can't know how it got there.*

Kaname: *Oh would you quit being stupid? We're in each other's heads. We've been through life and death situations. I know the difference between a cold killer and someone...whose had an unpleasant life.*

 Kaname: "No, not going to hear it. You two have been talking about protecting me and such, well hear this. You are going to have fun today! You are going to the beach with us and you are wearing the swimsuit I got you. Because if you're protecting me, then I'm making sure you know what you've been missing."

 Kaname: "We are seriously not going to do any good worrying about him. So we're going to be confident and believe and all that will float through and get to him and make him come back in one piece, got it."

 Kaname: "Okay then! Webber, grab the gear and follow us."

Kurz: "All of it, me?"

Kaname: "You do not snicker under your breath at me. And let's go have fun!"

Kurz: "Sheesh, has she been taking lessons from Mao?"

 Kaname: "You know, I forget sometimes that she's almost as out of it as he is."

 Kaname: "For once I'm glad Sousuke's a paranoid, unsocialized, overprotective attack dog."

Mizuki Inaba

 Shinji: "So, we're going to spend the last three days here in a hotel? Can Satomi-san afford that?"

Mizuki: "Oh, she looks like she's got deep pockets, As long as it gets us away from the old hag. I haven't gotten even one bite of Eija's Greek food the entire time we've been here!"

Shinji: "Don't you think of anyone else?"

Mizuki: "Of course I do, I haven't been teaching Masaru or Izumi new words to tell their grandmother. And I haven't been writing rumors on the walls or cutting up her clothes or drawing beards on all the photographs of her."

Shinji: "Well, at least your getting a bit more ma..."

Mizuki: "I did find her credit card and home address though."

Sousuke Sagara

Basil: "I claim these females in the name of the Musk Empire."

Sousuke: "I'm afraid I cannot comply."
—* BOOM*

 Sousuke: "Yes, we were having a tactical discussion on how to counter the attack made against you. Given that you are probably the best expert available, I thought to get your advice."

Eija: "You asked me for advice on how to cheer me up?"

Kaname: *So, this is weird even for you?*

Eija: *I'm confused.*

Kaname: *Well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one he can do that to.*

Deimosu Satomi

 Deimosu: "Okay, that worked a little bit better than I thought."

 Deimosu: "I need to find a way to increase my chi for a fight."

Yonjuu: "You need to be more powerful than that?"

Deimosu: "I need to be more powerful than I am personally and able to access that power in something a lot less than ten minutes."

Yonjuu: "Oh, yes, I can see where that time limit might be a problem."

 Deimosu: "The nervous system runs on electricity. It runs the rest of the body. I'm electro-kinetic. And I'm no akira I can short out any part of you I want. Temporarily or permanently."

Prisoner: "So what, Are you going to shut down my lungs or heart if I don't talk?"

Deimosu: "I'm not going to kill you until I'm done. That wouldn't do me any good.

Eija Satomi

 Random Student: "So what hobbies do you have? Drinking blood and turning into bats?"

Kagurazaka-sensei: "Tanaka-san! Behave yourself."

Eija: "I like herbology and painting, actually, I don't know much about blood rites and it isn't safe to dabble."

 Eija: "She's got a good hand, fold."

 Eija: "Naiki, Deimosu. The spirits of the dead are my concern."

Sophia: "I'm not dead."

Eija: "You're dead enough. And you will not hurt my friends."

 Eija: "It's always about blood with me."

Naiki Satomi

 Naiki: "Violent, tumultuous, overwhelming flow."

 Naiki: "You did beat up my teacher!"

 Eija: "Naiki! Why did you take on a spirit without me? If I hadn't found you, I wouldn't have been able to help you."

Naiki: "I thought I could handle it."

Tessa: *Naiki, are you okay?*

Naiki: "Am I fine?"

Eija: "No! You're bleeding out of your eyes! But I think I can fix it."

Naiki: *Eija says I'm fine.*

Tessa: *Why are you such a terrible liar?*

Naiki: *I'll be fine?*

Tessa:' *Better*

Ranma Satomi/Ranma Saotome

Ranma: "Lesbian. Go away."
—to Kurz Weber before the Handsome Lech could say anything
Ranma: "You see, this is why you don't underestimate people. This kid holds himself well enough that he should be able last at least half a minute, but he assumed I was weak and opened himself right up."
—to Naiki while holding Issei in an arm lock

 Ranma: "Tell her they're all grounded if they don't come back alive. That's it."

 Ranma: "Too weak to be Herb unless he's been sitting on his ass eating potato chips for sixteen years."

 Ranma: "Right hand, this is left hand, what are you doing over there?"

 Ranma: "First rule of being a sensei: Find reasons to make your daily chores training."

 Ranma: "Mystics are half-trained morons that put together incomplete theories out of anime and old myths."

 Ranma: "Really, just show me the uncut crystals before I really lose my patience and start demonstrating what's wrong instead of just telling you!"

 Ranma: "Our fight was over a woman we both knew. So don't worry about any under-the-table footsy. I outgrew pretending to be attracted to men ages ago."

Mara: "Well?"

  • Beatdown*

Ranma: "Have I made myself clear?"

Mara: *pained, silent nodding*
—Mara getting her payback for shanghai-ing Naiki out of the way.

 Ranma: "Okay then, Naiki, Eija, we're going to my room. Everybody else, enjoy the food. This is my house. All smiting privileges are mine."

Persephone: "Smiting privileges, what an amusing joke."

Sousuke: "That was not a joke, I have found Miss Satomi to be rather glib with her threats, but she tends not to bluff."

Mara: "It's really not a joke."

Ranma: "And, Saotome-san, you can crush hearts, but, if I want to, I can reach your soul."
—to Nodoka Saotome

Tessa Testarossa

Tessa: "Gentlemen, Humanity has arrived on the block."
—on successfully becoming Ainur

 Tessa: "Urzu-7, execute."

Tessa/Naiki: "Get out of our ocean!"
—to Poseidon

Kyoko Tokiwa

 Ranma: "Can you give us..."

Kyoko: "Oh yes, Give me a moment and you can talk about being psychics and demigods."

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