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Deltarune - Chapter 1 - cover- AllTheTropes

You can't choose your own fate

Deltarune is a Western RPG created by Toby Fox, whose demo/first chapter was released without announcement on October 31, 2018. It's a Spin-Off/Sequel/Prequel/Alternate Universe/What Have You to Undertale, albeit Fox announced it as a game for those who had completed Undertale first.

You play as Kris, the (apparently) only human resident of Hometown, a sunny suburban town populated by monsters. While searching some school material along with Suzie, the resident bully of the school, you both fall within a mysterious closet to what can only be defined as a "dark world". There, you meet the Prince of Darkness, Ralsei, who claims that the three of them together are Lightners, beings destined to travel to stop the flow of darkness into the underworld.

The game is a role-playing game like Undertale. Combat is performed similar to most standard turn-based role-playing games, choosing from a set of actions such as "Attack" or "Mercy". While the goal of the game is implicitly to avoid fights and spare monsters, this is made difficult in that Susie, who is not initially controlled by the player, tends to prefer to attack rather than have mercy, so special actions must be made to keep her cool.

Tropes used in Deltarune include:
  • Alternate Universe: Apparently to Undertale. Several characters from that game appear, but with wildly divergent development.
  • All Just a Dream: Kris and Susi return to an unused classroom with no signal of ever have gone to the other world like their weapons.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Kaard puts a mind control crown on a C. Round so he can attack the heroes.
  • King Mook: King Round serves as this to the C. Round, being way more stronger and with a much larger HP..
  • Mind Screw: Kris rips his own heart and looks menacingly at the screen in the ending cutscene for seemingly no reason.
  • RPG
  • Parental Substitute: Considering the King is a murderous and tyrannical piece of scum, it comes off as no surprise that the King's son calls Kaard "Lesser Dad". Mind you, Kaard don't thinks highly of the King's son, but that already makes him good enough.
  • Playable Epilogue: After Kris and Susie return to their world, the player can control Kris walking around the city. The ending cutscene plays after he goes to bed.
  • Ye Olde Butchered English: Rouxls Kaard, who seems to be doing it to look sophisticated and threatening. It fails miserably.
  • You Are in Command Now  : Kaard was only promoted to Duke because the King fired or imprisoned everyone else.
  • Zero Effort Boss: Rouxls Kaard's first puzzle is incredibly easy to solve.
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