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Kendra Mason

File:Flip kendra 02 3557.jpg

Kendra Mason (Season 2-3)

 Played by Katie Lai

 "Toby Issacs, meet Kendra Mason. My two biggest anime fanatics."

Spinner's younger adopted sister who appeared in seasons 2-3. She was a love interest for Toby, until she disappeared after season 3 and was never mentioned again.

Rick Murray

File:Rick 8258.jpg

Rick Murray (Seasons 3-4)

 Played by Ephraim Ellis

 "And all the time I thought you were my made me do this."

Terri's ex-boyfriend. He was abusive toward her and one incident actually put her in the hospital. He returned to Degrassi after undergoing anger management classes. He was relentlessly bullied for his actions and generally just for the hell of it. One prank that humiliated him on national television set him off the edge and he shot Jimmy (mistakenly thinking he was behind the prank). He was about to shoot Emma, until Sean grabbed the gun. There was a struggle and Rick was killed accidentally by Sean.

Lucas Valieri

File:Lucas 3436.jpg

Lucas Valieri (Seasons 7-8)

 Played by Marc Minardi

 "He's gonna let you down Mia. It's what he does."

Bully to all students at Degrassi and the father of Isabella and ex-boyfriend to Mia. He is also Jane's older brother. He later dropped out of school his senior year. He is quite the obnoxious jerk but he also has a soft spot for his father who left the family. This is, until he admits to himself that his dad has been molesting Jane for years. From there, he stands up to him, and for Jane.

Chris Sharpe

File:Flip chris 02 3502.jpg

Chris Sharpe (Seasons 3-4)

 Played by Daniel Morrison

 "'s all about the beat. Let me show you. Close your eyes...kind of like the beating of the heart."

Chris was Degrassi's new student who was into all things hip-hop and a budding DJ. He and Emma started going out after Sean dumped her. Emma took the break-up very hard and stopped at nothing to make Sean miserable, almost losing Chris in the process. Chris and Emma later broke up during that summer, and Chris almost started to date Liberty until Emma got jealous. He was later written off the show, but not before getting some funny one-liners regarding his ex's ravine adventures.

Dylan Michalchuck

File:Flip dylan 01 3611.jpg

Dylan Michalchuck (Seasons 3-6)

 Played by John Bregar

 "I'm a slob, okay? I'm reckless and I'm your exact opposite. But you mean everything to me Marco...and I want another chance."

Dylan is Paige's older brother. He is a gifted athlete and hockey player who takes an interest in Marco and the both of them later become an couple. He does later cheat on Marco while he was off in college, but the two of them make up. He goes off to play hockey in Sweden, and he and Marco try for a long-distance relationship but it ends up not working at as Marco wants to finally branch out in his college years.

Jesse Stefanovic

File:Jesse3 8079.jpg

Jesse Stefanovic (Seasons 6-7)

 Played by Steve Belford

 "Ew, I can't believe you were ever with that guy...I can't believe I was ever with that guy."

Jesse attended Toronto University with Marco and Ellie and is the editor of The Core, the on-campus newspaper. He takes his job very seriously, but he does have a laid-back, smug vibe around him and is rumored to have actually dated some of his employees. Despite this, he and Ellie eventually hit it off and become a couple until he cheats on her with her mentor, Caitlin Ryan. He still names Ellie as his successor to The Core's' editor position after he leaves.

Griffin Pierce-Taylor

File:Griffin 02 5853.jpg

Griffin Pierce-Taylor (Season 7)

 Played by Nathan Stephenson

 "Lifestyle? You just assume it's my lifestyle?...Go to hell."

Griffin moved in with Ellie, Marco, and Paige in season 7 and also attends Toronto University. He is a budding music representative/executive and tries to hook Jimmy and Ashley up with a record contract. He and Paige begin to date and he later sleeps with her - without telling her he is HIV positive. Despite the fact the sex was safe, Paige is outraged and Griffin nearly moves out. After Paige calms down, they begin to talk and evenutally date once again but apparently they break up sometime before season 8

Kelly Ashoona

File:Kelly 02 97.jpg

Kelly Ashoona (Season 8-9)

 Played by Evan Williams

 "Manny's got her drama posse, Liberty's got her res council joiner stuff, and you...well, everyone loves you."

Kelly was a freshman at Smithdale University with Emma, Manny, and Liberty and was even their roommate after a room shortage left him stranded in a co-ed dorm. He is a laid-back guy who is friendly with everyone and he plays the guitar. Emma immediately takes interest in him, and they both start dating. He later gets kicked out of university housing after Emma bakes pot brownies in order to fit in better and he gets caught with them on his person. In season 9, Emma dumps him after she flunks out of Smithdale and he decides to take a engineering job.

Mark "Fitz" Fitzgerald

File:Fitz1 106.jpg

Mark "Fitz" Fitzgerald (Seasons 9-10)

 Played by James Edward Campbell

 “What's wrong Emo Boy, out of smart ass comments? Someone has to shut you up.”

Fitz was seen previously in season 9 talking to Riley and Blue about the "hottest girl in the swim class" and comparing notes with the other guys. Since then, he's joined up with Bianca and Owen as Degrassi's newest group of bullies. He and Eli had an intense fued throughout the course of the first part of season 10 which resulted in him being arrested for threatening Eli with a weapon.

Since getting out of juvie, he has found religion and wants to desperately talk to Clare and Eli, seeking forgiveness. Clare is a little bit interested in talking to him, Eli not so much.

Sadie Rowland

File:Sadie2 561.jpg

Sadie Rowland (Season 10-11)

 Played by Alexandria Benoit

Sadie is a Grade 9 at Degrassi. In season 10, she begins dating Dave due to their shared interests but he freaks out at first because she is very tall. Dave dumps her in season 11 to go out with Alli which she doesn't take well.

Heather Sinclair

Heather Sinclair

An almost completely unseen character mentioned in passing frequently. All we know of her is what other people, mostly Paige, gossip about. From what's gathered, she was both incredibly popular, pretty, and mean, as well as hilariously unlucky, apparently receiving shoddy plastic surgery, contracting mono, and generally being an excuse for an event going on having an open spot requiring a character to replace her in the last minute. She was the older sister of Holly J, and for some reason attended a different school district than her. Heather graduated in 2006.

  • Alpha Bitch: Paige admits that Heather is the only girl in school bitchier than her.
  • Break the Haughty: If some of the stuff we've heard of her is true, then she must have had some hard times in school, from all the injuries, sicknesses, and incidents going on in her life.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Described as a drowner of puppies, much to Holly J's pride.
  • Informed Flaw: Apparently has a "disgusting over bite" and a horribly botched nose job.
  • The Ghost
  • Pet the Dog: After Rick's shooting, she leaves a card for Jimmy's memorial.
  • The Un-Reveal: You can almost see her in the background of one scene in the season 4 episode "Neutron Dance". But Not quite.
  • Unreliable Narrator: It's hard to be certain what we know about her is actually true, seeing as how most of the terrible things we hear about her are from Paige. And Paige hates her.


  1. But we never see Sean, Ellie, Manny, or Liberty say anything bad about him.
  2. 4
  3. The fourth
  4. 4; Himself, Emma, Toby, and Sean.
  5. 8, which is twice four
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