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A variety of fanfic in which the plotline is focused around the reactions of the cast to the death of one of their number. Frequently written in the first person, as the narrator goes on (sometimes at exasperating length) about everything they regret doing/not having done and everything that ever went wrong in their relationship to the deceased. Confessions of hidden love, secret friendship and occasionally responsibility for the death are common. Almost stereotypically ends with some variation on "Goodbye (name), life will never be the same without you/I'll miss you/I'm coming to join you just as soon as I open this vein."

This is a fanfic style which lends itself, predictably, to incredible amounts of Wangst at times.

Some Death Fics explicitly employ a Tomato Surprise by obscuring just who is narrating and/or who died until the very last moment. A few of these don't actually spring the surprise, instead forcing the reader to guess.

Not to be confused with a Dead Fic or Someone Has to Die.

Examples (sorted by original source media):

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Video Games

Western Animation

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