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Seth Bullock

File:Olyphant seth bullock 919.jpg

 "What kind of man have I become, Sol?"

A Canadian-born Marshal from Montana, he leaves his post at the beginning of the series to open a hardware store in the booming town of Deadwood. Nevertheless, he keeps an intact, strong sense of honor and justice that causes him to have a cold relationship with Al Swearengen, and eventually becomes Deadwood's Sheriff. Played by Timothy Olyphant.

Albert "Al" Swearengen

File:Mcshane al swearengen 4691.jpg

 "Every fuckin’ beatin’ I’m grateful for. Every fuckin’ one of them. Get all the trust beat outta you. And you know what the fuckin’ world is."

The ruthless owner of the Gem Saloon, the first brothel of Deadwood, and the main power broker in the young town. Hides a soft side, but has no problem shutting it up. Played by Ian McShane.

Alma Russell Garret Ellsworth

File:Alma-garret 1468.jpg

 "If you wish to see more of the West let's leave now and see it, or else return back to New York. I don't think we should linger here."

The sensible, upper class wife (and later widow) of clueless City Mouse Brom Garret, a New York businessman that comes to Deadwood to try his luck searching for gold. She develops feelings for Bullock after her husband is killed, and marries her employee Ellsworth after the already married Bullock impregnates her. Played by Molly Parker.


File:Trixie Deadwood 6322.jpg

 "Tread lightly who lives in hope of pussy."

Al's favourite prostitute, though that doesn't mean he is nice to her. Despite her bad-mouthed and direct nature she is one of the most compassionate people in the town and nurses several characters when they are hurt. Played by Paula Malcomson.

Whitney Ellsworth

File:Ellsworth 2522.jpg

 "I may have fucked up my life flatter'n hammered shit, but I stand here before you today beholden to no human cocksucker, and holdin' a workin' fuckin' gold claim, and not the U.S. government tellin' me I'm trespassin', or the savage fuckin' red man or any of these other limber-dick cocksuckers passin' themselves off as prospectors had better try and stop me."

A veteran gold prospector and former miner for hire. He becomes an overseer for Alma Garret's concession after being introduced to her by Bullock and marries her when Bullock impregnates her. He is later killed under orders of George Hearst. Played by Jim Beaver.

Dan Dority

File:Dan-dority 4997.jpg

 "That's the long and short of it, Al. You fucking pick Adams to represent you, you hurt my feelings and that is the fucking matter's end."

A former American Civil War bushwacker and barman at the Gem that also serves as Al Swearengen's top enforcer and hitman. Played by W. Earl Brown.

Eustace Bailey "E. B." Farnum

File:E-B-Farnum 4733.jpg

 "The bald contempt of it! Why not come out five abreast cavorting and taunting 'E.B. was left out! E.B. was left out!'? Cocksuckers! Cuntlickers! Make your filthy gestures. Public service was never my primary career..."

The bumbling owner of Deadwood's Grand Central Hotel and eventual first mayor of the town. He is always looking to make an extra buck and is completely subservient to Swearengen. Played by William Sanderson.

Cyrus "Cy" Tolliver

File:Cy Tolliver 2099.png

 "If he hadn't meant me to wag it, Sir, why would the Lord give me a tail?"

The Chicago owner of the classier Bella Union Saloon across the street from the Gem, and therefore rival in the business to Al. Played by Powers Boothe.

Joanie Stubbs

File:Joanie-Stubbs 9987.jpg

 "The blessed Miss Stubbs, whose bust is so very prominent in the mind's pantheon of the camp."

The lesbian hostess of the Bella Union Saloon and right hand woman to Cy Tolliver, until she tries her hand at running her own business, the Chez Amis. She does not prostitute herself, unlike her homologue across the street, Trixie. Played by Kim Dickens.

Dr Amos ‘Doc’ Cochran

File:Doc-Cochran 7871.jpg

 "Jane, for me the female breast long ago lost mystery or allure. Open your goddamn blouse."

Deadwood's resident Frontier Doctor and Deadpan Snarker extraordinaire. He makes the periodic revisions of the prostitutes from both the Gem and the Bella Union, leaving him with no fear to act or speak his mind freely since he is too valuable to get rid of him. Played by Brad Dourif.

Sol Star

File:Sol-star 498.jpg

 "People have made good lives out of borrowed ones before."

Seth Bullock's Jewish best friend and business associate, a calm and relatively easy-going influence who slowly amasses power not through manipulation, but through his intelligence, friendships and honesty. Played by John Hawkes.

A. W. Merrick

File:Aw merrick 1697.jpg

 "Timid, huh. Hardly, sir. My own strong personal impulse was to offer my name for office but a fourth estate, independent in name and fact from the operations of government is of the essence of a free society."

The owner, editor and only journalist of the Deadwood Pioneer, Deadwood's first local newspaper. The archtypical Nice Guy, even those characters that find him annoying at first end showing him sympathy. He often has to walk a thin line between his desire to tell the truth and keep the public informed and trying to not anger the conflicting powers in the young town. Played by Jeffrey Jones.

Tom Nuttall

File:Tom-nuttall 7051.jpg

 "Knowledge is overrated, William. Diligence is what’s required in the service of a willing spirit."

The firendly owner of the Number 10 Saloon and one of the oldest residents in Deadwood. Al claims that he was once ruthless, but has mellowed considerably with age. Played by Leon Rippy.

’Calamity’ Jane Canary

File:Weigert calamity 1735.jpg

 "Everyday takes figuring out all over again how to fucking live."

The infamous Western frontierwoman, an incredibly bad mouthed person and arguable town drunk in a town full of drunkards. Both of these traits only get worse after her mentor and father figure Wild Bill Hicock is killed. And yet, she is a good character. Played by Robin Weigert.

Charlie Utter

File:Charlie-utter-deadwood 775.jpg

 "Ohhh, I see you got your big fuckin' knife there, and hid somewhere on your persons you've probably got some pussified shootin' instrument. But I am good at first impressions, and you are a fucking cunt, and I doubt you've fought many MEN, maybe even ONE!"

Another veteran frontierman and long time pal of Wild Bill, Jane and later Bullock, to whom he becomes sheriff's deputy - while also running an express delivery service and acting as the camp's first fire marshal. He also has a close friendship with Joanie Stubbs. Played by Dayton Callie.

Martha Bullock

File:Deadwood-anna-gunn 226.jpg

 "This roof over our heads, Mr. Bullock, testifies to your care for William and me. The fostering affection and guidance you show my son to shape him into a man will only deepen my gratitude to you. As for myself, no further demonstrations are necessary as... other duties claim your attentions."

The widow of Seth Bullock's brother who Bullock married so her son William could have a legal father figure. She and William arrive at Deadwood in the first episode of Season 2, when Bullock deems the town safe enough for them. Her relationship with the Sheriff is odd to say the least, especially after William dies in a horse-related accident. Played by Anna Gunn.


Johnny Burns

File:Johnny-burns 1860.jpg

 "Al... I have hoped for this conversation ever since you give me that Indian head to hide."

A young, not-too-bright lackey of Al who works mostly as a bartender when not delivering corpses of Al's enemies to Mr Wu. He's not as ruthless as Dan Dority and Silas Adams, but is still very loyal to Al. Played by Sean Bridgers.

Silas Adams

File:Silas-Adams 8575.jpg

Originally a 'bagman from Yankton' sent to extort money from Al, he's paid to kill the blackmailer instead and enters Al's employment in a similar capacity to Dan Dority. Ruthless and cunning, he's often employed as a middleman to deal with Al's affairs as well as bringing him news from Yankton. Played by Titus Welliver.

Sofia Metz

File:Sofia-metz 7124.jpg


A young member of the Midwest's Scandinavian community. Her parents, brothers and sisters were all murdered when they were leaving Deadwood in the Pilot episode in a hit planned by Al Swearengen, whose henchmen then tried to pass it as an Indian attack, which she almost miraculously survived. Left in the care of the camp, she is eventually adopted by Alma Garret. Played by Bree Seanna Wall.

Mr Wu

File:Keone young.jpg


A Chinese butcher, opium trader and laundryman that acts as de facto leader of Deadwood's Asian community. He has several dealings with Al Swearengen (even though neither speak more than a couple of words of the other's language) and his hungry pigs come in handy whenever someone has to dispose of a body. Played by Keone Young.


File:Blazanov-deadwood 1319.jpg

Deadwood's Russian telegraph operator following the arrival of cable in Season 2. He establishes his office next to Merrick's press and the two become close friends. Played by Pavel Lychnikoff.


File:Larry-cedar 2852.jpg

A fairly dumb croupier at the Bella Union and lackey of Cy Tolliver with a serious opium addiction. Played by Larry Cedar.

 Cy: If those were your last words tell the Lord you died stupid.

  • The Stoner
  • Those Two Bad Guys: First with Jimmy Irons, later with Con Stapleton.
  • Too Dumb to Live: He basically screams to be killed off during the first episode he is given prominence, "Mr Wu", most notably in the baths scene. Al spares him and kills his pal Jimmy Irons instead only because killing Leon would put him at war with Cy.
  • Yes-Man: To Cy.

Con Stapleton

File:Con stapleton 4254.jpg

A recurring patron and card dealer at Tom Nuttal's Nº10 Saloon before becoming cashier of the Bella Union and Cy's other inept lackey. He often weasels his way out of an order because of some opportune injury, be it real or imaginary. Played by Peter Jason.

Jewel Caulfield

File:Jewel-caulfield 8167.jpg

 "Say I'm as nimble as a forest creature."

A disabled woman that Al keeps at the Gem out of pity (although he will never admit that), serving as the local's cook, cleaner and waitress. Played by Geri Jewell.


File:Richardson-deadwood 946.jpg

Farnum's abused, idiotic cook, introduced in the second season. Nobody knows what is exactly wrong with him. After receiving a deer antler from Alma Garret he begins to display his most iconic and outlandish act: Praying to a pair of moose antlers in the hall of Farnum's hotel. Played by Ralph Richeson.


File:Deadwood-hostetler 4182.jpg

The large but gentle owner of the livery stable, where people leave their horses to be cared for during their stay or go to hire new mounts. He also happens to be the only black man in Deadwood besides the 'Nigger General' Samuel Fields, which given the time means that he has little choice but to hang around with him in order to talk to somebody on a daily basis. This brings conflict since the two men's personalities are nothing alike. Played by Richard Gant.

’Nigger General’ Samuel Fields

File:Nigger-general 2099.jpg

A colorful, larger-than-life errant Black man that always wears a ragged self-made Union uniform and a perpetual smile no matter the situation (or maybe just when around other people). He likes to introduce himself as the Nigger General, even though he never served in an army. Played by Franklin Ayaje.

Steve Fields a.k.a. ‘Steve the Drunk’

File:Steve-the-drunk 2534.jpg

First introduced as an angry miner with a serious beef against the Federal government and African-Americans, who he blames for ruining his life after he was drafted to fight for the Union in the American Civil War, Steve quickly comes to dispute the title of town drunk to Jane, wasting day after day at the No 10 Saloon doing nothing but drinking and rambling against Black people in each time more exaggerate and ridiculous ways. After Hostetler suddenly leaves the camp at the end of Season 2 he has pity of his horses and takes care of the livery stable, finally making an effort to improve his own life... only to be paralyzed after being kicked by a horse on the head. Played by Michael Harney.

Reverend Henry Weston Smith

File:Reverend hw smith 6768.jpg

 "This is God's purpose, but not knowing the purpose is my portion of suffering."

A Civil War field nurse turned good-natured Christian minister, Rev. Smith assumes responsibility for the many funerals that take place in Deadwood until he succumbs to a painful, slow growing brain tumor. Played by Ray McKinnon.


”Wild Bill” Hickock

File:Wildbillhickock-deadwood 5756.jpg

 "Will you let me go to hell the way I want to?"

The legendary gunfighter who inspires awe wherever he goes. By the time he reaches Deadwood, he's become weary of his violent life and given to self-destructive tendencies. Played by Keith Carradine.

Jack McCall

File:Deadwood-jackmccall 601.jpg

A buffalo hunter that spends most of his time gambling and drinking at the No 10 Saloon. He shoots Wild Bill Hicock, only to be dubiously acquitted by an impromptu court. Played by Garret Dillahunt.

Brom Garret

File:Brom-garret 9552.jpg

 "If I'm stooped when next you see me, Alma, it won't be worry weighing me down, but bags of our recovered gold."

Alma's husband, a clueless, upper class businessman from New York City that tries his luck in the Gold Rush. Played by Timothy Omundson.

Francis Wolcott

File:Francis-wolcott 3608.jpg

 "I am a sinner who does not expect forgiveness. But I am not a government official."

Head geologist and trusted field agent of mining magnate George Hearst, Wolcott arrives in Deadwood to clear the way for his boss. He also hides quite a few disturbing secrets. Played by Garret Dillahunt.

George Hearst

File:Hearst-deadwood 9847.jpg

 "This place displeases me. I’m taking measures to bring it down."

Mining magnate and one of the richest men in the world at the time[2], George Hearst arrives at Deadwood with the purpose of adding its rich gold deposits to his empire... and if that means destroying the whole town and kicking as many puppies as they get in his way, so be it. Played by Gerald McRaney.

William Bullock

File:William bullock 1534.jpg

Seth Bullock's nephew-turned-adopted son. William arrives at Deadwood with his mother Martha at the beginning of Season 2, when Seth deems the town safe enough for them. He has a profound admiration for his Sheriff uncle-father, but suffers because of the lack of other children in the camp. Played by Josh Eriksson.

Miss Isringhausen

File:Isringhausen 354.jpg

 "All right now, Mrs. Garrett, you've had your fit of temper. Get the fuck back to your room."

Sofia's governess, hired by Alma in Season 2 to teach the young Swede the English language. Unknown to her, she is an undercover Pinkerton Detective hired by her late husband Brom's family to find evidence that Alma killed Brom allowing them to take control of her fortune, or failing that, to feign the evidence necessary. Played by Sarah Paulson.

Hugo Jarry

File:Hugo-jarry 896.jpg

 "Had you vision as well as sight, you would recognize within me not only a man, but an institution and the future as well."

A bottomless corrupt high comissioner whose two goals are to ensure that Deadwood is annexed to the territory of Dakota and that Hearst's agenda is fulfilled, in no particular order. Played by Stephen Tobolowsky.

Mr Lee

File:Mrlee-deadwood 7077.jpg

 "I am a civilized person."

The leader of a San Francisco tong allied to the Hearst organization, which he proveys with Chinese labourers and cheap prostitutes. His attempt to take over Deadwood's Asian community in the second season puts him in conflict with Mr Wu. Played by Philip Moon.


File:Deadwood Ashleigh-Kizer 3774.jpg

 "I don't like it either. When they hold you down."

Another prostitute at the Gem, especialized in blowjobs. She replaces Trixie in Al's bed after she leaves to learn accountancy at Sol's shop. Played by Ashley Kizer.


File:Maddie-deadwood 6386.jpg

 "Only way to guarantee an outcome, Honey, is contracting to be fucked. Everything else is a chance – including me letting you down. But if I do, using my head won’t be the tip-off."

A well reputed madame in the West, Maddie arrives at Deadwood in Season 2 as the new business partner of Joanie when she opens her own bordello, the Chez Amis. Played by Alice Krige.

Mose Manuel

File:Mose-manuel 8398.jpg

The big, fat owner of the second gold mine in Deadwood after the Garrets', along with his younger brother, Fred. When Wolcott offers to buy his mine in behalf of Hearst he thinks that it is a good idea, while Fred adamantly refuses. Mose kills Fred, but then regrets it inmensely. He later becomes the watchman at Joanie's bordello. Played by Pruitt Taylor Vince.

Andy Cramed

File:Andy-cramed 8269.jpg

 "God is not mocked, Cy."

A conman and old associate of Cy, Andy arrives at Deadwood some days after Cy while suffering from smallpox. Rather than seeking treatment for him, Cy leaves Andy in the woods to die but he is discovered in time by Jane and survives. The experience convinces him to leave his old life behind and devote himself to help others. When he returns in the second season he has been ordained a minister. Played by Zach Grenier.

Captain Joe Turner

File:Captain-Turner 1100.jpg

George Hearst's large and imposing right hand man. Played by Alan Graf.

Jack Langrishe

File:Jack-langrishe-deadwood 2340.jpg

 "What, one is disposed to ask, in fuck ought a theater man to do?"

A flamboyant actor, theater man and old friend of Al. He arrives in Deadwood in the third season along with his troupe of fellow actors disposed to build a new theatre, and proceeds to suck an ungodly amount of screentime despite adding little to nothing to the plot. Played by Brian Cox.

'Aunt' Lou Marchbanks

File:Aunt lou marchbanks 8975.jpg

A former slave, currently serving as Hearst's cook. She takes over the Grand Hotel kitchen after Hearst buys the building and makes friendship with Richardson. Played by Cleo King.


File:Odell-deadwood 7795.png

Aunt Lou's son, a church deacon and missionary working in Liberia with more interest in finding new gold deposits than in saving souls. Played by Omar Gooding.

Wyatt Earp

The will-be infamous Western lawman. He arrives to the camp with his brother Morgan in the third season. Played by Gale Harold.

Morgan Earp

Wyatt's younger brother. Played by Austin Nichols.


Another prostitute at the Gem. She is closer to Johnny, who teaches her to read. Played by Jennifer Lutheran.

Eddie Sawyer

A croupier in the Bella Union. Played by Ricky Jay.

Harry Manning

The bartender of the No 10 Saloon in the third season. He runs for Sheriff against Bullock in order to gain popularity but his wish is to become fire marshal of the town. Played by Brent Sexton.

  • The Bartender
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Replaces Davey, the barman of the No 10 in the previous season.
  • Those Two Guys: With Nuttal in the third season.
  • What Could Have Been: Manning was a real person that surprisingly defeated Bullock at the elections to become sheriff of the county. This is forshadowed in the last episode of the third season when Hearst movilizes his men to vote against Bullock to spite him, but naturally there wasn't a fourth season to explore Bullock's reaction to losing the election nor Manning - who within the show didn't want to be sheriff - presumably experimenting The Chains of Commanding.


  1. More or less "White devil"
  2. If you are wondering, he is the founder of that Hearst family
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