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Thanks to a lack of quality assurance, uploaders don't know what works and what doesn't until thousands, if not millions, of dissatisfied viewers tell them otherwise. Unfortunately, by that time, the damage has already been dealt, and all those potential subscribers have turned away for good. These are the scenes which creators wished a works-equivalent to GIFT would exist.

Keep in mind:

  • Moments only, no "just everything he said," or "This entire work," entries.
  • No contesting entries. This is subjective, the entry is their opinion.
  • No natter. As above, anything contesting an entry will be cut, and anything that's just contributing more can be made its own entry.
  • Explain why it's a Dethroning Moment of Suck.
  • No ASSCAPS, no bold, and no italics unless it's the title of a work. We are not yelling the DMoSs out loud.

The following needed their own pages:

  • Extra Credits. When they had a falling out with The Escapist, Extra Credits did videos on a separate Youtube channel...and one of them was this piece of crap: the Games Addiction episode. In the first part of the episode, Daniel stated that "Games are not addictive, they're a compulsion." Then in the second part, James would go on for 20 minutes ranting about how gaming ruined a good part of his late teenage years as a high school student, and how he suffered from game addiction. Not only is this hypocritical, but any outside viewer would then see that video like an Alcoholics Anonymous confession if they were to see it. As well, he had the balls in order to tell his viewers to bitch about their problems on the half-baked fan forum made by a 15 year old. Wait, removing the social stigma behind gaming? What's that?
  • Hellfire Comms's Birth By Sleep playthrough was pretty enjoyable for the most part...except for Terra's playthrough. They made a lame joke about Terra (Stinky hand). I kept watching it, because I didn't think it would drag on, but guess what...they spent most of Terra's playthrough just making that Stinky hand joke. I never finished the whole thing. Shame, because that was the one I looked forward to the most.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, Episode 31, more accurately known as Journey to the Centre of LittleKuriboh's Ego. The filler character is set up solely so he can deliver a Take That to Yu-Gi-Oh! raw purists. This might not have been so bad if it wasn't so blatantly Anvilicious due to his possession of the character molding him into a straw fanboy. Another minor character possession is a completely unnecessary and distracting Pokémon reference, and no, Lampshade Hanging crap does not make it any less stinky. Finally, the battle has not one, but two arbitrary, pointless, and irritating Take That uses, with his shot at the Caramelldansen being both Did Not Do the Research and Viewers are Morons (do you have to freaking spell out of the fact you hate it like we are flipping idiots?). At least there is no question where the show Jumped the Shark if the episode quality continues to stagnate.
    • Could be worse. Exhibit A: "Penguin Ex Machina", showing how highly he thinks of himself and that he flat-out refuses to listen to criticism because he thinks whatever he does is perfect as it is. First example of this is when Yami Yugi's opponent says "It's over, Yugi. Your little Kuriboh was fun for awhile but now he's worn out his welcome!" (reflecting criticisms people have made of his abridging as of late), to which Yami Yugi replies "This little Kuriboh has more power than all of 4Kids put together!" Then after the episode's ended, he has a scene with literall "trolls" bitching about everything "different" he's done as a Take That towards people who've felt that the series has Jumped the Shark. Maybe some complainers are immature douches but so far as I can see, the only one trolling anyone here is you, Little Kuriboh.
    • Episode 7 of Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show. The episode pretty much opens with Naruto farting the Alphabet. Seriously, LK? You're resorting to fart jokes? And don't even say that this was some piss-poor attempt to take a dig at Naruto the Abridged Series. Their humor wasn't that low brow. And yet Little Kuriboh has the gall to take another unneeded Take That at Naruto Abridged that would probably be dated by the end of the month (Ha ha! It's funny because nobody liked the Abridged movie!)
    • I personally saw the fart jokes as highlighting Naruto's stupidity, not taking a jab at the original Naruto Abridged. But on to my complaint... It's not a video related to the abridged series itself, but it is one LK recently made public again. The "If Anime Were Honest- Evangelion" video seems a bit... meaner than his other playful jab vids. He's made them against other series and people before, but this one just seemed very brutal. The other ones were at least a little funny and in good spirit, but this video was devoid of any "haha, it's a joke!" feeling. It's probably the first posting of his that I genuinely do not like at all. I know LK is a fan of the series and he's just doing what he usually does, but why so hateful? That's just not entertaining and it rubbed me the wrong way.
    • An Ishtar Family Christmas was a pretty good special, but one scene really made me cringe. It was when the Three Wise Men, (Yami, Jaden, and Jack Atlas) were giving gifts to Baby Jesus. Yami's gift was a DVD called "The Best of Naruto the Abridged Series" with a text at the bottom of the screen reading "Blank Disc." I know Little Kuriboh has stated countless times that he doesn't hate Masako or Vegeta, but that seemed really mean-spirited. I've never minded that jabs at Naruto the Abridged Series before, but ever since that one, I'd cringe at the next jab. Thank god LK deleted Naruto The Abridged Movie in 5 seconds.
    • While none of the above bothered me in the Abridged version of the Tenth Anniversary movie (Nov 2011) there was a throwaway joke Yugi makes. He hits his head and in pain he says "my head hasn't hurt this much since watching the Naruto Abridged movie". There's a limit to these jokes. It isn't funny anymore. The "joke" got old very quickly. The way it was done was like watching a Seltzer and Friedberg movie. It was thrown in for absolutely no reason and provided no laughs. The movie was of a lower standard compared to his other works but that one line was scrapped from the bottom of the barrel.
  • Now, this troper enjoys Fioriparty74's videos, but The True Death of Hinata was just terrible. Now, before you stamp this as a Die for Our Ship rant, hear me out. Basically, the video spoofed chapter 437 of the Naruto manga. Fair enough. But what really sucked was that not only did it call Hinata "an overrated pair of boobs," it also went on to insult Hinata and NaruHina fans. Making fun of a character you don't like is one thing, but to insult the people who actually do like the character is just mean. This video was pretty much a big reminder why I fucking hate Yaoi Fangirls. Seriously. Fuck you too Fioriparty.
  • Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter has one in their video for the "Pay Your Respects" achievement in Batman: Arkham City. The achievement is - literally - paying your respects at the site where Bruce's parents were killed. Being Rooster Teeth, they try to lighten the situation with humor - claiming the chalk outlines make it look like Martha Wayne was giving a blowjob to Thomas when they died - but instead of crossing the line twice, it only crosses the line.
  • Onision made fun of a 13-year-old girl in one of his videos because she got banned from his forums. The girl was deeply depressed and Onision was being a dick about it. He's made videos about standing up for bullies too, so, yeah. He deleted the video from the account it was uploaded on.
  • The dethroner of Youtube News was their video on Ninja Assassin. They were pretty much telling their viewers not to see this movie because of it's title. That is a very shallow reason not to see a movie.
  • I expect three things from EPICMEALTIME: cooking with Jack Daniels, eating ludicrously large meals, and bacon. Well, it's quite clear that these guys no longer give a damn about their show with the episode Drunken Mess. The crew truly showed arrogance with their growingly excessive advertisements and their put downs towards their own fans. Oh, and it didn't feature any sort of cooking or even any use of bacon. It ain't even about the bacon at this point"!? No, it ain't even about EPICMEALTIME on YouTube at this point.
  • anachronauts arc 3, fs03. The female elf Nel was rescued by and fell in love with space-girl Una, who is straight. Okay, plenty of healthy relationships have grown out of a Rescue Romance. She doesn't tell her. Okay, that's reasonable. Nel decides to devote her life to being Una's best friend. Um, what? Nel never gets any significant characterization, background, or personality traits other than being in love with Una. Hmm. Nel is tempted by a genie to kill one of the other Anachronauts in order to have Una. She refuses, saying that she'd rather have Una naturally. You go, girl. And then in fs03, Una gets her hands on the sense-recording earrings Nel has been wearing since the beginning of the arc, and is able to effectively be Nel as she talked to the Genie, including her declaration of love. She re-evaluates her interactions with Nel, and then instantly realizes she loves her. Please note that Una has been exclusively heterosexual up to this point, and realizing she likes girls in general and loves Nel in particular is portrayed as basically flipping a switch. Oh, and the author pretty clearly has a fetish for lesbians, as it popped up in his earlier Sailor Nothing, and in an aside in arc 2. Their friendship is written as exactly that; a friendship, with no romantic or sexual tension. Compared to the other romances in the series, which are written much more organically, it seems more like a Strangled by the Red String Romantic Plot Tumor than an actual romance. Nel and Una are given some "private time" at the end of that chapter, which would be ideal for showing their conversation before the inevitable sex and underlining the fact that they actually do have feelings for each other, except we never get to see it. Did I mention that there had been no other significant LGBT characters in the series up to that point? Yes, that's right, the only known homosexual is there for solely for the purpose of Fetish Fuel. It's kinda creepy, and I couldn't read the series after that.
  • I'm not really speaking for myself, but for The Escapist. Game Dogs, a Work Com about 3 dogs who work in a gaming company, had a Tonight Someone Dies event. In the episode, 2 side characters kill off the female lead, with jokes centered around where it was legal to kill her or not. The fanbase felt that playing death for laughs & the amount of gore featured felt unpleasant, even for those who enjoy Black Comedy/Dead Baby Comedy. In The Stinger, Roger - The Smart Guy, kills himself because he felt unhappy being in company, no signs of it before, causing Fridge Logic. Note, that the characters were somewhat well liked, compared to the main character, Chet, who was condsidered The Scrappy (no pun intended). Saying it was Dude, Not Funny would be a understatement, even offending those who liked the Good Troi Episode, "Knives-R-Us".
  • The scene from Dragon Ball Abridged where Bulma imagines Vegeta wants to rape her, which was basically a bizarre combination of Black Comedy Rape, and according to Word of God (by way of twitter conversation), Ship Tease. There was no joke other than the fact that rape is hilarious, and the idea that anyone would have a dream of her future husband wanting to rape her isn't funny, it's just disturbing.
  • I'm a fan of The Angry Video Game Nerd and I can usually look past whenever he uses toilet humor and just enjoy his reviews. However, that was not the case for his review of various Star Wars games for different systems. Long story short, towards the end of the review, James begins talking about all the Star Wars games he didn't review (mostly because there's so many of them), and, for no reason whatsoever, a buffalo just takes a crap and breaks his window. I consider it to be the DMOS for the AVGN, because, well, it's pretty much the laziest writing I've seen from him. The joke makes no sense, there's no buildup to it, and it has nothing to do with the subject matter he's reviewing. It's like he just randomly threw in over-the-top toilet humor just for the sake of having over-the-top toilet humor. C'mon, James, you're better than this. You're The Angry Video Game Nerd, not the "Random Jokes About Poop Nerd".
    • James lost me on his Odyssey 2 human turd character.
    • And then there's his 100th video, which, like his Crazy Castle review, spends less time reviewing and more time with an unnecessary plot. The DMOS kicks in when you look at his previous video - the Star Wars one - and realise that it's much better made (aside from the stupid joke at the end, of course) and that it would have deserved that spot much, much more.
      • This troper doesn't have a problem with his 100th video, as, aside from being far more detailed than The Irate Gamer's review, it shows a little bit of versatility on his part which is more or less a good thing. The buffalo taking a dump at the end of his Star Wars review, on the other hand, though it might be a slight nod to the theme song, so to speak, I will agree that it was quite unnecessary.
    • While "Motherfucker Mike" is something of a hit-n-miss character (I like the Glitch videos he does, but not much else), his "commentary" of Elmo In Grouchland is just awful. Him constantly (and I do mean constantly) whining about Elmo in the video is bad enough, but that's not the worst of it. Now, the absolute low-point is a joke he makes (that has absolutely nothing to do with the film) regarding Cookie Monster seeing Gordon and his wife (I forget her name) having sex completele with poorly-drawn illustration (Though, thankfully, the more "graphic" elements are censored). Really? A pointless sex joke during a review of a children's movie? Dude, Not Funny. Not funny in the least.
    • For me, it was AVGN's review of Metal Gear on the NES. Now, I would be the first one to know that the NES Metal Geat was Porting Disaster compared to the MSX version. But the nerd seems to put it on pedestral while pointing out flaws who were in the MSX version (like using the correct card on the door and using the gas mask with the broken item select menu, respawning) and Did Not Do the Research about continues and the password system (like how they depends on what rank you are so you will respawn there). I know James really puts effort on his reviews, but on that one, he dropped the ball.
  • Normally, I like Confused Matthew and enjoy his videos. Heck, I even liked his review of The Lion King and thought he made some valid points on why he didn't enjoy the film (And, I happen to like The Lion King). But, his review of Spirited Away is one big DMOS for me. Why, because it contains such blatantly poor research and an extremely obvious Bias Steamroller as well. First of all, Matthew, Anime is not a genre. It's A.) The Japanese word for "cartoon" (People in Japan consider all cartoons to be Anime), B.) A particular style of animation (Much like claymation, CGI animation, and whatnot), and C.) Any cartoon series drawn in said particular style that originated in Japan. Second, while some of his other points regarding his opinion on the film may have been valid, they're brought down in their validity due to his "I don't like Anime. This movie is an Anime. Therefore, this movie sucks".
  • ScrewAttack's DMoS would be their Video Game Vault on Asterix & the Great Rescue, as it was a blatant case of Did Not Do the Research. He said that Asterix and Obelix were not just gay, but the gayest videogame characters in Videogame history. Sorry Craig, but if you don't know about something, which you explictly said you didn't, don't make a a 3 minute video about it! Although he atleast tried to make up for it in this video, keyword being "Try".
  • This "review" of Fullmetal Alchemist (both original anime and Brotherhood). Let's begin that the first minute of the twelve minute review is her glomping a plushie of a character from another anime. Introduces both animes, glomps plushies (again). She gives some details to the begining dates and ending dates of the manga and animes, which is fine. She discusses the impact of Fullmetal Alchemist and how it introduced many people to anime, which again, is fine. It's when we get into the actual "review" (4:37 into the vid) that shit begins to crumble. It is where she identifies the villains as the "Seven Deadly Sins."[1] And then, she shows pictures of homunculi from both original anime and manga, which, if you watch FMA are pretty big spoilers. She also declares that there isn't "much of a romance", unable to notice that the romance was subtle (yes it can be done), especially in the manga Brotherhood.
    • Having watched the above to see if it's as bad as claimed, I'll have to add her review of Mahou Sensei Negima as well. She makes several claims that make it clear she Did Not Do the Research, yet apparently she did do enough research to casually mention several details which are spoilers. Her claim that Asuna is the only character with any development completely ignores several other characters who the anime developed as well, as well as saying that the first series has no plot ignores, y'know, every arc that the anime covered. Plus, I just find her annoying.
  • Brokenshell44: In October 2010, Amid of Cartoon Brew gave us this which stated that animation was irreversibly doomed because Lauren Faust decided to "sellout" and direct a certain My Little Pony cartoon. This was bad enough on its own, especially now that the show has a devout Periphery Demographic, but Amid decided to make it all worse by throwing insults aimed at people with Aspergers syndrome into the mix... ...and trying to defend his actions: "The reason I chose the quote is because the guy said he learned more about life in a season of a toddler cartoon than he did in the previous three decades of his life. It’s too bad you can’t see the humor in that." So not only does Amid know jack about aspergers, he's also making fun of someone because he's a grown man who watches cartoons. Let that sink in people. The grown man who runs a blog about cartoons is making fun of a mentally disabled grown man who watches cartoons.
  • The last episode of There Will Be Brawl. Don't get me wrong, this troper absolutely loved every episode before it, and re-watches them on occasion. But them, after setting up this epic story about Ganondorf taking over the city, and all the things surrounding it, it finally comes down to Luigi and Ganondorf, for the final struggle....and then Kirby walks right the fuck out of nowhere and kills him, and completely hijacks the plot from a much better villain. And then reveals that two characters who only showed up for four seconds in one episode where the killers that started the plot. And that Kirby tricked Ganondorf into training them. And then almost all the main characters die, making nearly every single subplot totally pointless. At the end, Luigi pulls some suicide attack to kill Kirby, and it looks like he's finally dead. But, then, near the end of the episode, we find out that Kirby's still alive,Thereby making all the struggle, death, and pain completely pointless. This troper was hoping for some epic final battle where the villain dies, and they can all just rest easy. But no, I got this irritating Karma Houdini.
    • What really killed the final episode for me was the ridiculously poor special effects. The creators put so much effort into the effects for the whole rest of the show and it was amazing. Then episode 10 came out and it's like they weren't even trying. I'm not normally an effects guy and I can appreciate a show if it has poor effects...but such a nosedive in quality after 9 episodes of goodness just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, especially since episode 10 was supposed to be the Grand Finale.
  • Lady-stardust: Blackbustercritic's rant/screamfest on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Personally I think his videos were ok at best. After this video though, I don't think i'm gonna watch anymore of his content. All he does in the video is scream to the point it would make Mariotehplumber blush.
  • I used to have high regards for xRazorFistx's, a.k.a. The Rageaholic's, reviews, however, his latest review, a retrospective of the Star FOX series let a bad taste in my mouth. About three-quarters into the review, he basically seems to drop everything to rage on about how all "furverts" are animal rapists, because that joke isn't old, and how they are all scum of the earth. Not only is the whole thing awkward to sit through, like one of your grandfather's racist rambling, it was completely unneeded, came out of nowhere, and had nothing funny to say.
  • Words alone cannot describe how disgusted I was with Armake21’s Alone In The Dark review. Look, I don’t mind that he liked the game. I don’t mind that he felt it didn’t get the attention it deserved. It was his verbal lashing at the people who criticized the game that pissed me off. I know he tends to do this in his other videos, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Marcus spends most, if not all, of the review complaining about what professional critics or other gamers said about AITD, calling them “[insert name of review site here]’s ‘sheep’”, using generic insults, or just playing the “biased” card on them. Not only does he paint detractors of the game in a crass way, what he does is just unprofessional and it makes him sound like an ass.
  • I enjoy looking at's articles now and again for a bit of a laugh. However, I found myself seething with utter annoyance at their 8 Prehistoric Creatures Ripped Directly From Your Nightmares article. It starts out decent enough with various truly terrifying ancient monsters. But, then they get to #1, and take a wild guess which prehistoric beast they choose? That's right, everyone's favorite dinosaur, Spinosaurus. Their reasoning? It's really big, has a sail, and has long crocodile-like jaws. Where do I start with the utter fail of Spinosaur fanboyism? First, the idea of Spinosaurus being 60 feet long is dubious at best. Most likely, it was only somewhere around 45–50 ft in length. Second, Spinosaurus's jaws were not very strong (especially when compared to animals like Tyrannosaurus rex, crocodilians, etc) and it was most likely a generalized predator feeding primarily on fish. Don't get me wrong, I do like Spinosaurus and find it to be a fascinating dinosaur. But, it is far (very far) from being the ultimate terrifying dinosaur people try to make it out to be. Especially since there's plenty of other horror-inducing theropods to choose from.
    • Their 'Science Vs Marvel' article. I've been annoyed at articles before (I conteplated using Terrible Superhusbands article due to its massive levels of taking OOC moments at face value and blaming the characters for it as if they're always like it), but this article was just plain aweful. Yes, super hero origins are a little silly and don't hold up well in real life, but the ammount of Did Not Do the Research that the writer used makes them look like they just hated Stan Lee and/or Marvel Comics. Being bitten by a radioactive spider = super powers is obviously silly, but the spider bite causing radiation poisoning? Because the spider's venom would become radioactive and as such be inside him? Ok, that's a little cynical. Mr Fantastic not being allowed to use his own home made rocket or take his untrained family with him into space does have a point. The use of Evolution as an explanation for super powers is a little flimsy, except that later writers would introduce the concept of an 'X Gene' which causes random super powers, which the writer just ignores. The Hulk explanation of being hit by a gamma bomb is stupid, but the 'second problem' suggested was just not thinking straight. Because, as you know, the US regularly test bombs near their own civilization, and as such every city 'for miles' would be effected by Gamma bomb energy. Those got more and more cynical, but the absolute worst is Punisher. For one, it has nothing to do with science. Secondly, the 'reason' it wouldn't work is because the police would stop him the second he went out to kill someone. Because, everyone knows the police have a near spotless record for catching murderers. This got even more glaring if you actually read anything about his relationship with the police (In that, they all feel sorry for him and turn the other way). This all makes it look incredibly hate filled, especially when you realize that they specifically target Marvel and only Marvel, when DC and Darkhorse Comics are just as bad at origins. Again, there's been plenty of articles that have pissed me off, but this one article shows that the writers will not bother to check their facts when they decide to write that it calls any article into question.
    • 6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever. One would think it to be a funny parody of the USA-DPRK relationship, but no. All we have is the most annoying distillation of Eagle Land smugness and Dirty Communist-like tropes played painfully straight, all with cheap imperialistic propaganda and, to top that, thinly veiled insults toward an organization that wishes for peace between the two Koreas.
      • Considering they've already done funny parodies of North Korea, the above seems inexplicable.
  • During Retsupurae's commentary on The Nostalgia Critic's Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare, the last 13 minutes of the video are a protracted Reason You Suck Speech directed at the Nostalgia Critic's fanbase, advertisers and people who disagree with Retsupurae's comments. The quality and opinion of the source material is a matter for other pages, but telling someone's entire fanbase that they're in need of psychological and/or medical help, and that they should immediately unsubscribe from Retsupurae for being stupid and retarded, is unnecessarily mean-spirited and over the top, even for a group of people who make jokes about other internet LP'ers.
    • An entirely different one, the poor quality Star Fox 64 vid. Proteus starts bragging about how he's willing to pick on the player even though they're very young. The quality of their LP is bad, but it's still a bit harsh. Slowbeef even considers that vid an Old Shame of sorts.
    • The incredibly blurry video of somebody playing Metal Slug where, with a lack of anything funny to say about it (as it's impossible to tell what's going on), the guys start cracking jokes about the LPer (who sounds about 12) and her brother being incestually involved. Of all the jokes to pull out of nowhere, why that?
  • We have Nyan Cat as fanart, crossovers (With such series at Mario Kart, Robot Unicorn Attack, and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic), shirts and such. However, when you start to crossover something with 9/11, then you know there's something wrong. (View at your own risk)
  • The Blockbuster Buster's review of Atlantis: The Lost Empire is pretty bad in and of itself (It's pretty much just him comparing scenes to the film to scenes from Stargate). But, that's not the DMOS. No, the DMOS is that throughout the "review", he does some of the most insulting and downright unfunny "impressions" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) of other internet reviewers. Some of his "jokes/impressions" include "Everything The Cinema Snob watches is porn!" and "Spoony's all about inside-jokes from older videos!" and "Let's make fun of Linkara's accent and how he pronounces "room"!". Why does he dow all these bad impressions? Because he couldn't get anyone to cameo in his video. This only elevates his impressions from being bland and unfunny to downright rude and it makes him sound butthurt as a result. Hey, Blockbuster Buster? If you want a popular internet critic to guest-star in your video, here's some advice: Don't make fun of them, especially not in the way you did.
  • I'd like to nominate Hard News to this list, specificly their 09/19/11 episode. Now, at first glance it may seem like it's just a case of They Changed It, Now It Sucks, but compare that episode to the previous one. The transition from "fun" to " professional" is very jarring, like all the fun was sucked out. Every other fan of Hard News agrees, which also helps address the fact that it's the lowest rated episode.
  • When Deceased Crab basically told a commenter on one of his videos to choke himself to death. What was the commenters crime? Mentioning a show DC didn't like. Up until I saw that comment, I was perfectly fine with the guy, even knowing all the Grammar Nazi crap he pulled, but after that I swore off his videos and only check his channel every few months to see if he's been banned yet. Honestly, Small Name, Big Ego doesn't even begin to cover him after that incident.
    • I didn't even give him that far of a chance. You mentioned that he's a Grammar Nazi? That's putting it lightly—he has banned people for misplacing commas! Frequently in comments that show support for him! I mean, I enjoy proper grammar as much as the next person, but pull the stick OUT of your ass, Deceased Crab.
  • Two incidents that soured me on the Whateley Universe; one incident where the rape of a villain was/could be seen by the protagonists and readers as 'just desserts', and the flat-out rape and forceful mutation by a story character. Rape can be a hard topic to cover, but in these instances it completely wrecked whatever enjoyment I took from the stories.
  • The recent Newgrounds flash R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Here, an angered Saint Peter tries to work his "Mac" in search of porn, but it crashes. Then Steve Jobs arrives, and sends him to hell. What's even worse is that the creator was willing to insult anyone who was offended. I can barely even look Newgrounds in the face again.
    • Furthermore, the jackass who made that also made a video condemning the KONY 2012 Movement. The information claims that Joseph Kony hasn't been a problem in Africa for years, and that nobody involved in taking part in this movement is actually doing anything to help the kids at risk of becoming Child Soldiers. You know, because nobody involved in spreading the word about this war criminal is going to bother doing something else to support the movement. The stupidest part comes at the end, where he lazily likens the head of the Invisible Children company to Adolf Hitler/Satan, all while calling anyone who supports the movement stupid. One wonders how garbage like this makes the front page.
  • I like Faulerro's Null Metal Alchemist, but his stabs at Naruto the Abridged Series are even less subtle than Little Kuriboh's. His version of Naruto: The Abridged Movie sounds like bitter fanboy rage. Then in his most recent video, "The Roast Of Little Kuriboh," there's an unfunny bit where Vegeta3986 takes over talking about him pissing on the source material and calling Little Kuriboh a hack, which is basically Seltzer and Friedberg level of parody. Thanks, Faulerro. I was starting to get over your immature nerd rage, but you ruin it again by acting like a douchebag. If you hate Naruto the Abridged Series that much, then ignore it. That's it, I'm done with his videos.
  • College Humor really did it with Sh*t Flix when they put "Anime with nothing remotely sexual." Not only does this imply that the writers think anime is only good if it's hentai, but putting Dragon Ball and Inuyasha is a complete Critical Research Failure since they both have Fan Service in them.
    • College Humor's lowest is by far "the DuckTales (1987) theme Gone Horribly Wrong". Basically, Scrooge dies because of his diving-in-coins habit getting portrayed realistically, causing everything else to go downhill, including Donald contemplating suicide by the end. Okay, why is this wrong? First, the fact Scrooge is, ya know, a talking duck, so once you remember that the fact he can bathe in gold should relatively make sense at the very least. Second, how he does so has an explanation in-universe (only he can do it, as once the Beagle Boys attempted that only to fail miserably), and third, regardless of explanations, these cases of Acceptable Breaks From Reality are an example of a phenomenon known as cartoon [laws of] physics, and I'm not kiddin' here. Yeah, a sub-concept of laws of physics officially acknowledged as such, missed by those who have the balls to call their site College Humor. If you feel the urge to Cross The Line Only Once, at least do it right next time.
    • I'll admit it. I was actually a big enough bastard to actually laugh at the DuckTales (1987) parody, as well as that of The Jetsons. That said, there was no justification for their tastelss parody of the Pixar logo. No humor, just a tasteless deconstruction of the logo. Long story short, Luxo violently crushes the I to death, and the remaining letters put him on trial and cheer as he dies on the chair--in the same place as the I used to be. To quote Kyle Brovfloski, Fucking sickening!
    • It may just be my personal opinion, but I either bust out laughing or didn't bat an eye at everything on this page. I never thought I'd find myself actually writing anything here... until "My Little Brony: Friendship Is Tragic", whose message is "Bronies are fat idiots, passing their life playing with ponies and masturbating themselves with a fleshlight while watching the cartoon". It is just a giant middle finger pointed to every brony. They also show Friendship is Magic with the G1 theme song, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as earth ponies and everypony is a blank flank.
    • I gave up on them after watching "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Use Their Weapons." After a flimsy setup involving witty banter, Raphael stabs Shredder to death. The team realize how effective this is, hunt down several of the villains and brutally murder them. The sketch ends with all four of of them sentenced to death by lethal injection last-minute. First of all, this kind of humor is exactly what put me off everything done by a Seth who isn't Putnam, and second of all, with a name like "College Humor," you think they'd show more respect towards the stuff college students grew up with.
  • Smosh in my opinion has been decreasing in quality for some time, only now and then releasing a good video. However, their REAL DEATH NOTE really took the cake for wasting so many opportunities at good jokes and Death Note references. Its as if they read the concept of Death Note in some magazine and ran with it. There are absolutely no references to L, the Task force or to the Shinigami; the scene with Ian writing down the names of criminals could have been so much funnier if they inserted omnious latin chanting, maniacal laughter and a potato chip reference they would have made both Death Note fans and non-fans laugh, the former with the references, the latter with the melodrama and the over the top nature of the film. They don't. Instead, they just use it as a set up for some lame jokes about killing robbers, serial killers and the cast of the Jersey Shore, a joke they used many, many times. The lowest of the low is the ending, which is a caption saying 'Books are dangerous. Play video games instead.' It is such lazy writing and such a lame joke. I'm surprised they didn't make any adult jokes in this video which they had been indulging too much in lately.
  • No Right Answer's episode Who is Justice: Murderer Edition it was Death Note vs Dexter and was one of the biggest Bias Steamrollers I have ever seen. Chris is defending Death Note while Kyle is defending Dexter and everyone, even hardcore Death Note fans who have never seen Dexter said Dexter is the winner, but it was the way Dexter won that even made Kyle groan, 1 point for Chris and 4 for Kyle. Everything Chris said was debunked by Dan the judge because Death Note is an anime. It was basically "I think Light is more justified in his killings because-""No, you're defending an anime, your point is moot." Meanwhile Dan keeps on putting up images of the series, insulting it, then saying everyone in anime is stupid and so is everyone who watches it.
  • Normally, I find How It Should Have Ended to be a pretty funny and creative web series. But, man alive, their Jurassic Park HISHE is just horrible. The "Dino poops graphically on the characters" and "Hey, let's add a pointless Snakes on a Plane" joke were bad enough. But, the worst was the way too long and not-funny-at-all "Smart Velociraptor" joke which basically boiled down to "Hey, the raptors can talk now and use guns!". That's the whole joke. The raptors start talking like gangstas and are able to use guns. It's like something out of a poorly-written Family Guy episode. No, I take it back. It's like someting out of a cheap imitation of a poorly-written Family Guy episode.
    • Words can barely describe how rude the HISHE for Toy Story 3 was. The ending for Toy Story 3 was an excellent combination of a tear jerker and a heartwarming moment about Andy giving his toys to Bonnie. Here, it paints him as neurotic, selfish manchild when he takes the toys away from her and drives off. That's just insulting to both the movie and its fans.
    • For me, it's the HISHE for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. I know that many people like to make fun of Lucas' Fallen Creator status, but it takes it to a whole new level. At the stinger, after Spielberg says he's sorry, George arrives and said that he's not sorry while smilling and eating a bucket of money. For all the faults he could be blamed for, at least I know he is not an egotistic jerk.
  • HotDiggedyDemon seems to find new and exciting ways to piss me off. Originally, I had listed RARITY.MOV as a terrible MLP "Parody" (In the loosest sense of the word possible) due to a scene of Twilight Sparkle masturbating and figured nothing could be worse. I was wrong, horribly wrong. It turns out, the newest "parody" video SHED.MOV is a googolplex worse. Where do I start? How about the over use of profanity? How about turning Rainbow Dash into a complete asshole (and having her pour her own menstural blood onto Fluttershy as a poor spoof on Carrie)? Or, how about Discord humping a building? And, just to make it even more disgusting, they have Fluttershy as a deranged serial killer revealing that the shed is filled with the bloodied corpses of her victims hanging from the wall (Including Derpy being turned into a toaster cozy), and slicing Rainbow Dash in half while singing about eating her brains. Look, there's Dead Baby Comedy, there's Refuge in Audacity, and then there's abject revulsion(read: this).
    • Even not mentioning SHED.MOV (which I kinda liked), DRESS.MOV was pretty awful for two reasons; first off, the treatment of Rarity in the "story" (and I use "story" in the loosest possible sense of the word). Make no mistakes, it's pretty obvious from his art and the always awesome Jappleack blog that Max Gilardi hates Rarity. That I can forgive, even if Rarity is my second favorite character. However, if you're going to make fun of her make sure you put some dang effort into it. The episode paints Rarity as a lazy, greedy, racist slave-driver who forces illegal Mexican immigrants to make her dresses while she rakes in the profits, all while insisting that she's "the most generous pony in Ponyville". This would have been funny if it were handled well. But all we really get are a string of really bad jokes that basically just boil down to "Hey everyone, Rarity isn't generous! Let's make fun of that!" You could easily replace the whole episode with that sentence alone and nothing would change. Second is that all of the humor in this episode, while funny in certain places ("I AM YOUR GOD NOW! BRING ME YOUR VIRGINS", "Hey, hey, hey! Quit poking me with your thing!" and "Stay out of my shed!" come to mind) was mostly just a random string of humor that had nothing to do with the plot. At least APPLE.MOV, SHED.MOV, MAGIC.MOV and even SPIKE.MOV had actual plotlines. DRESS.MOV, however, comes across almost entirely as a mean-spirited Take That at a character that Max personally doesn't like with some random gags added in.
  • I pretty much had a falling out with Your Dungeon, My Dragon" which, up until then, had been a pretty good series, when they decided, right out of nowhere, that the last third of episode four was going to be a lengthy advert for the Toyota Yaris (their most outspoken sponsor).[2] Up until that point, I had no issue with the Yaris ads, (bonus points for them being embedded in the vids themselves and thus easy to skip) but this pretty much destroyed my respect for Adam de la Peña.
  • Platypus Comix is normally a funny site but their "Peter Griffin's Philosophy For A Stress-Free Life" article is easily the worst-written article he's ever done. For one, it's basically the exact same thing as every other Family Guy hate rant. Two, the writer seems like he watched one episode, gave up and read said articles (the entire article parodies the cutaway gags and nothing else). Three, it's simply not funny and most of the humor comes from material the Family Guy writers would never touch (A joke on The Charmings without any self-aware humor? Really?). We get it, you hate Family Guy. Just be a bit stronger in your criticism instead of going to hack writing that makes Not All Dogs Go To Heaven look great in comparison.
  • Busy Street has normally been quite despised, but the Crown Jewel of all of them was their(or his, as the founder fired all the staff and became his own Author Tract blog 24/7) opinion on SOPA. Basically, it boils down to saying that the bill should pass because all the Lets Plays, Abridged Series, reviewers and other things he hates about the internet would be censored. The problem is that he's saying that these are reason enough to completely censor the web a la China and Iran, not to mention that his site has an equal chance of getting blocked, and the bill would threaten most of the sites that Busy Street uses to provide content. But that's fine, because something he personally hates gets wiped out. Yep, not selfish at all. It makes you wonder if the former contributors are glad they were fired...
  • I'll admit, I'd come to terms with the fact that Seth MacFarlane isn't the writer he used to be. That being said, I still wasn't prepared for this little gem from his Youtube account. It had already had a nail through the palm for basing its concept wholesale on a decades-old George Carlin routine, but it misses the point of even that. What we get instead is one thing that vaguely fits the spirit of the original... and Things You Never Hear #2-8 are either positive statements towards things he doesn't like or statements disproving stereotypes he holds true. It's as this point I began to wonder: why's he still writing?
  • "Teens React to My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic." They show the kids nothing but the theme song and expect them to make a fair judgement on the quality of the show and the mental health of its fanbase. Surprise surprise, the teens all instantly assume the worst and conclude that bronies are sick in the head. The episode was by far the most hurtful and mean-spirited (we're the cancer of the internet apparently), and their comments on the Twilight movie weren't anywhere near that vile. Not to mention how hypocritical it was of them after several of the boys said "Give it a chance" to fucking Twilight This episode was sickening to watch, making fun of internet content and its creators is one thing, but never before have they insulted the fanbase, again, not even Twilight's. Now, I'll offer the kids some leeway that Kids Are Cruel, but The Fine Bros should really be held accountable for putting the teens into that position. The 'bros were either too stupid to realize that the appeal of the show is in the content and not the theme song, or so horrible and shameless that they'd knowingly trick the teens into looking like tools. I'm leaning towards the latter, because one of the questions they ask the girls "Would you date a guy who was a brony?" The worst part? Guess who they ask for likes? The fucking bronies! [3] Think about that for a minute, they're expecting people to like being told "If you're guy and you watch My Little Pony... you shouldn't be allowed to be called a man."
    • While I had issues with what some of the teens had to say, I didn't think too negatively of them because (quite frankly) had I been their age and in their position I would probably be saying something somewhat similar, especially if I had a camera in my face and I knew millions of people would be not-so-silently judging me. But there is absolutely no excuse for how poorly the Fine Bros. represented the fandom. It's one thing to just show the teens the intro to the show and then expect them to make a fair assessment and it's another thing to not cast doubt on the belief that all bronies are gay (which could certainly be considered a DMOS in and of itself), but it's a completely different thing to simplify a fandom that's as wildly diverse as this one to them just creating LOLcats but with ponies. With the sheer ammount of original art, music, animation and everything else done in tribute to the show that this fan community produces, to focus on nothing but the image macros (which are to fandom what hide is to mammals.) shows that either They Just Didn't Care and were sloppy in their work, or they went into it with an agenda and deliberately misrepresented the fandom... and I'm personally leaning towards the later.
    • Mean-spirited, beside the point and pointless. Because a lot of people conclude that bronies are sick in the head without seeing two frames of MLP together. Simply from observing some of the most noticeable bronies on 'net.
  • The Reaction and Review of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Hellsing misses the point about the movie being intentionally bad. Not to mention his need to indicate that the music sucked. You do realize they've stated in the movie many times that the music sucked, right?
  • Dorkly Originals offers various, Robot Chicken-level flavors of videogame-related "Dude, Not Funny", but a jarring example of such is what (supposedly) Professor Oak does to the starter Pokémon that aren't chosen in the end. Come on, guess. Hint: it starts with "lethal" and ends with "injection". Describing it as tasteless doesn't even begin to cover that clusterfuck of a video. As with other examples of DMOS I've described in other subpages, we have another example of Shallow Parody and how it does not justify Character Derailment, even less so deliberate instances of it (Oak euthanising a Bulbasaur? Really?!).
  • Anime World Order, Episode 85. During Daryl's review of Violence Jack, Daryl mentions the explicit, grotesque rape sequences in the Evil Town OVA, and promptly suggests that these scenes are tailored to the Japanese libido. "Japanese men can't get it up unless you've got like a loaded pistol in the girl's mouth being like 'shut the fuck up and enjoy this bitch' as they plead for their life, and blood gushes forth from their crotch because it's more Moe when you get to bust the hymen..." He goes on to suggest that things like this is why Japanese women are supposedly more interested in foreigners than native Japanese. Even as a sarcastic joke, it is still horribly racist to paint the Japanese as a nation of rapists and freaks because of anime like Violence Jack, and it stains the reputation of the most prominent podcast on the subject of Japanese animation. Reviewing anime in a humourous fashion certainly works, but mocking Japanese culture because you don't like certain nasty anime slams the Dude, Not Funny button so hard it cracks in half.
  • Normally, I like Your Favorite Martian's videos, but "We Like Them Girls" was an utter disappointment, and the series' nadir. Basically, it's a generic rap song set to Legos. And that's it. They don't try to make the lyrics suited to Legos, even though they did the same with "Puppet Break Up", with well-done (if not potty mouthed) results. Way to waste a good idea, guys.
  • Picklelips: In this article, Maddox lambasts the supposed introduction an HIV-positive character into Sesame Street in what amounts to a caustic but essentially Think of the Children style rant about unnecessarily exposing kids to life's hardships. In a textbook case of Did Not Do the Research, it turned out that the character in question, Kami, was being introduced only to the South African version of the show, where stigma against HIV-postitive children is a much more immediate social issue. Refuge in Audacity be damned; this was a clear case where Maddox was very, very wrong and whatismore a bizarro instance of him becoming a part of the shrill Moral Guardian culture he disdains. Emails from his readers meant he eventually acknowledged the reality of the situation, but with a lame qualification that show producers hadn't ruled out introducing the character to the US series.
  • The Amazing Atheist, from day one, has been a controversy magnet, if not an outright source thereof. I have been a fan of his for years, and even through the Don Exodus and Coughlan fiascoes, I stuck around for future videos, and ultimately, things more or less became water under the bridge for all parties involved. But cue February 8, 2012, wherein his reddit page about "Men's Rights" had a feminist rape victim on it. Does TJ choose to pick his battles carefully? On the contrary; when she talks about her experience and how it triggers a PTSD episode, he just throws it right back in her face, and makes her relive the experience in graphic detail. After all's said and done, he made a video expressing his regret at what he did, regretting the fact that he argued with someone on the internet, rather than what he was saying to her. An open bit of advice for TJ: 1) Pick your fucking battles; 2) If you want your views on anti-female-supremacy to be taken seriously by non-fantards, this was the worst possible move you could have made. Peace the fuck out.
    • It should be noted that even Encyclopedia Dramatica was extremely disgusted.
    • Ain't I glad I jumped ship early! As in when he decided to close "Hate Week" (a seven-part series in which he gave his views on various concepts and viewpoints) with "A Feminist." And it's by far the longest video in the series. That's right, Terry couldn't come up with a whole seven days of material, so he brought back the old chestnut "let's be condescending to someone of rivaling ideology." And the sad part is, the six videos that led up to it were all very good works.
  • Jack DeVries, an editor on IGN wrote an article titled "Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But It Doesn't Have To)". It's basically a rant against the series, saying things that are wrong, but never really evaluating on them. There is a blatant example of Did Not Do the Research, claiming that there were cameos by Orlando Bloom. Yes, cameos, plural, even though it was all Crispin Freeman. But It Gets Worse, as he openly admitted on Twitter that he only wrote the article "to make nerds mad." Admittedly, many people agreed with the article, but that doesn't change the fact that the article is mostly just unprofessional criticism for the sake of being a jerk.
  • Ghost of True Capitalist's October 13 Radio Graffiti segment stuck out as the lowest point of the show. (Radio Graffiti is a segment where people can actually participate in the broadcast if they're phoned in) It started off promising, but it got much worse as it went on. Not one cans.wav, not one funny moment from the callers. The host was so disgusted that he played a random "fruitbowl" music that was never mentioned again for that episode. He ended up leaving early because of it and as a result, he didn't do another show for five days. It was that bad.
  • Normally, I enjoy the Spill crew and their film reviews. Well, I decided to check out a spin-off series they had called "Happy Hour", which is basically an LP series. Fair enough. But, the DMOS came in when one of the commenters stated that Mario Party 9 was (paraphrased) "One of those games where you just have to push a button that you play while wearing a helmet that your mom makes you wear all the time so you don't get hurt". Let that sink in a moment. They were pretty much implying that only mentally challenged people enjoy MarioParty games. Not only is this an insult to people in general who like/play the Mario Party games (The Runaway Guys, anyone?), but it's also an insult to people of various mental disability as well.
    • Brokenshell44: I've been a fan of Spill since 07, and I really wasn't interested in their gaming podcasts, but I listened to them for a while because it was nice to have Jason back on a Podcast. But the point I gave up on them reviewing games wholesale was the review of the 3DS re-release of Ocarina. Their arguments for why it wasn't that good were that it was as simplistic as an arcade game and was a platformer. I can forgive them for having a different opinion of the game, but you have to try to not care when you can't even correctly describe what genre a game is.
  • Punk '77's view on rock history was too much of a Bias Steamroller for me, reeking of the tired arguments critics have been using for the past 45 years, but things went from biased to just plain stupid in the segment for the Beatles, specifically the last quarter. The writer, to borrow a quote from Linkara, "goes beyond the realm of good taste and into something that is just vile", where he basically concludes that the ultimate legacy of the Fab Four's psychedelic period was inspiring Charles Manson to mastermind the Tate-LaBianca murders and inspiring people to commit such crimes is all the music has going for it, even going as far as saying "That's reality and reality hurts!". To which I respond: "Punk77, you are a fucking idiot!" There are people in this world who had no connection with the psychedelic movement and had no interest in fairy-tale flavored stuff at all, yet they still turned out to be as much of a murderous asshole as Manson. This is the kind of stunt Jack Thompson would have pulled back in the day whenever a person who liked video games went on a killing spree, and for the cherry on this shit sundae, the writer includes a brief epilogue about fan reactions, some of which included death threats. Granted, threatening to kill someone is the last thing you want to do in response to something you don't like, but I can't help but feel that the epilogue is the result of him knowing that the more idiotic section of the fanbase would respond to his article and using those responses to validate his claim that all Beatle fans are psychopaths; he even brings up the fuckhead who killed John Lennon just to nail the point home! There's being a realist, and then there's being a self-righteous tight-ass, and if stuff like this really is the worst thing to happen in your life, then your life is probably much better than you're letting on.
  • I can usually enjoy a good Sonic the Hedgehog parody and there are a few good ones out there. However, I cannot say the same about Sonic Generations: Intro (I don't remember who it's by, though). While the "parody" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) is bad enough with characters either being complete jerks or having the IQ of cheesecake, the real DMOS of the 'toon is the absolute horrible treatment of Tails. Ok, I get it, there are people who don't like Tails. But, the way he's treated in this toon is nothing short of dickish. Long story short, Past-Sonic meets Tails and complains about how annoying his voice is and how he never wants to meet anyone like that for as long as he lives. Cue Tails fading from existence while Past-Sonic and Present-Sonic talk about all the other side characters in the games completely ignoring Tails as he's essentially dying (Ok, actually, worse, he's literally ceasing to exist due to a time paradox.). Let's keep in mind that Tails is Sonic's best friend. He would never treat Tails in such a cruel manner.
  • I'm somewhat indifferent towards Peanut Butter Gamer and I do find some of his videos to be relatively enjoyable. That being said, his To Kill An Avatar: Pokémon video just left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. It starts off decent enough with him talking about how Pokemon is not as "cute and fluffy" as one may think. Does this mean he's gonna tell the viewer about the less-than-kid-friendly aspects about the games (IE: The criminal organizations, the Eldritch Abomination monsters, the various horrific things certain Pokemon are based off of in Real Life)? Nope. Instead, he just goes on a tirade about how Pokemon is "forcing animals to fight" and how trainers use their Pokeballs to "brainwash Pokemon into obeying them". He even goes so far as to use Ash's Caterpie from the Anime claiming Caterpie had a completely different personality from before he was captured by Ash. Um, no, no he didn't. He didn't have an established personality yet. In fact, all he did was just sit there. Oh, and to make matters worse, he claims that the player character kills Pokemon in the games whenever they defeat them in battle. What a great thing to tell all the children who play Pokemon. As a huge Pokemon fan, I am nothing short of disgusted by this.
  • In one installment of Video Games Awesome, during a playthrough of Uncharted 3, Fraser tried and failed several times to pass an area stealthily. Ben then gave it a shot and made it almost all the way through before getting spotted, and even got an "Expert Ninja" trophy for it. Fraser was so mad that Ben did better than he did that he took back the controller and restarted from an earlier checkpoint, undoing all the progress that Ben made. It was a real dick move that would have been bad on its own, but Fraser tried to justify it by claiming that Ben was "wasting time" by moving slowly and carefully, taking out as many enemies as he could. However, Fraser then ended up wasting even more time getting caught up in a long and decidedly un-stealthy firefight. Usually Fraser is funny when he's pissed off, but in this case he just came off as very childish.
  • kensu: There used to be a humor site called Not My Desk back in the early years of the 2000s, which was a temp workers blog about how much being a temp sucked. Most of the traffic was directed from sites like spinnwebbe and zompist whose readers are, to put it mildly, left-leaning. So you can imagine the train-wreck that occurred when Not My Desk's author posted a vitriolic creationist rant.
  • Invoked for laughs in Oney Plays' playthrough of Kingdom Hearts. In Ep. 48, Chris O'Neill, as a joke, tells the audience to "dislike" the next episode and complain about it as being the worst episode ever, and to praise the episode after for its "comeback". Ep. 49 became the most "disliked" video on their channel, receiving four thousand dislikes, and commenters ripped it apart... purely for a joke.
  • Ctron3120: I've always felt the concept of (some) Disney Villains being "Queer-Coded" (what we would call Ambiguously Gay, Ambiguously Bi and/or Sissy Villain), as I felt it perpetuated gay stereotypes rather than criticised them, relied on psychological projection than creator intent and it could heavily restrict the creativity of artists. Openly Gay Disney Animator Andreas Deja, who animated Jafar in Aladdin and Scar in The Lion King even said he didn't base their mannerisms and appearance on himself, but on three classic horror actors (Vincent Price, Conrad Veidt and Boris Karloff) and Jeremy Irons, Scar's Voice Actor, respectively. But the video Queer Coding Disney's Male Animated Villains- Chilling Challenge Day 2 by The Princess and the Scrivener by made me angrier on the topic than I have ever previously been. Sarah the Scrivener claims Judge Frollo is Queer-Coded merely because he wears a long flowing robe (Oh, I'm sorry, "a dress") and he flirts over Esmeralda (a female character). *Face Palm* One, it's not a dress, it's a judge's robe. Two, his heterosexual lust for Esmeralda is basis of his entire motivation as a villain. His flirting and touching of her reflects that. Two and half, it is the basis of his Villain Song. Three, he has a Badass Baritone voice, provided by the late Tony Jay, and it sounds way manlier than Quasimodo's. Four, his facial features are quite masculine compared to the other allegedly "Queer-Coded" characters, albeit resembling an elderly man. Five, he has none of the campy/effeminate scenes or expressions that other allegedly Queer coded villains have. Sixth, he's a Fundamentalist Christian, and they and the LGBTQ+ community don't really get along. To claim Frollo is Queer-Coded is patently ridiculous, and she deserves more criticism on this point.

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  1. While those were the bases of their names, they're actually known as "homunculi."
  2. Okay, the title should now make that obvious, but it was first put up (by mistake) in December 2011, with the name and description of Episode 3.
  3. They removed now, but I'm not forgetting it
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