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Technology that heavily involves music, usually either activating things, or somehow being a power source.

This cannot be music for puzzle solving, or things like that. It has to be technology using music.

Name is a pun on the term "discotheque".

Magic Music is the magic counterpart to this trope.

Compare The Power of Rock, Band Land.

If the music is used as a weapon, you're looking for Musical Assassin.

Examples of Disco Tech include:

Anime and Manga


Live Action Television

  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Paradise Syndrome" features a potentally world-destroying asteroid held at bay by a repulsive field that is controlled through the use of music

Video Games

  • In Chrono Trigger, the cathedral of the Middle Ages features doors that can be opened by playing a nearby organ.
  • In Mother 3, you can perform combo attacks by pressing the A button to the beat of the battle music. This feature is described in-game as a "sound battle".

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • The lost city of Tinnabula from the two-part Tale Spin episode "For Whom the Bell Klangs".
  • A Disney Silly Symphonies short "Music Land" involved a war between anthropomorphic violins and horns, playing their music as weapons.
  • There's an episode of Batman the Animated Series which involves playing the beginning of "Ode To Joy" to unlock the secret room.
  • The girl's voice in Rock and Rule was significant to help Mok with his summoning spell.

Real Life

  • While not strictly musical, the principle behind acoustic refrigeration relies on resonating sound. The effect is something close to a real-life version of Maxwell's theoretical demon.
  • The Zeusaphone is essentially a Tesla coil that shoots lightning, tuned in such a way as to produce musical notes.
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