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Person. Post Modern stand-up comedian and actor. His comedy features a blend of jokes, illustrations, animation, and music. He previously appeared on a recurring segment of The Daily Show called "Trendspotting," which lampooned youth culture. He recently starred in his own series, Important Things with Demetri Martin, on Comedy Central and has a starring role in Ang Lee's film Taking Woodstock.

His work features examples of:

  Demetri Martin: "Pillow Fights, okay. Man vs. woman: Fun. Man vs. man: Gay. Woman vs. woman: Awesome. Man vs. pillow: Crazy. Pillow vs. pillow: Crazy Awesome."

 "I was in a card store, and they had cards that said "Get well soon." Bleep that. Get well now.

  • Something Completely Different: First show: "These Are Jokes", where he simply strums and tells many little gags one after the other. Second show: "If I", an hour-long monologue about palindromes, his stint in law school, and coming to terms with having a lot of useless talents.
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