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  • So in Cabin Fever, how on earth did Manny turn off the power at the circuit breaker at his young age and in a flooded basement? How did Greg's mom NOT notice that the power was on in Manny's room - didn't she ever check on her youngest child all night?
    • The part where Manny turns off the power would be unlikely but could happen. He just needed to see an adult do it first. Susan not going into his room to say goodnight is a little harder ot buy. Maybe he told her not to come into his room? And she thought he was wrapping presents or something?
    • For the Susan not checking, don't forget her glasses had been broken by Manny. She probably just called to him, seeing as she couldn't see.
  • How can Roderick call himself a rocker and not know how to spell "door", as in "The Doors"!
    • Rodrick is a metal fan, and doesn't seem to be the type to concern himself with other genres of rock.
    • Kids these days....
  • When Greg went to the school lock-in, why did it take until 3 a.m. for the parents to get worried enough about their kids not answering their mobiles?
    • They probably assumed the kids were too busy to answer their phones which is why they took a while...but why they suddenly started getting worried because the kids wouldn't answer at a time when they SHOULD be asleep is still beyond me.
      • Lock ins are basically like sleep overs. You aren't really expected to sleep much.
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