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For characters that appear in the games, see the Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4 and Makai Kingdom character sheets.


File:Vesuvius 2 6153.png

  Younger brother of Krichevskoy, and Laharl's uncle. Despite his muscular physique, he talks like a woman and doesn't have the guts to stand up to his own wife. He wears a radiantly colored pink mantle that if you see it once, you'll never forget it. Was once in love with Sakura, but he was turned down.

Tropes associated with Vesuvius:


File:Yasurl 3 2843.png

  Vesuvius’s wife, and Laharl's aunt. Back in the day, after Laharl’s mother died, she "took care" of him for a 100 years, and she abused him with her whip. Since then Laharl has hated women with sexy bodies. She is not fond of Laharl being the Overlord because he has human blood running through his veins.

Tropes associated with Yasurl:


File:Shas 7344.png

  Vesuvius and Yasurl's daughter and the younger twin sister of Kira. A rather young demon. Used to share her body with Kira, but he tried to take over her body, so she rejected him. She now “plays” with Laharl a lot, setting up traps to destroy him. She's a tad-bit crazy and is one of Laharl's problems.

Tropes associated with Shas:


File:Kira 3 7949.png

  Vesuvius and Yasurl’s son and the older twin brother of Shas. He's actually a ghost and can take control of Shas's body. Has a sick mind and tried to trick Flonne and Etna; and took hostage of Shas’s body to try to defeat Laharl. In the end, he was purified by Flonne and was sentenced to be a prinny for 100,000 years for assassination attempt to the Overlord. He is currently spending time in Celestia to repent.

Tropes associated with Kira:


File:Jane 4 7130.png

  Daughter of Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! and Jennifer. She can identify the difference between Shas and Kira (who is a ghost). She has been fond of Laharl ever since he saved her from Kira.

Tropes associated with Jane:


File:Ozonne2 6759.png

  Flonne's younger sister. Rare kind of angel: she likes money more than love and is the exact opposite of Flonne. She ran away from home. She is fond of Laharl since he's the Overlord, and she is always arguing with Flonne. She came to the Netherworld as an exchange student, but went back to Celestia to become a woman worthy of Laharl.

Tropes associated with Ozonne:

 You're a weak and incompetent brat.

  • Bokukko
  • Hair Decorations: The bandanna curled on the top of her head. Subverted as it is most likely not meant to make her look cuter, but more male-ish since its shape is reminiscent of hats some male angels wear, like her father.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: When Ozonne met Laharl she was disappointed by his looks.

 You're the Overlord? You're tinier than I thought.

  • Friendless Background: Her "alternative" beliefs has most likely not earned her many friends, if any, in the world of Celestia. She grows quickly attached to Laharl, who might have been the first person she had ever met that have similar beliefs to that of her own.
  • First-Name Basis: Overlord Laharl gives Ozonne special permission to call him just Laharl because they immediately hit it off so well.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: She is the sister with her head on ground level.
  • Good Is Not Nice: She is a good person with the best of intentions for the people angels have vowed to protect, yet really unpleasant to be around unless you are of the same perception as her.
  • Green Eyes
  • Green-Eyed Monster: She is envious of Flonne in many ways. Flonne's status as a fallen angel is one of them.
  • Grumpy Bear: Milder version, but not if compared to other Celestians.
  • The Heretic: She propagates beliefs that go against Celestia's official dogma and is considered to be a heretic, but she is not excommunicated for it because Seraph Lamington wants to let heretics run free.
  • I Am Not My Parents: She is ashamed of even being related to them.

 I get goosebumps just from thinking that I'm related to them by blood.

  • Informed Attribute: The narrator claims Ozonne is slightly better endowed than Flonne. The artwork does not back this up.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: According to the narrator, the only thing that distinguishes her from completely resembling a male is the very very slight curve of her breasts.
  • Love Freak: Completely inverted of course.

 Love? What's the use for some insubstantial thing like that?

 Love isn't a solution to world hunger, is it? Just give them money.

Terre and Elle

File:Terre and elle 4 731.png

  Flonne and Ozonne's parents. Father Terre is always refreshed, and mother Elle is always smiling. Even bigger "Warriors of Love" than Flonne. "LOVE" is their family motto. They made an oath with Laharl to make sure he stays friendly with Flonne forever.

Tropes associated with Terre and Elle:


File:Sakura 3 2422.jpg

  A woman looking for rare and legendary swords. She's female, but she likes flat-chested girls. She wears a traditional Japanese Kimono. She carries a Masamune she created out of Caliburn, and she's a Master Swords-woman. She can't use magic but she can use a couple-hundred swords at the same time. She is on a journey to find both Caliburn and Excalibur, because she burns with passion as a 'Sword Maniac'. Her power is equal to that of Laharl, and her life is divided between several other archangels. She has once beaten Laharl. She was once an archangel working under Lamington, but since angels change between male and female depending on the situation, after becoming a Sword Master her male-side dominated her heart. But after she lost to Laharl, her female-side took over, she fell in love with Laharl and now she stays at the Overlord's castle.

Tropes associated with Sakura:

Gwen/The Queen

File:Gwen2 7437.png

  Wife of the King who ruled the human world about a thousand years ago. Laharl met her when he and Flonne travelled back in time. He became very fond of her since he was aware that she's in fact his mother. After Sakura came to steal the King's Excalibur, she and Gwen went to the future world of the Netherworld. She became Sakura's servant, but she escaped and met Krichevskoy, married, and had Laharl.

Tropes associated with Gwen:

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