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  • User:Mac Phisto: The much anticipated "Rocky Horror Glee Show" in general for many, many reasons. But special mention goes to the Broken Aesop at the end, which came with many Unfortunate Implications (it's okay to be different, just as long as you don't do it in a way where normal people can see you).
    • bobdrantz: I also disliked the "Rocky Horror Glee Show". However, my reason for disliking it is because it's quite possibly the worst "tribute" (inasmuch as it barely has the right to be called one) for one of the biggest cult films of all time. For one, thing, the casting is all wrong--among other things, Frank N. Furter is played by a female, and not very well-played either. Second, the song lyrics are so heavily edited as to lose anything resembling a point.
  • User:Elegant Vamp: "Furt". The Ode To Kurt- oh, I mean, the "wedding". Seriously, the speeches, the song, and even the wedding vows all revolved around him! It was Burt and Carole's day, not Kurt's! And, speaking of speeches, what was with Finn's? The whole, "Kurt made me a man" crap pretty much retconned the whole pregnancy storyline in S1 in favor of more gratuitous Kurt worship. Not to mention, they had Carole Burnett and gave her a half-assed B plot.
  • User:Capretty: "Brittany/Britney". The episode was the first sign of Glee revealing they only cared about commercialism now. The episode only came about because Power of Madonna had been a success the last season. The episode had a successful music video of Sue Sylvester doing Vogue so they decided to do three music videos within the first half hour for hope at another meme, including a recreation of the Iconic "...Baby One More Time" video, this time starring their lead actress. Oh, and did I mention that these three videos had nothing to do with plot and were unbelievably boring. Meanwhile they were also just trying to get more memes by pushing Brittany to the foreground since her dialogue tends to be a Fountain of Memes. However they gave her so many funny lines that after awhile you just don't care anymore. It's a real shame since her actress is very talented and is trying so hard for her character not to be driven into the ground. Meanwhile the subplots revolving around the Finn/Rachel and Will/Emma romances make Rachel and Will so unlikeable it equals a huge case of What Does She See in Him? for both Finn and Emma.
  • Archduke Cthulhu: The superbowl aftershow did it for me. The football team are all scrappies. There's no way to change that. You can't polish a turd and call it something nice. They're annoying, one dimensional bullies this side of a Stephen King novel and there's no way they should be given spotlight unless its for character development, which no way happens here.
  • Largo Quagmire: 'I Kissed a Girl' is one of the most offensive things I've ever seen, for a number of reasons. Firstly, Finn went from a massive idiot to a massive idiot with a God complex, thinking that he could erase the damage he did by outing Santana by having a 'Ladies' Music' week in the club. Secondly, this somehow works in the framework of the plot. Santana forgives and accepts Finn, when, it really should be the other way around - Finn apologizing for his actions and accepting Santana. Thirdly, Glee has never been great at characterization, but seeing everyone throw aside their festering problems because Santana - you know, the girl who has caused them more grief than anyone in the show so far besides maybe Sue and Jesse St. James - is a lesbian, (something they all already knew) was bullshit. Yes, teaching kids to accept their GLBT classmates is a noble goal, but the Glee club is supporting a villainous, bitchy character who, in the previous episode. beat someone until they bled for fun. It suspends disbelief at best and brings up a host of unfortunate implications at worst. And finally - the title was a complete fucking lie.
  • Me 4 Justin B: Saturday Night Glee-ver did it for me, it's the first episode I've ever hated. Copied from this troper's Tumblr: 1) Will Fucking Schuester. He missed the obvious train station of Appropriateness on his express train to None-Of-His-Business Town. You don’t tell your students “find a dream or else”, you don’t tell kids that their goal is “not a dream, that’s sad”, and you don't make creepy wooden models of your students!. 2) Character derailment in general, and Rachel specifically. She goes from little miss Broadway-Or-Bust to Finn's personal sattelite, and in the process, lost the one trait (her single-minded determination to achieve her dreams and her detailed plan) that actually made me like her. And for what? So the writers could shoehorn in a few shippy moments between her and Finn? 3) The hype behind Jesse's return... and the 60 seconds he was on. I was so excited for his return, since he’s my second favourite character, and he got all of 60 seconds on screen.
  • User:Lady In Grey: From the season 3 finale, the fact that Kurt doesn't get into NYADA. Call me a fangirl, but I think he deserved it a lot more than Rachel. He nailed his audition on the first try, while she choked then begged on her knees to try again to the point of creepy harassment. With that said, I'm not unhappy that she got in. Rachel worked hard and it paid off, and that's great for her, but I just think that Kurt really deserved to get more than she did.
    • User:Tina Banina 96: I agree almost fully with your point there. I felt like it was a great injustice to Kurt, who, not only performed a song that he hadn't originally intended to sing, but freaking hit it out of the park. Kurt took risks and made them fabulous. Rachel chose a safe song (and encouraged Kurt to as well), messed it up, and still got in. I was seriously upset with the outcome of that entire storyline.
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