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What are these tangentially existing things of which you speak?
Examples of Discontinuity/Meta include:
  • There was never a wiki tool called Troper Tales, ever.
    • This Troper has a really interesting story about it! It was when she was at that sci-fi convention in the Bay Area, and Steven Moffat was there, and Nathan Fillion...
  • There is no Fetish Fuel Wiki. And there never was.
  • What the hell is Fanon Discontinuity? Surely there's no such thing as people acting as if fictional events were never imagined as if it actually matters and speaking of it in a condescending tone and interrupting something off-topic just to say it doesn't exist, or it becoming so ridiculously common that the gaps in memory can only be explained by a massive series of gas-leaks.
  • The Live Action TV page on Fanon Discontinuity was always the length it is now. Reports that it was originally much longer and claimed that pretty much every single part of Doctor Who never happened are clearly mistaken.
  • There was no strikethrough markup tag.
  • Nobody on the face of the Earth spends hours upon hours reading through a massive catalog of tropes used in television or other media. That would be wrong. Nor would anyone have bothered wasting such inordinate amounts of time creating such a catalog. And they certainly wouldn't do something as silly as cataloging fictional events withing a series that they choose to ignore. I mean, they have a page on the idea, but it's completely hypothetical. As is the rest of the catalog, of course.
  • No one on the wiki has ever Potholed anything that may have even been mildly confrontational to the Take That article. That would be rude and idiotic. Also wrong.
  • I don't exist. These words are nothing more than a figment of your imagination, brought on by hours of sleep deprivation. These hours imagination, brought nothing on by hours words are nothing sleep hours words are nothing deprivation hours of sleep more than a figment hours imagination, brought nothing on by hours of sleep deprivation...
    • I object to the first statement. If your world can be deceived, you still have to exist in it. Why? Well to draw on Descartes, if you can be deceived about something, than that indicates that the something has to be there to begin with (even if nothing's there, nothing is that something). If are deceived, and you think you do exist, than you can say that you are being deceived and you do exist. However, if you didn't exist, there'd be nothing to deceive, so by the mere act of thinking, you prove your own existence. All the rest I can take.
    • Ah, but the non-existent troper above never claimed they were deceived into thinking they existed, they claimed you were deceived into thinking they existed. Except that they didn't actually claim anything, because they never existed. Um.
    • There is no such thing as planet Earth. Hey wait a se..(Insert pop sounds)
  • Nothing can be conclusively proven to be real other than yourself. And you could be wrong.
  • You are all mere mental images conjured by my brain.
  • "Nothing Exists saves empty space and you, and you are but a thought."

  - Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger

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