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  • The first episode opens with a basketball game, much like the previous series. Its main purpose is to reintroduce Taiki and Yuu, but also to introduce Tagiru... whose big achievement is leaping off another player's face and slamming into the backboard face-first!
  • Although it comes right on the end of a Moment of Awesome, Tagiru and Arresterdramon's reactions to Shoutmon showing up and sending Sagomon flying with a single sock to the face was priceless.
    • At the end of the same episode, Tagiru and Gumdramon stating their desires to surpass Taiki and Shoutmon. Shoutmon is amused by this, and has Taiki show off the Xros Heart members who joined him. Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Cutemon, Starmon, and the Pickmons all show up, and our new heroes realize they have a lot of catching up to do.
  • Episode five has a few of them, including Cutemon's attempts to fight Opossumon. He appears, declares himself a warrior of love, and... ends up healing Opossumon without realizing it. Cho*Hakkaimon's antics are also rather entertaining, as is Opossumon's jealousy of Cutemon and her attempts to earn affection from Airu.
  • Pretty much all of episode seven, from the sheer audacity of Gumdramon carrying around a car sized serving of okonomiyaki, to him having to play Whack-A-Mole with a wild Jagamon.
  • Tagiru's reaction to realizing that he didn't get any money or Digimon from helping out Hideaki, a perfect counterpoint to the other boy basically shrugging it off and saying "well, at least we did a good deed."
  • The end of episode nine, where Zenjirou makes his return, loudly asking where the watchmaker is located. Even Tagiru notes that he's being way too loud.
  • Tagiru performing an epic FALCON KICK! to whom he perceives to be Nene's stalker...only to find out the man was just an actor performing a role in the scene Nene was filming.
    • It's then topped by him taking said actor's place... and getting roundhouse kicked by Nene a minute late as part of the scene.
  • Airu trapping what she thinks is an adorable Pandamon. It's really Betsumon in disguise... and then he tries to take her skirt.
  • In order to defeat a powerful monster created from a drawing, Tagiru asks Shouta to draw a powerful item that Arresterdramon can use. Shouta takes a moment to think about it, whips it up and has Ekakimon bring out... a giant eraser. The reactions on the faces of Team Xros Heart and their Digimon were hilarious.
    • Then Arresterdramon starts to erase it with his eraser fused trident tail, which you will take less and less seriously.
  • Let's face it, "Roast of the Pig" is the best attack name ever because of this.
  • Episode 23. "Old man capture complete!"
  • In Episode 24, amidst all the awesomeness, we cut to Jou, who had been fighting Quartzmon's forces throughout the Digital World, wondering where everyone went. Cue Gomamon showing up to tell him that everyone went to help out in Tokyo and left him behind.
    • In the same episode, Zenjirou freaks out about how Takuya and Takato's evolutions work, and confuses Imperialdramon and Omegamon's appearances as Digi-Xros. Then Tentomon shows up and explains to him (and the audience) just how their variety of evolution works.
    • Shoutmon asking Beelzebumon why he went into Nene's Xros Loader. His guess was spot-on, too. Hearing an embarrassed Beelzebumon was priceless.

 Are you that worried about Mervamon?

    • On a related note, what is the resulting combination of Beelzemon's Death: The Cannon and Mervamon's Sexy Dynamite? Sexy: The Cannon!
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