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Hilarious Spoilers Ahead!!!

  • During the climactic mech suit battle, Wikus uses the mech's gravity gun-like weapon to pick up a dead pig and fire it at a soldier.
  • The incredibly obviously photoshopped picture of Wikus having sex with a Prawn prostitute.
  • FOOK!
  • Wikus trying to win over Christopher's son with a lollipop "sweetie," only to have the little guy bean him in the head with it!
  • At one point during the evictions, Wikus and the soldiers confront a Prawn wearing a propeller hat. There's something innately funny about a freaky, seven-foot-tall alien bug creature with a little spinning pinwheel perched on its head.
    • For this troper it was the one who was wearing...I don't know if it was a tank top or a bra but it was pink.
  • "Baby, listen, I might have crapped in my pants--" "SURPRISE!". Followed by Wikus desperately trying to reach the toilet but being repeatedly accosted by various people who want to talk to him.

 Wikus: I might have crapped in my pants--


Wikus: (craps in pants again)

  • The conversation between Wikus and Christopher Johnson as they break into MNU.

 Christopher Johnson: I thought you said not to kill them?

Wikus Van De Merwe: He shot at me!

  • Wikus's mother in her closing interview, acting put upon for everything her son has suffered: "Wikus, sadly, is gone... (sighs) But I'm the one who stays behind with all the questions. I can't give the answers."
  • Wikus stumbles into CJ's shack--battered, bloodied and carrying an ax--and tries to convince CJ to let him hide out. And Little CJ falls for the ruse.

 Wikus: (frantic) Okay, please, I-I need your help! Shhhh! (to Little CJ) Okay, we're gonna play 'hide and seek'!

Little CJ: (excited) Yes! Yes!

CJ: No, get back.

  • "Is that tear-gas?" "No, it's cat food." The tone clinches it.
  • "You hid this under your shack for twenty years!!! This is ... this is very illegal! There's a fine."
  • The automated instructions in the MNU vehicles: "When dealing with aliens, try to be polite, but firm. And always remember that a smile is cheaper than a bullet."
  • When the Prawn mothership experiences a power surge, it emits a single, brief hum that lasts less than a second--and blows out every window in the city.
    • And a bit later, it lets out another and sets off every car alarm in the city simultaneously.
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