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Considering that Robot Chicken's a show that bases its results on many random sketches that can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, you're more likely to find a sketch or two that you didn't like on an episode that you pretty much enjoyed otherwise. These are those sketches.

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  • Don East: The final skit of the episode "Kramer Vs. Showgirls" was another follow-up to Michael Moore's "where are they now" skit. This one was about 90s cartoons and boy does it feel like they have something against the decade. Shallow Parody doesn't even begin to describe the scene with Daria, the Pinky and The Brain part was disgusting beyond words. But the thing that made pushed me into writing this entry is what they did to Darkwing Duck. Long story short, financial issues force DW to sell his body to a Chinese restaurant (just roll with it) and gets cooked in an oven alive, and on top of that this all happened in front of his daughter, Gosalyn. If that wasn't enough, at the end of the sketch, Michael Moore and Gosalyn were at said restaurant and the cook served them the now cooked Darkwing, with his head still attached. It then gets chopped off in a gag that they ripped off wholesale from A Christmas Story. You know what, fuck you Robot Chicken writers. You don't mess with a man's childhood like that. This is one of the worst skits in the history of the show and that's saying something!
    • User:Super Saiya Man: Its because the Robot Chicken writers grew up with 80's toons, and hold them up with reverence and respect (hence why they give good satire on them). However, by the 90's they had grown out of cartoons and despite the quality of the stories and animation, they thought they were kid stuff. They thought that we who grew up in the 90's would feel the same way; hence instead of making good satire of the 90's toons like they do with the 80's, they do spiteful crap.
    • The Z Mage: While the show has always been a bit dark, the entire episode "Kramer Vs. Showgirls" was nothing but unfunny mean-spirited joke after unfunny mean-spirited joke. In addition to the "where are they now" segment mentioned above, we have Garfield dying from diabetes (too much lasagna), and Buzz Lightyear being scalped and turned into a bong, followed by Woody smothering him to death. All of these sketches could have been funny with a Gory Discretion Shot (like the Chinese restaurant jokes in a previous "where are they now" sketch, which ended with Snarf being pulled through a door) or just flat out making the entire sketch shorter.
    • Dsneybuf: This troper couldn't stand the Where Are They Now sketch of the episode because of the inclusion of Mesogog. Apparently, someone writing the sketch knew the Power Rangers had more than two villains over the years, and yet didn't know that Mesogog fought the Rangers in 2004! A real grown-up '90s kid no doubt scratched their head at the inclusion of a villain they had never heard about. I don't consider myself a big fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but I can't help but wonder how much of the target audience became displeased after failing to see Lord Zedd (admittedly, one of my favorite villains of '90s TV) in an MMPR-related sketch.
  • User:Animeking 1108: In one episode, it featured a skit where Strawberry Shortcake was trying to name Baby-Needs-A-Name (correct me if I'm wrong). Then, Bitch Pudding runs in and starts acting rude by insulting everyone and breaking a few things. Then Strawberry tells Baby that the bitch has Aspergers. As someone with Aspergers, I kindly ask Seth Green to either go do his damn research or go fuck himself.
  • User:Bobdrantz: There's a May/June 2011 episode with a particularly awful scene between Batman and The Joker. It starts out decent enough with The Joker pointing out how Batman's code of honor to never kill his enemies works to his advantage and then Batman somehow convincing the courts to put The Joker on death row. They could've ended the skit right there and it would've been hilarious for its dark irony. Instead, they go for this absolutely gruesome death scene where we see The Joker's flesh slowly melt off of his face and his eyeballs explode until his head explodes completely. And, the joke Batman and Commissioner Gordon share at the end makes no sense at all. How do you go from a relatively funny skit to something as over-the-top, unfunny, and disgusting as this? Hmm? How, Robot Chicken, how?
  • Mad Man 400096: Robot Chicken would have been my favorite show if it hadn't been for the Ron Jeremy's Butter sketch from Season 2 (the exact episode I forget). The sketch has some guy jerking off, picking up his jizz, and eating it! The fact that he was actually churning butter did nothing to soften the vulgarity of the scene, even to someone like myself who is a fan of Drawn Together.
  • User:So We Ate Them: I liked the earlier seasons, but there's one line that I refuse to believe is defensible. It's from a sketch in which a character drinks soda and eats Pop Rocks just to disprove the myth--and farts with enough force to propel him at ridiculous speed. The sketch is okay, save for one line, as the child propels himself by a train. A boy responds "Look, Mom! The boy is moving faster than the train!" His mother replies "What did I tell you about being stupid? You don't get a birthday this year." There are certain things you don't make a joke about unless you have any idea what you're doing. Child abuse is one of them.
  • User:Fluffything: While the latter seasons of the show could just be called "A Bunch Of Unfunny Death And Sex Gross-Out Jokes", by far the worst moment for me was the Stomp VS Audience short. Basically, the short is pretty much audience members being so annoyed at the theater group "Stomp" that they commit a mass murder-suicide. Where do I start on how wrong this is? First of all, the deaths are so gruesome that they're not funny at all. Second, and more importantly, when making a joke about something as serious as suicide, one has to be extremely careful in handling the subject as to not offend people. Robot Chicken failed miserably. As someone who personally went through a suicidal depression and knows what it's like first-hand to have thoughts of killing one's self, I just want to say fuck you to Seth Green and the other writers/producers of the show who thought the idea of people gruesomely killing themselves (and murdering others) just so they could stop watching a bad theater performance was funny. It's not funny, it's just offensive and gross.
  • Crazy Luigi: Well, while we're on the subject of sketches from Robot Chicken that we hate, I might as well add my two cents on the 60's Batman sketch with monkeys. While I didn't mind it for the most part, there were two scenes in particular that made me want to throw up due to how fucked up they are. The first was where the hostage monkeys try to call on Monkey Batman and Monkey Robin to stop Monkey Joker from robbing a bank or whatever. (I realize how repetitive saying "Monkey *dadada*" is, so from here on out, I'm referring to these characters as "M. *dadada*".) While M. Batman goes off to save the day, M. Robin... just stays and urinates and then drink his own urine! The second scene comes at the very end, where M. Batman puts M. Joker in prison. M. Batman "scolds" M. Joker for what he did, M. Joker throws his feces at M. Batman... and then M. Batman eats said feces and enjoys it!! Whenever those nasty scenes show up, I usually just turn my head away from those two scenes and probably drown out the sounds from them.
  • User:kablammin 45: Yoshi stumbling upon Raccoon City and being shredded and eaten by zombies caused this troper to not ever watch the show again.
    • Sponge Pore: My gosh, yes. I've never really liked any of the sketches involving Mario, but this in particular was extremely scarring for me.
  • Skullsnsouls I am one to admit, I HATE most of the new "Spongebob Squarepants" episodes; they're not as funny as the first few seasons ones. I admit I laugh at a lot of parodies of it. I also like Robot Chicken, though in my eyes it's going downhill like Spongebob, and laughed at some of their gags on it. However, one of them just made me sick. It was the one where everyone is eating Krabby Patties, normal so far; but then something incredibly disgusting started. Spongebob comes in; and yells about the patties being made of actual crabs! Krab's denies it (big surprise) but then Spongbob shows a horribly bloody and dead corpse of a crab, who turned out to be related to Krabs! The whole thing goes downhill mentioning something about calamari, (Squidward being the target of course), tuna fish, and all sorts of sickening things. This gag almost made me want to write a letter to the writers and Seth telling him how disgusting that gag was; as well as pretty much stopped me from even watching the show. The entire thing was horrible and filled with a ton of Dude, Not Funny things.
    • Dynamite XI: From the same episode, there's the Unwrapped parody featuring the origin of the ice cream sundae. The entire sketch was just one guy talking bad about Christians, and that's it! It was just another bigoted rant about Christians, which isn't surprising given that Seth Green is also a voice actor on the equally bigoted Family Guy. What's worse is that they actually got Marc Summers himself to lend his voice to this travesty. Focus on amusing deconstructions, Robot Chicken! Drop the meanspiritedness!
  • The Dog Sage: The "Hazards of Hogwarts" skit from the Some Like It Hitman episode pretty much embodies all of these. A potentially funny skit ruined by unnecessary Gorn (Neville's hand transforming into a monkey head that mauls him and Ron's teeth shooting from his gums/head exploding), They Just Didn't Care (Hermione and Harry moving to America to go to a public school), Did Not Do the Research (Hermione being cyber-bullied on Facebook, even though Facebook didn't exist in the early-mid 1990s when the Harry Potter books take place), and Dude, Not Funny (Hermione commits suicide due to the aforementioned cyber-bullying.)
  • Dark Lady Celebrian: The skit with the little girl's dad going bungee jumping and getting shredded up by an alligator at the bottom, with the little girl standing right there and screaming in horror upon seeing her father's corpse. Isn't Robot Chicken supposed to be funny? The death of a little girl's father, with his daughter standing there watching, is absolutely not ever going to be funny.
  • User:Alex Sora 89: Definitely the "Toy Story 4" sketch, that is, without a doubt, the worst sketch to ever come from the show[1], which is saying something. Basically, Andy comes back home with a girlfriend, and has sex with her in his bedroom. The toys being horrified by that would have been more than enough[2], but no, Seth Green felt obligated to go further beyond that (much like the Joker's execution sketch could have ended in court as well), and had Andy turn Buzz into a makeshift bong. Sounds fun? No, the sketch had to have Buzz brain-damaged-beyond-repair as a result. The sketch ends with Woody putting Buzz out of his misery. It'd be a Tear Jerker, if only the sketch didn't have the same "ha ha, we raped your childhood!" feel every sketch seems to be mandated to have. Not to mention that Andy's utter disregard towards his toys (yeah, gettin' laid is one thing, but doesn't justify kicking Slinky - heh - aside) due to him being a grown-up has been portrayed far more realistically in the movie, since, if the writers actually gave a damn about the movie without exaggerating the whole "grown-up" thing, they could have noticed, you know, Andy being mad at his mom for mistakenly giving away his toys even while he's going to leave for college. This is offensive to the people who enjoyed Toy Story 3, and to those who noticed the Unfortunate Implications about how a real-life brain damaged person supposedly has to be euthanized. Combine the two, and you almost feel the need to start a petition for the show's cancellation. Thankfully, thanks to the ending of the actual Toy Story 3, this skit makes no fucking sense (and even then, Seth Green, the self-appointed "lover of action figures", should know a whole lot better), and this soften things a bit.
  • Disney 23: The latest Christmas Episode featrures a sketch called The Very First Christmas, about a neanderthal family walking in on a neanderthal Santa Claus and they get scared, so the father beats Cave-Santa to death with a club. I'm okay with that, but the very end is just sick. The ordeal turns out to be a mother telling her daughter about the first Christmas and the daughter asks how there can't be a Christmas if Santa is dead. The mother responds by burning the girl's gifts! Seriously, Seth and Matt need to get their heads checked!

 "You would have really like this one."

  • Philipnova 798: The skit that got me was Season Three's "Sad Fate of Soundwave". While I at least commend them for bringing back the original actor for both Soundwave and Megatron. The whole skit is pretty much "He transforms into an outdated piece of technology, let's make fun of it!" Add in a pointless testicle joke and bringing up the "Rumble is Red" argument and killing him. This becomes just a slap to the face for anyone who likes Soundwave. Even Michael Bay treated the character with more dignity, and we all know what happened there.
  • Miru: You know which skit got my goat? The Digimon one. So it starts with Sam entering the Digital World, and then encounters Koromon, kicking the poor guy aside. He then finds Kevin surrounded by badly-drawn In-Training Digimon (many of which do not correspond to a real Digimon), complaining that "They won't let me die!", implying all Digimon are like that. He then says that he tried to have sex with Digimon, saying "Tokomon was the most gentle." WTF, writers? There's plenty of lady-like Digimon for Kevin to go after!


  1. (tasteless Dead Baby Comedy jokes that are offensive towards serious topics aside)
  2. (as a webcomic, GG Guys, previously used a similar joke earlier and ended it on a somewhat more classy note)
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