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Y'know, pretty much any- and everything I do is a CMoA.

  • For example, in Deadpool #900, I deliver a Hannibal Lecture to a psychiatrist who used his position to abuse his patients... one of them being a 16 year old girl. I then cut his head off. No biggie. The awesome part? During the whole time I was in the room with the guy my thought bubbles didn't talk to me, meaning the incident with the girl really hit home. I was utterly focused on killing the guy.
  • And then I had this exchange between me and the "Savior."

 Messiah: But... I bring serenity... Absolute contentment...

Me: Yeah, I know.

Messiah: Then why?

Myself: Because... I want to do the right thing.

Messiah: How can you be sure this is the right thing?

I: I'm not.

 Me:I really hate that video. I get my butt kicked by that cheap dark fireball-spamming Dormammu. Laaaame. Next one's better.

  • Also, watch me demolish Wolverine with my own Lifebar and Hyper Meter. Oh yeah, I'm so awesome that the game decided to give Cap's team a pity score with timeup, before I beat Cap with those.
    • And for those curious, here's what I say during that attack: "Life bar IN YOUR FACE!", then "Feel the love of the Hyper bar!", followed by "And it's a hooooooome run!". I top it off by singing "This is the Hyper Combo!" after the attack is finished.
  • My first revealed alternate color for Marvel vs. Capcom 3? My old X-Men outfit. I also got my old Weapon X outfit, too. Oh, did I mention that X-23 is now in the game? Yup, you can now have your own Weapon X team!
  • I recently did a team-up with The Artist Formerly Known As Captain America. After demonstrating my extreme awesomeness to him and his team, I was put in charge of the mission to stop *giggles* Doctor Bong *chuckles*. That's right, I got to spend a whole evening telling Captain America, Black Widow, and Moon Knight what to do. And I even commemorated my triumph over my former psychologist *snicker* Doctor Bong *giggle* with fire works. Too bad I had to have Captain America sit in my lap for there to be room enough for the fireworks in the car. I was THIS close to having Black Widow sit in my lap instead, too...
    • Can't... Hold... It... In.. Any... Longer... MUST... LAUGH!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BONG HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You want to know what my therapy sessions with that guy were like? 15 minutes of me talking, 45 minutes of me laughing at him (which is really something, given how much I usually talk). I mean, seriously, the guy has a BELL for a head, and his name is BONG. The only way he could be more ridiculous is if he was the arch enemy of a cartoon duck. Oh wait, HE IS!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *snort* HAHAHAHAHAHA... Okay, I got it under control now, no more laughing... *snort* Bong...
  • In Deadpool #33, T-Ray confronts me by saying I'll never be a real hero or find happiness. And he does this while I'm surrounded by everyone I've ever killed. Then I did this.
  • Bullsye is sent after me, the great Deadpool, one last time. And this happens
  • Not quite a Crowning Moment for the character, but one for the comic itself: One comic shows him jumping into the cab of an eighteen-wheeler and strangling Santa Claus with a string of barbed wire, while his yellow text boxes dictates, "It was a routine assignment."
  • This is a man who once beat Taskmaster... by breakdancing. He decided he wanted to fight Wolvie, so he first filked Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick by Ian Dury and the Blockheads into "Snikt me! Snikt me! Snikt me!", then he delivered an uppercut to Shadowcat to a cry of "SHORYUKEN!". And, of course, he force-feeds vegetarians meatloaf and takes every opportunity to seek out those who do good and mock them. Deadpool's Healing Factor is small potatoes compared to his mutant ability to generate a CMOA every other week.
  • Weasel gets one in Cable & Deadpool when he sends an entire base of unwitting HYDRA agents to prison with teleportation technology that he had convinced them he developed for their use. His plan was to do this to all of HYDRA, but Wolverine threw a wrench into the plan by showing up and trying to kill him, forcing Weasel to take drastic measures. Arguably another Crowning Moment for Deadpool as well, as he figured out Weasel's true intentions when even Wolverine didn't.
  • Alex Hayden, leader of Agency X, gets one as well. After being made morbidly obese by HYDRA, he spends most of the series half-heartedly working out and feeling sorry for himself. Finally, he works up the courage to put down his chicken, puts on a sumo loincloth, and enters the battle.
  • Even Bob, Agent of Hydra gets a CMOA, as while running away he accidently knocks out a symbiote possessed dinosaur, which gets filmed by the local news. His hen-pecking and argumentative wife Allison sees this and sends him a text saying how hot it was... and asking him for a booty call.
  • Cable got two consecutive issues of Cable & Deadpool which strung one CMOA after the next: first he contained an exploding fusion reactor on Providence, then within a day beamed out to Rumekistan's capital, Barjnov, which had been blacked out by the Six-Pack... only to be shot in the back of the head by the Six-Pack's sixth member: Deadpool. After being left unconscious in a street, he proceeds to repair the electrical grid with his gravimetric field while unconscious, fly out, and hand the Six-Pack's arses to them on a platter.
  • When Deadpool takes down Black Swan he uses his Power Born of Madness to an incredible degree, basically making the mindreader live in Deadpool's and for a moment and breaking Black Swan's mind.
  • They say that Macho Gomez was the best of the best. Well I beat that bastard with one (severed) hand tied behind my back! How you may ask? Well, we were fighting, and just after he was sure I was a puddle of wise cracking goo, he tried to kill this guy who was hiding in an escape capsule headng for space. Too bad for him, the guy wasn't inside, I wasn't dead, and once he was in the air, I had his gun.
  • Search up the Deadpool story arc 'X Marks the Spot' or just go to a comic book store and by the graphic novel. Ievery page is either a Crowning Moment of Awesome or Funny, to the point even Cyclops admits in the end I'm awesome.
  • When I got to be a ghost at my own funeral (no worries, I bounce back in no time), I knew it had to be the BEST. FUNERAL. EVER. The result was this.
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