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  • Near the end of the game after York kills George and goes to his house. You find some very familiar red tree saplings. At that point you find out that Kaysen was behind the entire thing! Oh, but it gets worse. You might remember at this point that Emily has disappeared and was with Kaysen last. You race against time to try to save her, but when you arrive it's already too late. Forrest used the red seeds and planted a sapling inside her, which has already hatched. She then stumbled towards York, begging him to kill her. And the worst part of all? You have to manually pull the damn trigger! That's right, you have to force York to Mercy Kill the woman that he loves. No video game has ever made me cry, but that scene came dangerously close. For all of its cheesiness, quirkiness, and general batshit insanity, the game sure can throw a hell of a Player Punch.
    • No, the worst part is that after the game forces you to pull the trigger, Zach still can't bring himself to do it.
  • The epilogue after the Final Boss fight didn't help much either. It's a very Bittersweet Ending.
  • Some people thought that the Raincoat Killer level, with Amazing Grace was, in it's own way, poignant and sad.
  • Thomas. Just... Thomas. He's in love with George, who will never love him back, despite being willing to help him get away with murder. It really, really doesn't help that York, the only other person he's attracted to as far as we know, has fallen in love with the same woman George has. Ouch. Thomas is absolutely crazy by the time you fight him, but it's hard not to feel sorry for the poor guy.
  • George's mother used to whip him with tree branches, and tell him that it hurt the trees more than it hurt him. He believed her, so he used to go out to the forest and apologize to the trees afterward. Poor little kid...
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