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  • ...Couldn't Conan tell the FBI about being Shinichi Kudo? They're investigating the Black Organization anyway, he doesn't even keep up a childish facade and uses all his regular smartness when with them, and I can't see how it would hurt, only help. For that matter, couldn't there be some sort of exchange where Haibara gives the FBI info on the Black Organization if they promise not to arrest her? It just seems like Conan and Ai are sitting on all this information on the Black Organization while not bothering to tell the FBI any of it.

The main-character policemen work every single shift.

  • Seriously, whether Conan and the gang call during the morning, afternoon, evening, or even midnight, Megure ALWAYS comes, accompanied by Takagi, Chiba, and the other people. It's almost like they're always there for plot convenience.
    • Only at first. By now the series has built a pool of around twenty policeman or so it pulls from to avoid repetition and to account for prefectures. Although Megure, Takagi and Sato still are there most of the time.

A very specific and tiny thing that bugs me from volume 31.

  • In the case with the fisherman they nabbed Noboru as the real murderer because he knew what time Aramaki died (around 8:00). However, Noboru set up the trick around 7:00 and then left the body there to just eventually drown. How could he have known what time Aramaki actually drowned? And why did he call Aramaki's cell phone three times?
    • He knows what time Aramaki drowned because he knows that the guy only drowned when the tide is up, and he knows when the tide is up (i.e. around 8:00). He called the guy's cell phone because it's natural to do so when the guy didn't show up for their meeting, as well as to make an alibi.

Heiji and Kazuha's relationship.

  • I mean, I know that it's a running gag, and I have laughed at it, but how oblivious can one guy be? He's in denial, oblivious to love, and etc. are all excuses, but come on. Gosho-sensei is just toying with us.
    • Yes, yes he is. Although as you said, Heiji is in blatant denial. He and Kazuha are both Tsundere for each other, and both type B, which is... complicating things even more.
    • Well, from the 'Heiji and Kazuha in Grave Danger' case (vol. 38:8-10, episodes 323-324)where they were kidnapped and locked in an attic together, it's implied that Heiji actually is aware of his affection for her, as, when he thought he was about to be shot, he said that his "last words really were for her," and when Kazuha later asked him if he'd ever tell her what he was going to say, he nods and says "until you're sick of hearing it." What I got from that is that he is, at least on some level, aware of his affection for her, but may be afraid of expressing it because he actually believes her tsundere act. Or is just extremely socially awkward in general.

While I've given up trying to understand the drug that shrunk Shinichi and Shiho, do their young bodies age as time go by or are their bodies perpetually stuck at that age/stage?

  • According to the OVA, "Stranger in 10 Years," those two grow up just like other kids do. The only reason they never grow up in the main series is just like the reason why Ash Ketchem never physically grows up: the artist does not allow it.

The Other Wiki refuses to call this show by its most well-known title. That...still...bugs me. Freaking idiots.

  • The rule they use is "the official English title," and the franchise has never been released in English as "Detective Conan." The Robert E. Howard estate being silly isn't their problem, and they need a definite rule. It's also why they use the names Sailor Moon and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Funnily enough, the articles on the various versions of the Ah! My Goddess franchise have different titles.
    • Actually, the rule was introduced after the fact to justify the article name. Originally, the rule that applied was in the Japan manual of style, which said that names are romanized according to the most common usage, not according to the official name, up until June 20 2008. Likewise, the guideline in the anime style guide did not require that the official name be used if some other name was more widely recognized.
      • I have defended the Case Closed name since 2007; even though my fandom was pre-Case Closed and was not even in an English-speaking country. Wikipedia, ofter all, is supposed to be for the random English speaker, not us. Judging by the number of bookstores carrying Case Closed manga in the US, I have to say your random English speaker would be more likely to have heard of Case Closed than Detective Conan. (Of course, if WP changed their definition of English speaker, I may change my stand.)
      • The point is that it is not defined as "what English speakers would have heard of". In fact, when it was defined as this, it was un-defined specifically so that the Detective Conan articles could be renamed. Even if you're right and this name does happen to be the one most English speakers have heard of, the rule now doesn't say to use the name English speakers have heard of; it says to use the official name regardless of how many or how few people have heard of it. The only reason nobody's renamed Angel's Egg to In the Aftermath yet is that nobody's gotten around to doing it.
      • Readers should get their own conclusion by reading the deliberations for the policy in dispute here.
      • I'll clarify: Right now, Wikipedia's policy is to use what English speakers would have heard of. However, at the point when the original question was posted, Wikipedia's policy had been changed to "official name, no matter what" and only in January 2009 was it changed back.
    • Also, the series is officially called Detective Conan in some English versions outside the United States.
    • This troper would like to point out that, so far as this troper is aware, the change to Case Closed is officially for "unspecified legal reasons" and the popular belief that it has something to do with the Robert E Howard estate is unproven. At any rate Wikipedia has lots of stupid policies. It is, simply put, impossible to please everyone.
    • Wikipedia assumes that We All Live in America. Enough said.
      • But why aren't the North American names used anywhere else? It's one thing for Conan to keep his first name in most languages, but Funimation probably wanted to pay respect to the characters' Japanese initials. Hence an overload of Dub Name Changes.

Why does it seem that 'Ano Kata' is never seen?

  • Because this is a mystery series. The identity of the boss is supposed to be a secret for now.
    • One theory is that it's Eri's cat
    • Also, 'Ano Kata' means 'That Person', a deliberately ambiguous phrase that doesn't even specify gender, let alone actual identity.
    • If they want to only maintain the suspense, they could use that bald black no-browed shaded figure that keeps popping up all the time.
    • Since Detective Conan is influenced by Sherlock Holmes, revealing the identity of 'Ano Kata' would end the series. 'Ano kata' would be professor moriarty to shinichis sherlock holmes, as in the books when professor moriarty is revealed in the book, it resulted in a sort of final battle for sherlock holmes. sherlock holmes is only brought back because of the popularity of the books. so to put it shortly, revealing who 'Ano kata' would bring the end to the series!

Bulletproof Glasses

  • Reading the Goggles Do Something Unusual article, it occurs to me that eyeglasses made of bulletproof glass are, while potentially lifesaving, a bad idea. While getting a bullet and several shards of glass in your eye and face is definitely bad, the impact of the vast majority of bullets would still pop the lens entire out of its frame and into your eye. Resulting in red marks and potential bleeding from the frames digging into your face, a huge black eye at the very least, and quite possibly unconsciousness or at the least an eyeful of pain. Eye Scream material any way you slice it.
    • Anyway, the only time it was used, it deflected the bullet without damage.
      • Which still should have broken his little neck.
        • You Fail Physics Forever. If the bullet had enough kinetic energy to break his neck, then the shooter would've likely had his arm broken due to that pesky Newton's Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    • I think this is a case where you just have to keep in mind the MST3K Mantra. I seem to recall cases in the show where bullet-proof vests provide an unrealistic level of protection as well.
    • Bullet proof eyeglasses are a bad idea, eh? Apparently, the bullet piercing a naked eye is preferable to red marks, frames digging into your face, a huge black eye, and an eyeful of pain. That's good to know.
      • Only that didn't happen, did it? The glasses managed to fully deflect the bullet without being damaged in any way. That in itself is a case of You Fail Physics Forever.

Shrinkage Insanity

  • Besides when they first shrink, Shinichi looks like he's having a heart attack each time he goes back and forth by using the antidote or when it wears off. He's sweating profusely for no apparent reason, he's having difficulty breathing, and the clincher is he is clutching at his chest. The reason this bugs me is that Megure and Takagi didn't call a hospital when he did that in the middle of the case in the Beika Hotel. Are they that dumb as to not call a hospital when someone looks like they're having a heart attack? Or is it to avoid the whole "shrink-back-down-at-the-hospital-and-have-cover-blown" problem?
    • It's the 'he'll be discovered!' problem.
    • I think it's to illustrate that this is a very painful process?

A commonly raised It Just Bugs Me in Detective Conan: Kogoro has been subjected to that tranquilizer needle for hundreds of times. And no side effects?

  • Sort of like how every pulp hero (James Bond, for instance) can be knocked out with blows to the head hundreds of time and not end up like retired boxers. It's one of those general rules of fiction that one just has to forgive, like Instant Death Bullets.
    • True, but another way to look at the question is through a toxicology perspective. (There's a mystery writer's guide to poisons, so the symptoms of a poison actually make sense. It has sleeping agents as one of the categories under medical poisons.) So either Kogoro, using the idea that it could be toxic, would build up an immunity (like with cobra venom or Baigar, which is an antidote, ironically) or it would build up in his system and eventually kill him (like arsenic or lead). Now, he hasn't keeled over yet, so it may end up being the former. Now, that would be funny, and has been pointed out by other fans.
      • I think it has been brought up and I seem to remember Conan once commenting that it isn't quite as effective as it use to be.
        • It did happen once, but basically as a one-off gag. There was Snap Back and it was never seen again. However, in the Lupin III vs. Detective Conan TV special, when Conan accidentally hit Zenigata with his needle, Conan was shocked to see the effect lasted for only about one minute. Perhaps Lupin has put Zenigata to sleep enough times he's built up an immunity? Or maybe Zenigata is just that tough.
      • It's possible that it no longer has any effect on Kogoro and the so-called "Sleeping Detective" is just playing along for the fame... and possibly out of curiosity. If he stopped pretending to go under, he might never figure out what Conan is doing.
        • Nah. Kogoro isn't that smart. If they pull an "Aunt May" retcon somewhere down the line, I'm going to be seriously annoyed. :P
          • Kogoro is that smart. He's just lazy. Like the main page says, he'll attach himself to his first theory unless It's Personal.
        • Read Ellen Brand's excellent An Unprofessional Opinion, and you'll see that it's not quite as far-fetched as you may like to believe.
    • Heck, forget that. Kogoro has been hit with the tranquiliser over a hundred times ... but how far has time advanced? By a few days maybe? That is a much bigger mystery than why he shows no side effects.


  • On a similar note to the above IJBM: Why does nobody ever notice that Kogoro's lips aren't moving?
    • Almost was in one of the episodes Detective Satou started to play with Kogoro's mouth.
    • Kogoro has that mustache - maybe it's thicker in "real life" than what's being portrayed by Aoyama's art. Or, alternatively, they don't notice because they're in a comic book and nobody's lips move. (Seriously. Once Korogo had his cheek pinched while unconscious and even then his non-moving lips went unnoticed.)
      • That wouldn't explain Serena or the wussy detective though...
    • For that matter, why does nobody notice Kogoro's voice is coming from behind his chair, or in a couple of cases from a micro-speaker in the middle of his forehead? Just a show, just a show, relax, relax...
      • Why does no one notice the times when Conan is standing in plain view speaking into his bow-tie?

Convenient Wake-up Call

  • I just don't get how Kogoro wakes up immediately after his "deduction" is done. I mean, Heiji woke up in the middle of Conan's deduction and confronted him about it. That's never happened to Kogoro as far as I know.
    • Heiji woke up that one time because Kogoro, in full clueless jerk mode, punched him on the top of the head. A similar thing happens to him later when Kogoro's unconscious body fell over and slammed his head against a sidewalk, waking him up.
    • And sometimes Kogoro doesn't wake up at all, and Conan sweatdrops when he realizes he forgot and left Kogoro sleeping there.

How did Heiji and Kazuha manage to get off that cliff without killing themselves? Especially since Heiji has a freaking arrow stabbed into his arm. I saw no trees they could safely fall into, no other branches to grab onto. And I'm pretty sure there was no river to fall into. I'm not even sure HOW the fall off that cliff worked.

How many frickin murders can one guy walk in on?

  • I mean every single vacation, outing, trip, etc. turns into And Then There Were None. Are criminals trying to test their skills against Conan? And aren't guns hard to get a hold of in Japan? Why does every single guy on the subway have a semi automatic stashed in his/her pants?
    • It's actually a Running Gag in the series. Megure has actually said, "Not you again" when he sees Kogoro at another crime scene. Or something a long those lines. And the whole series requires you to suspend your disbelief. In Japan, the actual crime rate is quite low.
    • Also hilariously lampshaded when Heiji once told Kazuha to leave fast, because "he" (he was talking about Shinichi, Kazuha thought he was talking about Kogoro) attracts murder like a magnet. Cue someone discovering a dead body.
    • See Busman's Holiday and Mystery Magnet.
      • It's not only a running gag. If you can notice in some sentences the characters mention, you can notice that sometimes various weeks are spent between each case. The situation is that the manga/anime only shows that days when they had cases to solve.
      • Yes, but the characters don't seem to grow up despite that. Just how long would it take for Conan to move from 1st grade to 2nd grade?

Ran is a childhood friend. This means she knew Shinichi as a child. So shouldn't she recognize Conan as being a young Shinichi?

  • Shinichi spent heck of a while to persuade he has been de-aged. Do you readily believe anyone of your acquaintance was de-aged yourself?
  • I'm pretty sure she did recognize Conan as being a young Shinichi. She even correctly came to the conclusion that Shinichi had been de-aged. Twice. Conan went through quite a bit before he was able to convince her otherwise.
  • It has been ten years. The first time she took off his glasses, she only had a niggling feeling that she recognized Conan without them until finding an old picture of Shinichi and connecting the dots.
  • On a similar note, the Failure Is the Only Option nature of Ran's obliviousness bugs the heck out of me. Granted, I can see how they would want to keep the same dynamic of the show going. And Ran learning the truth would lead to her having to confront various further unpleasant truths, such as the fact that she's said some very embarrassing things about her feelings toward Shinichi to Conan (and furthermore, the fact that Conan has been playing everyone for fools with his Sleeping Kogoro ventriloquist act for all this time even if "all this time" in the show's internal continuity is only "a few months". Boy, Conan is building up an impressive load of bad karma). But it all seems so artificial. Ran is a smart girl, she's put the clues together several times and only trickery on Conan's part has deceived her. What's more, practically everyone around them but Ran is starting to notice there's something weird about that kid. Inspector Kansuke Yamato from Nagano has outright said he thinks Conan is the one pulling the strings, and even Takagi once (when he thought they were both about to die) asked Conan who he really was. (To which Conan replied, "I'll tell you... in the next world.") How can they justify these people noticing and Ran not? She sees the kid all the time, after all. But even when she does notice Conan is particularly clever for his age, she tends to forget about it by the next episode.
    • She is in deep denial, very deep denial. She does notice Conan's not a normal kid, but does not acknowledge it intellectually. I suppose the idea of Shinichi turning into a child must be painful or something.
      • She does figure it out on at least two or three separate occasions , but each time Shinichi tricked her by using a body double or voice shenanigans (she never found out about his bow tie, it seems). Besides, as another poster mentioned, being de-aged is so weird in the Detective Conan-verse that it's not surprising that most characters would never think of it or require very little evidence to abandon it as a possibility.
      • Furthemore, Conan isn't acting alone. Currently, he has been provided with fake, convincing parents (courtesy by Yukiko), a cemented status as a distant relative of the Kudo family, aknowledged many times by a fake Shinichi. Since APTX is too weird to be even accepted as a possibility, Occam's Razor kicks in. Basically, Ran is fed up with so many matching lies, coming from so many different people, that the fake theory ("Conan Edogawa is a distant relative of Shinichi Kudo, a mystery nut as his relative and he's in constant telephonic contact with him to share mystery-related stuff. His parents are always travelling abroad and they asked Agasa to provide for their young son, or find someone caring for the time being. Conan has something strange, but he may just be nutty as the rest of his mystery-obsessed relatives") is far more believable than reality ("Shinichi Kudo has being deaged by a mysterious poison, and there are strange men from a strange organization following him in some kind of weird plot to find some kind of thing").
  • I think it was volume 3 or 4 when she accused him of being Shinichi for the first time. About 50 volumes in, it was hinted that she knew but waited for him to tell her. As of now, the "Suspicion Arc" isn't moving forward, although there was potential foreshadowing during a case that involved DNA-analysis.
  • In one of the latest cases, which involved an unsolved murder case, Ran reacted strongly to something Conan said. He was talking like Shinichi (well, he was pretending to be reading from a text Shinichi sent), and Ran grabbed him and said "C...Conan-kun, right?". This also happened in the Silver Witch case, only she didn't actually do anything then. I'm thinking eventually she won't be able to see Conan as anyone else but Shinichi, so it'll be impossible for Conan to keep it away from her.

Related to the above, how exactly is Ran knowing Conan's real identity endangering her more than everybody else who does know?

  • Yeah. Everyone seems to think the Black Organization has some kind of "magical knowledge detector" where they will somehow know if she knows about their organization and will leave her alone if she doesn't. In actuality, it's more likely that they would just kill everyone and let Kami-sama sort them out.
    • Ran would insist on getting involved a lot more often if she knew what Shinichi/Conan was really involved in. Hell, last time she thought that Ai was in serious danger, she snuck into the trunk of someone's car and used her body to shield Ai from sniper fire. It may not be that she'd be in more danger than Asaga and company, but that Shinichi would do anything in his power to keep her from being in serious danger at all. Though it certainly is getting tired after all these years in reader-time.
    • While I agree that it would put Ran in a more direct line of fire, this point particularly annoys me too. While de-aging is, in fact, mind-boggling, Ran IS a very intelligent girl, and keeping her this oblivios just seems like a selective lobotomy at times. The BO has been shown to be ruthless when it comes to 'removing' witnesses; the first time Kir is introduced, just before Akai saves their collective butts, Gin orders Chianti to shoot Kogoro and Conan - who in that instant is just an innocent kid from their perspective, and who is merely talking to Kogoro through a window. Should Shinichi's identity be discovered, whether or not he has told Ran will become irrelevant, as Gin has happily shown he will kill anyone on the suspicion of a suspicion of knowing anything. More than likely, she and her father would be clipped without even knowing why.
  • Considering how Heiji and Agasa both slip up quite a bit, it makes no sense why Ran would be in any more danger by knowing. Meta-explanation: Aoyama wants to have several plot threads to use. (Though he does already have many.) If she knows, Gosho loses the future use of any plot threads where she gets close to finding out, someone claims to be Shinichi's girlfriend, Conan dealing with something like bathing with Ran but she doesn't know it, and the whole long-distance-relationship thing. But, it does get tiresome after a while, because she won't find out, Shinichi's name will be cleared, Conan just gets really embarrassed, and Conan does something really sweet, respectively.
  • As mentioned in this show's fanfic recommendations page, the fanfic The Mystery of Conan Edogawa by funvince does an excellent job of showing how a resolution to this situation really ought to play out.
  • In summation: Status Quo Is God. It's especially sad because by refusing to let go of these possible plot threads (Ran almost finding out for the nth time etc.), Aoyama ignores the hundreds of new possibilities this reveal would open...

Where do Conan and Haibara get the extra mass when they turn back to normal? Where does the extra mass go when they get shrunk down? (Sorry, I was reading the Resident Evil Just Bugs Me page and wondered about this series.)

Shouldn't Ran have graduated by now? High school in Japan is only three years, and I'm pretty it's been that long, since we've seen three winters go by.

  • Ahem. Comic Book Time. Never mind Ran, if the series had been running on real time, Conan would have aged from a little kid to an adult by now.
    • Concur. Readers of this series are trained to ignore Comic Book Time as Word of God confirmed its existence.
    • For what it's worth, the author has started lately to slip in more mysteries where the dates and seasons are more concrete. Starting from chapter 709, the individual cases seem to take Conan and co. from October through the new year and into Spring.
    • When Shinichi shrunk to Conan, he was about 17 years old. Conan is about 6 years old. With loads and loads and loads of filler episodes (The main story is about Shinichi versus the BO. All other investigations are fillers.), suppose it takes 12 years (in the story's timeline) for Conan to finally turn into Shinichi permanently, does Shinichi now become 29 years old?

Why was the Professor's nifty-neat micro-miniature cellphone disguised as a clip-on girl's earring? What would a male elementary school student be doing with a clip-on girl's earring in the first place?

  • The series started in 1997 and cellphones weren't big yet. However, despite Comic Book Time and Anachronism Stew, it's all been but ditched for normal cellphones.
    • I'm aware of that—in fact, I'm the one who wrote the majority of the Cell Phone entry for Conan. That's not what I was wondering. What I was wondering was why the Professor thought that a clip-on girl's earring would be nicely inconspicuous for an elementary school boy to carry around. Then again, given that it is the Professor we're talking about, maybe that fact is explanation enough by itself.

Why don't people recognize Kaito Kid as Kaito Kuroba? All he did was put on a top hat and monocle. You'd think Inspector Nakamori would realize it since Kaito is Aoko's best friend and all.

  • He did (though he needed to unmask him to do it), but KID reacted by staging an alibi (a date with Aoko) while getting unmasked * again* in another location, this time appearing to be Aoko. Nakamori remembered that KID is a master of Latex Perfection and decided that KID only looked like Kaito the last time to mess with him. See the Magic Kaito IJBM for more on this subject.
    • Also, while I can't speak for Magic Kaito, as far as Detective Conan is concerned, Kaito always stands with his back to the moonlight so that the reflection makes it hard to see his face correctly. (Conan comments on it the first time they meet.)

So Conan and co walk around running into dead bodies all the time, solving crimes, etc. Usually, they just check for a pulse and then go "Well, that sucker's dead, let's figure out who did it." Why don't they try administering aid?

  • Okay, Clean Pretty Reliable is stretching plausibility a bit, but you'd think they'd at least make the attempt, especially when the victim was injured only moments before. I mean, I've only ever had Basic Aid Training, and I know that much... Maybe the heroes are just used to people being dead/unsaveable, so after a while they just got out of the habit?
    • They have actually applied first aid to victims several times through the series, generally succesfully. Conan's pretty extensive knowledge of first aid has been enough to get the adults around wondering where did this kid learn all that. Of the top of my head, i remember an episode where a teacher of Ran is poisoned with cyanide during her wedding. Conan saves her life with a can of soda and a bottle of milk, then calls for an ambulance. And then finds the would-be murderer.
    • I remember one of the cases where they opened a cupboard only to see someone collapse, and guess what? Conan immediately says, "Alright, let's check everybody's alibis." Yes, that's right. He doesn't scream the victim's name, he doesn't declare the victim dead, he doesn't ask for ambulance and police, he doesn't even say let's find out who killed him. He goes straight to investigating the case. I guess the author didn't want to waste a few frames to say the same things over again.

The Stun-gun Wristwatch only works once per episode. Why Conan doesn't just carry a package of spare needles and go "chotto toilet!" at the first convenient moment to reload isn't really clear.

  • Because he might forget about them, and Ran might find them in his pants pocket when she picks up his laundry? And then...
    • It appears to me that many of Conan's gadgets are only serviceable by Agasa. Remember in the (manga's) Ten Billion Bank Heist case, Conan lost track of Akemi because his spying goggles ran out of power and he has to charge it batteries at Agasa's.
      • I agree, but in this specific case, wouldn't it look incredibly weird at home, if Conan used a recharger on his glasses? Not to mention that it would seem suspicious if he could see perfectly without his glasses. Maybe Kogoro would buy that it's a toy Agasa gave him, but Ran?

Conan always seems to stumble upon crimes as they happen. Alternatively, everywhere he goes, somebody dies. It's as bad as Murder, She Wrote.

  • Not much they can do about that. It's a genre convention.
    • Yeah, but at least most other fictional detectives become involved in a crime after it's committed.
    • It is obvious. Pick up any case from the series, any case. The scenario before the crime is critical to solving the case. Unlike a real life detective, Conan cannot rely on testimonies and other means to inverstigate the background of the crime. The meitantei has to be present in first person at the crime scene to pick up the subtle clues. It is a mediocre detective story.

What will Conan's mother say to her friends, when they discover that she, in fact, doesn't have another son?

  • She made up a story about Conan being her second son (which is actually more beleivable (too bad Conan can't use that)), what will happen when if they ever confront her about it
    • She could say she was just kidding and switch to their original cover story. Her story about Conan being her second son actually almost did screw him over when the officer in charge of that case showed up again, but Conan changed subjects quickly and it wasn't brought up again.

How does Ran's hair work?

  • The spike appears to switch sides, making the actual shape of her bangs unclear.

Why haven't Kogoro's parenting skills been questioned yet?

  • I mean, the guy not only yells at, but he also throws and even punches Conan. I know that sort of thing happens in anime a lot, but Kogoro's reasons for doing it are really petty.
    • As someone who visits Japan on a yearly basis, I know first-hand that abuse of that kind--especially to boys--isn't nearly as frowned upon as one might think. This consitutes as normal, if not a little excessive, behavior.
      • Now if he were doing it to Ran, people would look at him funny. Not only is abuse okay if it's female on male, but it's also okay if it's male on male, too. Even in America, people are more likely to sound an alarm if the victim is a female.
      • The whole 'teachers dress as a monster and appear on the doorstep to abduct children' tradition that is totally condoned and Nightmare Fuel for most of the kids involved, as the parents just stand by as the 'oni' drag the kids away. Coming from a different culture myself, I did not find it funny when I saw it.
    • To answer your question, see if you are under the belief that We All Live in America. Your American culture does not apply everywhere.
    • I'm actually surprised you haven't mentioned the alcoholism.
  • YMMV: In several occasions Goro has shown to care deeply for Ran and Conan, going full Papa Wolf whenever they're threatened. I remember a case in which the trio was running in a Speed-like rigged car, with tampered brakes and explosives set to activate whetever the car decelerated. With a suprising cool, Goro made sure Conan and Ran were put to safety, then risked his own life to defuse the bomb. He's simply a rough man, but his heart is in the right place.

Why did Gin act so out of character with conan in the locker

  • this one has been bugging me forever. Vodka is easily fooled into thinking nobody is there, but Gin being Gin is smart enough to check the lockers. When he reaches the absolute final one, he opens it slightly, and then decides its foolish. he already checked every other one! You already started opening the VERY LAST one! He's not someone to make that kind of mistake. it might be just WMG, but i think he had to know Conan was there.
    • If he hadn't the story would end right there. The author wants to keep this going forever.
      • It does seem to make some sort of logical sense; Gin known they have a very cunning person investigating them (As cunning as a meitantie, he says to Vodka not five lines later) and Vodka's information says only two drunks and a kid entered the building. It stands to reason that he will think one of the adults set it up, not a child, and 'an adult would never fit into these lockers', somehow means that he HAD considered the child, but dismissed it as an idea that didn't fit who he thought was looking into the BO.

How much more time does the author need to get on with it?

  • It has been over 750 chapters now. Conan cannot reveal his identity until he defeats the BO (or so we are told). Yet he seems content playing with the Detective Boys, and using Professor Agasa's inventions to solve cases. Meanwhile, what is the BO doing? Do they still want to find Shinichi? Do they know that Conan is Shinichi? Let's see. Kogoro became a famous detective in a short period of time after being considered thoroughly lazy, if not incompetent. Turns out Conan moved into his house at about the same time. Then there is the well known Sleeping Kogoro routine along with Kogoro "forgetting" about the case afterwards. How long would it be before someone at a dangerous criminal organisation puts two and two together? Heck, a high school detective named Hattori Heiji was suspicious after just one incident, and confirmed it in the next one.
    • Supposedly he wants to try to wrap it up in the next five years.
    • That is assuming he wants to end it. Ever.
    • He'll probably end it when hes made enough money from it, or is bored and wants Kaitou Kid to be his flagship. But since CC is more popular, he'll milk the hell out of it. Its the japanese way
    • There's no reason why he cannot make money by having Shinichi solve all these cases. Just finish off with this stupid Black Organization thingy, bring Shinichi back to normal, and continue solving cases from there. Anyway, the whole BO thing isn't getting anywhere.

How did Kaitou Kid survive in Movie 3?

  • I can only guess that he turned in time to let it go through his monocle, but not penetrating his eye.
  • This was some magic bullet since it hits Kid's monocle breaks his hang glider and hurts the dove he had with him.
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