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Denpa Teki Na Kanojo: Juuzawa Juu was just a normal delinquent teenage boy, spending his days getting into fights he would much rather avoid. One day, however, a strange girl named Ochibana Ame finds him and tells him that he was a king in his past life, and that she was his knight. She pledges fealty to him and swears to serve him as the knight she (at least believes) she once was. Originally, he wanted nothing to do with her, but when his classmate is murdered by a serial killer, he looks to her for help in solving the case.

Though it started as a Light Novel series, it has been adapted into an anime, currently at two episodes. The books and the show take place in the same world as Kure-nai.

Denpa Teki Na Kanojo provides examples of:

  • Above the Influence: Much to Hikaru's chagrin at the time, Juu. She thanks him later for not taking advantage of her when she was distraught from being rejected by her crush.
  • Action Girl
    • Ame, of course, though her sister also counts.
    • Her sister counts more, as she's actually trained in martial arts.
    • As do Yukihime and Madoka... you know what, this show is just filled with Badass ladies.
  • Anyone Can Die: Just Take Our Word for It.
  • Ax Crazy: Let's just say that the serial killer is just the beginning of the crazy.
  • The Beard: In the second episode, Juu is accused of feeling up girls on the train. Fortunately, Ame's sister Hikaru is there, recognizes him, and pretends to be his girlfriend to stop him from getting in trouble with the police. This leads to a whole mess of trouble later, as the girls who accuse Juu were actually members of the Happiness Club, and decide to make both Juu and Hikaru's lives miserable by spreading nasty rumors about both of them.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Played straight and subverted. Ame is quite scary when Juu is being threatened, but even the more obnoxious characters can be quite frightening in the right circumstances.
  • Blinding Bangs: Ame's default hairstyle... though occasionally she does reveal her eyes, and she's quite cute.
  • Boring but Practical: One of Ame's favorite weapons is a stun gun. Hey, it works.
  • Chaste Hero: Juu, despite being a delinquent, is a pretty nice guy, and will never take advantage of a lady, even if she offers herself willingly.
    • And let's not forget Yukihime.
  • Dead for Real: People die off in droves, and no, they don't come back.
  • Driven to Suicide: Ayase's brother, in front of Kaori, because Kaori dumped him for another guy.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Pretty much everyone in this show is at least a little bit crazy.
  • Expy: Miya looks a lot like an older Rena Ryuuguu.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Absolutely averted pretty much every time (just as a warning).
  • Hannibal Lecture: Ayase has one to give to anyone who listen.
  • Improbably-Female Cast/ The One Guy: The only male cast member is Juu. Everyone else (except the serial killer) is female. Well, that's not entirely true; Miya helped.
  • Insane Equals Violent: Played straight and subverted. Many characters in the series are violently insane, but some characters are mentally ill in a more traditional (and less destructive) way.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: When Shiraishi pushes Juu out into traffic to metaphysically "steal" his happiness, the car swerves out of the way and ends up hitting her instead. Yukihime even states afterward that karma worked out right for once.
  • Meido: As it turns out, Ame, Yukihime and Madoka all work at a Maid Cafe. Or, at least, Yukihime does; Madoka just hangs around.
  • Mysterious Waif: Ame plays this up when she introduces herself to Juu the first time.
  • Not So Different: The speech Ayase gives to Shiraishi after her plans for the "Happiness Club" are ruined. Unfortunately, as it turns out, they're not.
  • Only Sane Man
    • Arguably Juu, in a much more literal sense than most.
    • Hikaru is also relatively stable... at least, so far.
  • Overprotective Sister: Ame's sister, Hikaru, is deeply suspicious of Juu, initially believing that he was encouraging Ame's strange behavior. She was quite relieved to find out that he was as freaked out by Ame's behaviour as she was.
  • Path of Inspiration: Not exactly religious, per se, but the Happiness Club has a disturbing enough metaphysical outlook to qualify. They believe that there is a limited amount of happiness in the world, so if they want to be happy they need to make someone else unhappy. Thus, they resort to various kinds of harassment, collecting "happiness points" as they do so, creating a sort of perverse Karma Meter. Of course, the whole thing is a plot by Ayase to gather everyone in the Happiness Club together so she can steal all of their happiness at once... by burning them all alive. The intended result is to gather enough Happiness Points to resurrect her dead mother. It doesn't work, of course.
  • Peek-a-Boo Corpse: Getting to Ayase's house, we learn that she has been keeping the mummified corpse of her mother in the futon where she died, for months if not years. Of course, the first thing we see is not the body, but the swarm of insects that had been festering in the corpse.
  • Psycho Lesbian: The lesbian bit is questionable; the psycho part is not.
  • Rape as Drama: Miya is shown being raped by the serial killer in the first scene. She later goes on to assist, and even encourage the dastardly acts of Kiyoshi, because he is her Onii-san... and perhaps because of a little Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Sacred First Kiss: Hikaru ends up giving hers to Juu to keep up the act that she is his girlfriend. She later berates him about it, though.
  • Stalker with a Crush: This is an Alternative Character Interpretation for Ame's actions and probably the most accurate.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: After being raped by the serial killer, Miya becomes his accomplice, taking pictures of the victims just before they're killed and posting them on the internet. She even helps to finish the job when the severe beatings he gives the poor women don't quite work.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Ame seems to have a lot of trouble expressing her emotions, but she starts opening up more to Juu as time goes on.
  • There Are No Therapists: And boy, howdy, could they use them. Look at a character, any character in this series. Are they (currently) alive? Then chances are they could use a few (hundred) sessions with a decent psychologist.
  • Those Two Guys: Yukihime and Madoka. Of course, Yukihime is Axe Crazy, like about 50% of the cast, though it seems like Madoka has some degree of control over her.
  • Title Drop: You may not realize it, but the English name of the series is "Electromagnetic Girlfriend"
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: It's questionable how much the serial killer actually believes his insane ramblings, but if he does then he qualifies. If he doesn't, then he's absolutely irredeemable. He gets into irredeemable territory anyway when he rapes Miya.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Anyone who tries to hurt Ame or Juu will fit this description.
  • World Half Empty: Many things can be said about this show. That it is a positive take on the human condition is not one of them.
  • Unwanted Harem: Juu seems to be heading in this direction, though it would help if his "harem" didn't all have serious issues to work out.
  • Yandere: Miya is the first major example, but is quickly followed by Kazuko, Ayase, and Kaori Shiraishi.
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