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Man, that White Magician Girl is hot. What I wouldn't give to have twenty minutes alone with her and a packing crate of spam.



Basically, when someone says or does something outlandish or offensive for whatever reason, only to realize that everyone is staring at him, while he evidently didn't think whatever he said was that odd.

Could be because he just said the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard in their lives, because it was horrifically offensive, or maybe even because he just spouted an unexpectedly inspired bit of brilliance and doesn't realize it yet.

Related to Big "What?" and Flat What. Can be used to Lampshade Hanging an Out-of-Character Moment. Often overlaps with Funny Background Event.


Anime and Manga

  • This is Chiri's reaction in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei when the rest of the class reacts to her treating "juicing her sister" as something completely natural.



 Jackrum: What? What! He was coming in here with his club!

Polly: [knowingly] And why was he doing that, Sarge?

Jackrum: [approvingly] Oh, you-- all right, I'd just given Madame the old 'quietus'...

Live Action TV

 Ivanova: No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a Boom tomorrow.

[[[Beat]]], as Sinclair and Garibaldi wordlessly walk away.

Ivanova: What? Look, somebody's gotta have some damn perspective around here! Boom. Sooner or later. BOOM!

 Xander: What, I can't have information sometimes?

Giles: It's just somewhat unprecedented.

  • Norm Peterson did this at least once on Cheers.

Video Games

  • In the Meet the Spy video for Team Fortress 2, the BLU Soldier delivers one of these after shooting the BLU Spy.

 Soldier: What? It was obvious, he's the RED Spy!

  • Mass Effect's Kaidan, when having his infamous Covert Pervert moment. "It does sound like something that you'd find on an extranet fetish site. [beat] ...what?"

Web Comics

  • Tedd of El Goonish Shive frequently finds the need to use these. Here and here are good examples. Catalina Bobcat gets one here, oddly enough Susan seems to be a cause of these.
  • Black Mage in Eight Bit Theater does this a lot, whenever he's caught doing something awful.
  • As does Fuzzy in Sam and Fuzzy. Probably goes with Sociopathic Hero territory.
  • Belkar Bitterleaf from The Order of the Stick also does this quite a bit, especially when caught doing or saying something entirely in-character for him, like murdering an innocent gnome for his pack mule. Definitively a Sociopathic Hero trait.

Western Animation

  "What? I'm a supervillain."

  • Robot Chicken lists the top ten things co-headwriter Doug Goldstein could have done with the $12,000 he blew on his timeshare. One example is putting a dollar in $12,000 g-strings. When he is seen doing just that with a male dancer, he gives a defensive what before explaining he ran out of chicks.
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