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  • The Cast Showoff: This was one of the first movies to show off Snipes' martial arts skills. Much like Bruce Lee, he would have to slow down his moves so they would actually show up on camera.
  • Doing It for the Art: Nigel Hawthorne, inexperienced in cinema, took his role to prove that he had screen presence for the producers of The Madness of King George. Hawthorne wanted to reprise the stage role for the movie version. As it transpired this was unnecessary as Hawthorne was the producers' automatic choice for the lead.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Denis Leary is Edgar Friendly. He even keeps the rapid-fire bit from his "Asshole" song in his speeches.
    • Otho has somehow gotten even gayer.
      • Actually, not quite. Bob's a eunuch.
    • Sir Humphrey Appleby finally got rid of politicians and turned the West Coast into an utopia?
    • Warden Norton still working for the police after all these years?
    • Apparently someone shipped Detective Curtis across the country.
    • Jack Black had a small part as one of the Scraps, appearing alongside Edgar Friendly.
  • Shout-Out: This film features references to Aldous Huxley's novel, Brave New World: Lenina Huxley was named after Lenina Crowne (a major character in the novel) and Aldous Huxley, John Spartan is named after John the Savage (on a side note, Chief Earle and later Huxley, called Spartan a savage), and Simon said during the fight at the Museum (before firing his AcMag gun):

 Simon Phoenix: It's a brave new world! Sorry you gotta go!

  • What Could Have Been: Lenina Huxley was originally revealed to be John Spartan's daughter.
    • That bit was set up so obviously that this troper was quite surprised that it didn't turn out to be that way actually.
      • Another draft of the script had John Spartan's daughter be a resident of the underground city.
    • The part of John Spartan was written with Jean Claude Van Damme in mind, while Simon Phoenix was written for Steven Seagal. But originally Steven Seagal as John Spartan and Jean-Claude Van Damme as Simon Phoenix but JCVD would rather play the hero. 
    • When Stallone got on board, he tried to convince Jackie Chan to take the part of Phoenix. Jackie Chan turned down that role as he's into playing only the hero and not playing a villain. Later on the same for Lethal Weapon 4 being replaced by Jet Li.
    • Edgar Friendly was originally known as "Thomas Payne" in the original script.
    • Warner Bros. disliked the first cut of the movie so they brought editor Stuart Baird to do some re-editing. The same thing happened to another Sylvester Stallone movie Tango & Cash (1989) which was also heavily re-edited many times by Baird and other editors due to the behind the scenes problems and Warner Bros. disliking earlier cuts of the movie. Originally in Demolition Man, there were some more plot parts including Spartan meeting his grown up daughter in the sewers amongst Edgar Friendly's people. In the movie Spartan is shown protecting some girl during the shootout in sewers, this is his daughter and she is also seen later in the ending scene standing next to Friendly while he is talking with Spartan. Other scenes which were deleted include Phoenix killing Zachary Lamb before the car chase between him and Spartan begins, extra lines of dialogue (some of which can be seen in various trailers for the movie) and longer/additional action scenes (including infamous deleted fight scene between Sylvester Stallone and Jesse Ventura). In one deleted action scene during the battle in sewers, Spartan goes on the bridge from which Phoenix and his gang are shooting from and starts to fight with Phoenix but then bridge turns over. While both of them are hanging on it, Phoenix says to Spartan that bus passengers which he failed to save back in 1996 were already dead, meaning that Spartan was sent to CryoPrison for nothing. In the movie, Phoenix says this to Spartan during the car chase near the end of the movie but Phoenix is not shown speaking onscreen which probably means that the dialogue from the deleted scene was placed in this scene or was dubbed by the actor. Some other deleted and alternate scenes can be seen in several trailers, promotional photos and are also in the novelization of the movie.
    • It was rumored there was going to be a sequel "Demolition Man 2" and it would take place after this film, which John Spartan and Lenina Huxley would have married and Jackie Chan would play the main antagonist, replacing Wesley Snipes, but the sequel did not happen. There was a prequel written long ago and thought it would flop that it was never made. 
    • According to the scripts (before the final draft) the film starts out in 1998 and goes over to 2042 as John Spartan and Simon Phoenix were frozen for 44 years. In that draft a CryoCon was named Ignatious and was changed to Howie, while Howie was written out and replaced with a thug already released in according to what was cut out of the movie. Beppo was Albert. Kodo was Beppo. Adam (played by Jesse Ventura) was Charlie and Jesse Ventura's character dies in the underground battle assumed to be killed by armed scraps - or Denis Leary's character that was, in that draft, Thomas Payne - when John Spartan went after Simon Phoenix. It is then that Elvin, who was the CryoCon that kicked the chair out of the way when Cocteau was killed, that kills Cocteau in that draft rather than the CryoCon played by Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Then, according to what was cut out or not filmed, John Spartan either kills or incapacitates Elvin.
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