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  • Most definitely Dexter's talk with Spirit Harry in the last episode of season 3.
  • Dexter conversation with Ramon Prado. He intended to show the mourning Ramon proof that Miguel was a murderer but as the conversation went on, he decided to "soothe the wild beast by removing its thorn." Or something to that effect.
  • Dexter's reaction to Debra being shot in season 4.
  • Cody interjecting he's thankful for Dexter after the Mitchell family's slipping mask of wholesomeness got shattered against a wall when no one was thankful for Arthur at their Thanksgiving dinner.
    • This wouldn't in any other show but: "Nobody hurts my children."
  • In season 1, the morning after Dexter and Rita have sex for the first time. This is the point where all his previous girlfriends left him, sensing something off about him during the act, but Rita doesn't. He's almost like a little boy when he asks in bewilderment "There'll be a next time?"
  • Deb telling Dexter he's been the one consistently good thing in her life in the season four finale.
  • In season 2, even though Lila was obviously manipulative and crazy from the moment she showed up, the episode where she managed to talk Dexter down from killing his mother's murderer, thinking that he is using heroin when we the audience know what his real "addiction" is. Dexter comes back to the hotel, bloody and distraught, and starts to tell Lila that he didn't do what he was about to do, and she responds with "I don't care what you did" and just holds him until morning.
  • Harry's So Proud of You after Dexter's beats up Olivia's stepfather, followed by Dexter and Astor mending fences.
    • And Dexter telling Astor that he loved her.
      • 5.9. Period.
  • Quinn telling Deb she forced him to take a hard look at himself, which made him a better person.
  • In the season 5 finale, Lumen smiling for the first time after dumping Jordan's body, having finished her revenge and not feeling her Dark Passenger anymore.
  • Angel being perfectly okay with Deb being promoted over him, and just being happy for her.
  • Dexter's relief at Harrison's appendix being successfully removed, even hugging the doctor.
  • After a whole episode of Dexter's dark passenger taking the form of Brian and urging him to kill anyone he feels like, Dexter realizes that he truly doesn't want to, hits the imaginary Brian with his car, and picks up a hitchhiking Harry as he enters Miami. "Welcome home, son."
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