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  • Li Xiao-lang (Li Syaoran), Cardcaptor Sakura, a male canon love interest in a series with a large Girls Love fandom. He's not a particularly ornery guy and has a positive following as much as a negative one... but that still doesn't save the boy from being called "gaki" ("brat", Kero's nickname for him) by his haters, having his and Sakura's hook-up described as an "evil heterosexual conspiracy forged by CLAMP and destined to screw up with the yuri" (Yes, CLAMP. Really!), or having rabid yuri fans twist him into a horrible abuser in order to pair a whiny, wussified, victimized Sakura who "forgets" that she can whip Syaoran's ass with the Sakura cards if he mistreats her, with an ultra saintly and perfect Tomoyo who's been twisted into a Possession Sue.
    • Sakura herself has been bashed by a few fans for picking Syaoran instead of Tomoyo and being oblivious to the latter's more-than-friendly affections. Fans either called her "stupid" and "naive" for picking the boy "because everyone said she should," while completely ignoring that despite being on the naive side Sakura is not a wishy-washy idiot and can more than make her own choices, and that she fell in love with Syaoran of her own accord.
  • Kaho Mizuki, Eriol's canon love interest, is hated by two groups of shippers: Eriol/Tomoyo fans, and a smaller group of Touya/Yukito fans. Mizuki's romantic history with Touya occurs well before the story; in the story, Kaho is very supportive of Touya's new relationship. There's also a Hot for Student aspect to her relationship with Eriol that squicks people who forget or deliberately ignore both Eriol's true age and that she never was his teacher. In Eriol/Tomoyo fic, her only role is usually to leave Eriol without warning and never return, based on how her relationship with Touya ended, even though in canon she did reunite with Touya and become friends as she said she would when she first left.
  • Even after Clingy Jealous Girl Meiling broke off her engagement to her Unlucky Childhood Friend Syaoran willingly and came to care for Sakura (which she tells Tomoyo right after she gives up her Childhood Marriage Promise), she's still demonized by rabid Sakura/Syaoran shippers. This is silly because Sakura and Syaoran are an Official Couple and Meiling comes to support it. Meiling was an anime only character designed to be an antagonist to their relationship, which would normally make the hate understandable; but, aside from failing to notice when she let the fella go, the Fan Dumb flanderized it to death and often portrayed Meiling as a Complete Monster rather than the bratty but good-hearted rival she truly was. They even said that she would deliberately attack and hurt Sakura out of romantic jealousy. In canon, the worst thing she did to Sakura was kicking her and Tomoyo out of Shaoran's apartment; and she still showed genuine care for her rival even back when they were rivals.
  • There's also the bashing of Nakuru Akizuki from rabid Touya/Yukito fans... fans of an Official Couple. Nakuru did start out mostly seeking Touya's power to get rid of Yue and weaken Sakura's offensive entourage, giving Touya/Yukito fans a legitimate reason to dislike her... but she became Just Friends (or Vitriolic Best Buds, from Touya's POV) to both of them after Touya and Yukito's Relationship Upgrade.
  • Yukito sometimes gets bashed by Touya het-shippers. They call him a boring, shallow, too-perfect Mary Sue who is completely superfluous to the plot and say he could have been killed off or merged with Yue after the first arc with no complications.
  • While Sonomi does canonically resent Fujitaka's marrying her beloved cousin Nadeshiko, the man's been called an "evil bastard" for "ruining Sonomi's life" - even though he's canonically portrayed as a good man and a wonderful father who loved his wife and loves his kids very much. (Or how Nadeshiko didn't owe Sonomi any romance and willingly chose Fujitaka, even facing disownment from her family.)
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