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  • Anarchy Balsac: Garfield had the infamous strips from 1989 where Garfield is shown to be in an empty, long abandoned house. It was supposed to be a Halloween scare, but it ended up being an Inferred Holocaust of the worst kind. It's resolved with Garfield willing himself back to reality, which, for good reason, has spawned Wild Mass Guessing that Garfield is imagining the events of the strip while he slowly starves to death in an empty house. Word of God states this isn't true, yet no full explanation as to what happened, or if it is even canon has come forth.
  • Madrugada: In For Better or For Worse when Elizabeth suddenly abandoned an exciting and fulfilling career in a wonderful native community to return her dull-as-dirt hometown after hearing that former boyfriend Anthony's marriage was on the rocks (which, due to some pretty persuasive Alternate Character Interpretation, was entirely Anthony's fault to begin with).
    • Lady Corvex: The absolutely horrible, contrived "attempted rape" plot in order to force them together had to be the absolute nadir of the entire series. The whole thing is just so massively sexist, and used seemingly as a substitute for any sort of chemistry between the two characters.
    • Kereea: For me it was just the treatment of Therese aka Anthony's wife. I'm okay if your childhood sweetheart gets married-that's life. I'm okay if she's a bit of an Ice Queen. So when you have Anthony trick her into getting pregnant by saying he'll stay home with the kid because she doesn't want to leave her career and doesn't want to be a mother yet anyway, but only saying so because he thinks she'll have a change of heart as soon as the baby pops out due to motherly hormones and the fact that she's justifiably upset that no, he's going to try and get her to stay home is treated as a sign that she's a Complete Monster, I'm pissed off. Then after she's had the kid and everyone's bitching about how she's not motherly, Anthony has the whole "I never had anything to fight for!" line in the "going after" mentioned above (okay, so maybe he and Therese are on the rocks, but he also has that baby girl you begged her to have! Isn't that worth anything?) and the only conclusion I could come to was the one of the WMG page that says he was only with Therese to make Lix jealous and then he married her when Lix left because she was the only option he had. Oh, and Anthony's kid is never mentioned outside of when Therese left Anthony. So the kid was just a plot device to get Liz and Anthony together via demonizing of Therese.
    • Fofa: The house fire of December 2006. You know, the one where Micheal runs back into the burning building to grab his laptop and leaving his wife to get the kids out of the apartment complex by herself. Dude, the lives of your kids should be more important than a stupid laptop, and even if it does have the first draft or whatever, I'm sure your employer would understand if you told him that you lost it in a freaking fire while trying to get your family out safely!
  • Dynamite XI: Baldo got dethroned when the major character Smiley abruptly transformed from a likable Tomboy to an unlikable Alpha Bitch within a couple of days, which apparently was used as an excuse to write her out of the comic strip. Never mind that Smiley was literally a Girl Next Door, and yet still hasn't been seen or mentioned in the comic since 2006...
  • Twentington: This Peanuts strip may be the absolute worst gag Schulz has ever done (the image is annotated with the reasons why). To be fair, Schulz was in the last couple years of his life, but still, any sane editor should've caught at least two or three of the problems I pointed out.
  • Demetrios: For many fans, the short but strenuous time in 2006 when Garfield started its over-reliance on the title character ending each strip with "We're bachelors, baby!" Sure it was funny the first couple of times, but after an entire week, well, it's an Overused Running Gag.
    • timmyturner98: The "we're bachelors baby" line doesn't even make sense now because Jon is successfully dating Liz now. Speaking of which, there are quite a few fans that say Jon finally getting a girlfriend was the start of Garfield's downhill turn.
  • Clam 15: For me, it was the July 24th, 2011 Blondie strip. In this strip, Dagwood's boss goes nuts. He furiously berates Dagwood for asking for greater health care while, and at the same time, he delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Such hypocrisy has presented itself in prior strips, but never in this fashion. I only hope that this is a happy accident and such strips won't present itself in the near future. But, still...ugh.
  • Mad Man 400096: This Mother Goose and Grimm strip. Basically, Grimmy gets annoyed by a guy saying "No problem" instead of "You're welcome". Forget the fact that it's an incredibly petty reason to complain, he actually attacks the poor bastard for saying it again. That's right. A dog physically attacking a person for something that only bothers a small percentage of people. I mean, it's established the Grimmy has Jerkass tendencies, but that's typically only because of his being a dog. This was just being a dick. It's pretty much the same kind of comedy you'd find in a later episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • tvtroper98: For me, this Garfield strip. To explain, Garfield is walking around the room, when he hears a message on Jon's answering machine. It's a hot cheerleader who Jon met at a pizza parlor, saying that she can't stop thinking about him and her phone number. Garfield then destroys the machine. Why?'Because of the fact that Jon had pizza without him. Now, Jon is a Butt Monkey, especially when it comes to dating, but this strip is so cruel to Jon, subverting Throw the Dog a Bone so hard, it could almost be a Tear Jerker moment. At least Jon and Liz are an Official Couple now.
  • kablammin 45: For me, it's this Garfield right here, Jon says he's worried about not being good enough for Liz. Garfield responds: "Haha, Oh come on Jon, Might?" Yes, Garfield has a tendency to be a pain to Jon, but his answer is just a little too mean, even for Garfield.
  • Blackbird Mizu: For me, it's the March 16, 2012 strip of Luann. Gunther is scared of getting romantic with a girl and Luann suggests he might be gay. Which wouldn't be so bad, hell, would actually be pretty good to suggest such a thing in a non-condemning way. But then one part of her line of reasoning was that he was an only child raised by his mom. Really, Luann? Really? That's a moronic and offensive thing to suggest, a person's sexuality has nothing to do with how many parents they have or what gender those parents are.
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