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  • kablammin45: Adventures in Odyssey is a great series, though this troper was left shaking his head at the episode "A Glass Darkly". Poor Trent Dewhite is unable to catch a break from his teacher Dr. Hawthorne, who goes from just an overly strict teacher to a borderline Sadist Teacher. First off, The Bully Rodney Rathbone starts a food fight in the cafeteria that everyone gets involved in (except Trent), then the teacher comes in, and lays all the blame on Trent (with the exception of Rodney, possibly) just because he was holding freakin jello that had gotten in his hair! That's not all, though, Trent gets detention, and Dr. Hawthorne won't even let Trent off when Trent explains that he has a very important meeting to get to. Any normal, sane teacher would at least lessen the severity of the punishment if that happens, but noooooo. Then when Rodney later tries to turn loose a bunch of bees in the teacher's car, (which he's revealed to be allergic too later), Trent tries to get rid of them, then the teacher comes and blames Trent again, extending Trent's punishment even further. At the end comes a Shoot the Shaggy Dog, where Trent finally manages to call the people he was meeting with, but then they won't let Trent in because of him getting in trouble. To be fair though, Trent learns to believe something good can come out of something bad, which lessens the blow a little, but Dr. Hawthorne was still unbelievably harsh.


  • Mad Man 400096: The Doritos Super Bowl commercial from 2012 involving the dog[1]. Basically, a dog murders a cat and bribes its owner with Doritos not to tell anybody. How nobody has spoken out against this is beyond me.
  • fluffything: While cell phone commercials in general have become mind-numbingly annoying due to how they insult the intelligence of their target audience, I have to say that there's one in particular that I find the lowest of the low. It's an AT&T commerical in which a woman is talking on the phone in a park before walking up to an older couple on tour, takes their camera, breaks it, and then walks away like a smug Spoiled Brat all the while going on and on like she's someone important rather than just a person with a phone. The commerical tries to imply that having a cell phone from AT&T makes you feel like you're rich and famous and that anyone with a camera is paparazzi. However, the only message I got out of it is that having a cell phone turns you into an arrogant jerk who thinks it's ok to destroy somone's property and act like you're better than them. Great way to appeal to your customers, AT&T! Portray them as complete jerks. That'll get your sales up!
    • Crazy Luigi: I think the cell phone commercial that out-shows the arrogance there was the one where some guys wanted to say that they heard something intersting, but then a couple of douchebags just keep saying that the information given to them was so *insert number here* seconds ago! Hey guys, saying something was "so *whatever number* seconds ago" doesn't make you sound cool; it makes you become complete douchebags.
    • The Dog Sage: What about the commercial where a woman tries to buy the Crown Jewels? Apparently AT&T thinks it's customers are idiots. Either that or using the Android phone makes you stupid. Both of which is not going to make someone want to buy your phone.
  • fluffything: Normally, I like the Cheerios commercials. They're not masterpieces, of course, but they're still enjoyable in their own right. Well, that is, except for one in particular. One that makes me seeth with rage whenever I see it. That commercial, of course, is the one where some Bratty Half-Pint girl goes around reacting to everything (and I do mean everything) with "That's for babies" except for the aforementioned Cheerios. Now, the commercial is supposed to imply that you never outgrow loving the cereal. But, instead, the little girl comes off as some smug little brat who treats everything that's not Cheerios with such utter snark and disdain. Hey, Cheerios? Next time you want to show us that people will never outgrow your precious cereal, how about you do so by using something other than some whiny brat?
    • Crazy Luigi: Even I admit that I could've done something better for this kind of message. Show a young kid enjoing the Cheerios, then go into an adult version of that same kid still liking it, and then move to that adult going into their grandparent stage still having some enjoyment out of the Cheerios. I admit, it's not a masterpiece myself, but at least it wouldn't be so damn annoying.
    • Gonzo Link: For me, the real DMOS isn't so much the commercial itself (which is terrible, to be sure) but the fact that Cheerios keeps reusing the thing! Every time I boot up a video on blip and this abomination resurfaces after months of being dormant, it takes just about all the effort in the world to keep from putting my fist through the screen of my laptop.
    • lilpurplebird: Oh gosh, YES all the way. It doesn't help that her voice is very jarring. Why they chose this specific girl is beyond me. Just because it may be her first time in front of the camera doesn't mean she's commercial material. And you can tell the mother isn't very happy with her as a whole, that laugh at the end was obviously forced.
  • Blackbird Mizu: Those Toyota Highlander commercials with the little kid. Basically this smug little bastard sits in his parents Highlander and talks about how he and his parents are so cool because of it. Meanwhile, a sad kid sits in the back of an older car while his parents sing. He mouths "Help me". Really? I normally don't mind car commercials that suggest getting the car will make you seem cooler, but the Highlander commercials with the kid piss me off to no end. For one, the implication that parents should buy cars based on what will make their kids popular and "cool". Second, we're supposed to feel sorry for the kid whose parents have the old, ugly car? Uh, no. I get that kids do get embarrassed by their parents, and sometimes there is good reason, but a bad car is not one of them. Not everyone can afford a big, fancy new SUV. Third, the little bastard whose parents have the Highlander acting all cool. His parents bought that car, what right does he have to be so damn smug about it? You don't choose your parents, and he was lucky enough to get parents with a lot of money. He has no right to act like he's so cool because his parents can buy nice things!
  • Blackbird Mizu: The commercials for Dr. Pepper 10. It's one thing to try and pass off your product as manly, but they do this by directly saying "This product is not for women!". They imply that women don't like action movies, and overall the whole thing seems like an immature "No Girls Allowed!" type of thing that a 9-year old boy would do.
  • kablammin45: Another Toyota ad, this one involves a dad finding his kids in a Toyota SUV and excitingly telling them about the treehouse he has built in the backyard. Toyota could have handled this better, but no, they had to make these kids smarmy brats too. The kids ask in rather deadpan ways: "Does it have (insert awesome feature that Toyota's newest vehicle has)?" The Dad answers no each time. It ends with them saying: "Ummmm, I think we'll stay in here." Dang it, Toyota, why are all your kids such condescending fatheads? Get it through your head that the world isn't completely like that! It also brings us the unfortunate implication that kids think that if it doesn't have a screen, it's boring.
  • Mosquito Man: The Christmastime adverts where the phone that belonged to the rival company was sent to live on the Island of Misfit Toys. That's just arrogant.
  • Largo Quagmire: I cannot be the only person who feels like the Jack in the Box commercial where the young man marries a bacon hamburger is completely ridiculous. Barring that we live in a political environment where trivializing the right to marry is bound to piss people off, the whole idea is mind-numbingly stupid, and ends with the man eating the bacon burger. So he just... killed his wife? Consummated his marriage? For the love of God, what does it mean?!
    • lilpurplebird: I don't get it either, but all I know is this makes those Jack's family life commercials look genuine (and I'm shocked they got away with implying Jack has a bondage fetish in one commercial). It's awkward enough to watch as it is, so I just try to ignore it and keep from laughing at its stupidity.
  • Gonzo Link: Two words: Keith Stone. Attempted mascots don't get much more annoying and audience insulting than this abomination of an ad campaign. With the appearance of your stereotypical southern redneck, Keith was someone who managed to somehow fall in with luxury and lots of hot women despite being an insufferable asshole and misogynist prick, all because of his mere association with Keystone beer. The fact that Keystone clearly had high hopes for him as a mascot makes it all the more appealing that I rarely, if ever see it anymore.
  • fluffything: The Pudding Face commerical for Jell-O. Look, I like Jell-O pudding. But, that commercial just made me want to swear off of pudding forever. Why? Well, long story short, the commercial involves a young girl accusing her father of eating her Jell-O pudding. Seems fair enough. But, then he lowers the newspaper revealing a horrifying CGI Slasher Smile implying that it was caused by him eating said pudding. I'd rather not eat something that would give me a grin even The Joker would be creeped-out by.


  1. The game itself sucked for me, too, me being a Patriots fan and all, but that's not the point.
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