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 Tai: "Wow, how scary!"

Izzy: "Women are indeed dangerous once they're upset..."

Kari: Don't let her beat you! Hit her! Hit her harder, harder, HARDER!

    • Izzy's dub line in this scene is even funnier.
    • Kari's reaction was pure hilarity...normally an OOC moment can be jarring, but from the usually sweet and soft spoken was comedic gold.
  • When Mimi refuses to sing karaoke to awaken ShogunGeckomon, Tai tries singing himself, followed by Joe and a duet by Agumon and Gomamon. In the Japanese version, where Mimi sings the ending song, everyone tries to sing the same song, but are horribly off key and mess up the lyrics that the only thing funnier may be the other characters' reactions.
  • Tentomon accidentally reveals he's not a stuffed animal in front of Izzy's parents. Naturally they freak when they hear him talking...and Izzy's mom faints. The look on Izzy's face during this whole event is what just makes this scene so perfect! XD
    • The baby pulling on Yokomon's petal in the train, Yokomon so fed up with the brat pulling on her, finally screams at the kid to let her go. Forgetting she's suppose to be a stuffed doll. The train goes dead silent. The looks on our 7 heroes faces...just brilliant.
  • In a scene cut from the dub version, when the kids are trying to hitchhike to Odaiba, Matt gives it a shot and a woman in a sports car pulls up and wants him to get in.
    • And the faces!
  • The kids all chilling at Devimon's illusion mansion, (yes another bath scene), the boys and their digimon are on one side, the girls on the other. The girls have a relaxing time, until they realize Gomamon is with them on their side. Naturally, the girls get ticked, throw Gomamon over to the other side, the boys all wondering where the HELL he came from!
  • At the final battle, when they all get their gusto and find the power within, when its Gabumon's turn to reminisce...
    • Gabumon: "As for you Matt..." Matt: "You don't have to say anything... I know." "There was that time when-" "Yeah that's right, I remember." "And then you and I-" "I know.." "Remember when we-?" "Didn't you hear me? I said you don't have to say anything." As clips of various moments from the series play.
  • Anytime a Numemon, or when Sukamon and Chuumon hit on Mimi...expect this.
  • Episode 44 has MetalGreymon's Giga Destroyer (a giant missile) against a Garbagemon, who counters with his Poop Bazooka (Exactly What It Says on the Tin). The doink that happens when they collide just seals the deal.
    • Mimi catching one of their projectiles in mid-air, and throwing it back. The look on their and Puppetmon's faces is priceless.
  • During Episode 11, Gomamon and Piyomon manage to trick a dumb Bakemon guard (they know he's dumb because, according to Gomamon, Digimon who blow Snot Bubbles are easily tricked), into letting them go by demanding he start torturing them
  • During the Final Battle:

 Mimi: "Next time, Lillymon, could you use someone else as a boomerang?"

Lillymon: "Sorry, but I wanted to make sure you came back to me!"

    • And...

  Bakemon: "You guys are weird Digimon."

  • This was dubbed by Saban Entertainment, who dubbed Samurai Pizza Cats, so it's no wonder that some of the English jokes came off as clever and funny.
  • Basically the entire movie was full of Rapid-Fire Comedy. At one point, Tai and Izzy leave their computers, and when they get back, Tai's cat walks away from it, as the computer says "Thank you for visiting meow! dot com".
    • Just after the battle with Diaboromon.

 Izzy: I'm, about, to barf!

Tai: Wait 'til you try the cake.

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