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Superpowers within a setting that goes by a universal term by the characters who may have them such as Quirks, Nen, and Stands. Each person has a power(s) that is unique to them depending on the nature of it and how the user may implement it. The superpower of the person may have its own title from the user that can help describe what it can do. Depending on the media, a person would be limited to one power while others may have combo platter of powers. Compare with Differently Powered Individuals but with powers called a certain name that belong to a group that people use being emphasized rather than a group of people with powers called a certain name.

Anime & Manga

  • Nen from Hunter X Hunter is a technique to utilize one's aura in different applications. To gain a proper grasp of Nen, one would need to practice the Four Major Principles. Ten is enshrouding the body with aura where it can give basic defense from emotional and physical attacks. Zetsu is suppression of aura to point of transparency. Ren is outputting aura on a fierce level to increase physical strength and durability. Hatsu is the release of a person's expression of Nen that follows 6 categories and based on the users' preference. The 6 categories of auras are born with one of these types which are Enhancement, Transmutation, Conjuration, Emission, Manipulation, and Specialization. Enhancers can empower their bodies and items, Transmutors can change their auras to match qualities of known matter or matter of a different nature, Emitters can project their aura in different ways, Manipulators can control living organisms and inanimate objects, and Specialists uses aura in a unique way different from the other 5 categories. One person is born with one category are not limited to one. An Enhancer can show compatibility with Emission and Transmutation. Conjurers and Manipulators can learn Specialization sooner than the others while also showing compatibility to Emission and Conjuration. Enough Time and training can lead to a combination of powers based on the user.
  • Sigils from Darwin's Game are a power granted by the titular phone app to its players. Each player is granted a unique yet randomized ability which means no one would have the same Sigil.
  • Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which is usually humanoid Guardian Entities that have a unique power related to the user's personality. They can take on other forms such as locks, guns, and even rope. Sub-stands also exist that come with their own abilities different from their original Stand.
  • Embryos from Infinite Dendrogram are abilities that players have in the titular VRMMO. Their forms and powers are based on a player's personality, actions, and experiences in the game's world. Depending on the personality of the person can determine one of 5 broad types: Arms, Guardner, Chariot, Castle, and Territory. Embryos can also evolve as the player experiences the game which may give other skills and Types from its initial development.
  • Kekkei Genkai from Naruto is unique techniques based on the wielders' DNA. They passed down from generations in a clan and follow three types. Dojutsu is eye powers that can enhance perception, advanced nature transformation by combining two basic chakra natures in order to make a new one, and manipulation of one's body.
  • Ignition Abilities from Fire Force are pyrokinetic power of generating fire from extremities that Third Generations have. This power can be combined with items like sword hilts, flags, and even bubblegum.

Korean Webtoon

  • Natural Abilities and Acquired Abilities from The Gamer webtoon are two types of powers. Natural Abilities are granted by Gaia based on the person's most traumatizing aspect in their life which the main protagonist has the titular ability. Acquired Abilities are those of magic and ki manipulation developed from past knowledge where one can train themselves through practice and study. Natural Abilities are exclusive to those that Gaia has granted while Acquired Abilities can be learned by anyone even Natural Ability users. Clans and guilds train in both magic and ki manipulation while there are individuals who practice in a specialization.

Video Games

  • Psychs from The World Ends With You are powers that come from Pins for Players in the Reaper's Game to use. Most Players can only use one Psych while the main character, Neku, can use many.
  • Drives from Blazblue are the manifestation of a soul's power using the force known as Blue. There are two ways this power can be achieved by a person who can pull the Blue to them or a soul close to the Blue. One can be awakened to a Drive or be born with it.
  • Atma from Digital Devil Saga is a virus that can affect humans and allow them to transform into an Atma Avatar, a monstrous form based on mythological entities. A human infected by Atma has superhuman powers and magical ones while transformed. Another effect of the disease is how there is a need to devour another infected by Atma or fall to a berserk state.
  • Persona from the Persona series is manifestations of a person's personality as a sort of "mask" to help face difficulties in life. They are based on mythological archetypes that dwell in the collective unconscious. Those who awaken to the potential usually have one Persona unless they have the Wild Card ability that allows a person to hold multiple Personas. They have their own unique powers along with influencing their users physical and mental faculties like superhuman physique and resistance from negative trauma.


  • Peculiarities from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children are special powers that manifest in people called Peculiars that can develop from infancy or when one is elderly. There are five categories for Peculiarities which are Aggressive, Passive, Physical, Internal, Elemental, and Uncertain. Aggressive need to be activated, Passives are one all the time, Physicals grow with the body, Internals are mental abilities, Elementals have elemental properties like cyrokinensis and pyrokinesis, Uncertain seems to be more peculiar from the other categories.
  • Graces from Graceling that are unique and strange skills that people are known as Gracelings gain. Who can be identified by mismatched eyes and appear within a few months after birth or early in childhood. They can be singing, giving dreams, extreme capability in fighting, and never sleeping.

Western Animation

  • Bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender is the power and art of manipulating one of four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire that certain people can utilize. Each element has its own style and applications; an example would be Waterbending allows the manipulation of not just water but also steam and ice while also being able to heal injuries. The one person throughout the world is known as the Avatar who can bend all four elements and other abilities as well.
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